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Excerpt from The Book of Revelation - MIV

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PRELUDE — Revelation Overture...

Book of Revelation: 

About The Seven Churches

The Following is The Actual Text From the Book of Revelation - The Seven Churches (The Peace Manifest Bible - MIV)


The path of faith leads to knowledge; knowledge leads to truth and Manifest Realization. The Book of Revelation has been like a puzzle to its readers since its inception. There are major differences of interpretation among the religious scholars and Church Fathers. Inasmuch as much of the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit, it stands to reason that to really understand the Book of Revelation, a Holy Spirit insight must be revealed.

The Bible — and especially its Book of Revelation — is thick with symbols, metaphors, parables, and parallels. In some uses, even terms and words hold enfolded paradoxical meanings. This, of course, has to also include the synthetic words of human-made translations which have become engrafted in the minds of millions of readers in many languages. Without the knowledge of the meanings of these signs, the Book of Revelation cannot be understood. To begin, therefore, I will reveal several "signs" and their meanings.

Just before I get into the “signs”, it needs to be understood that the Book of Revelation is not in chronological order (of timeline and event). This is why, to understand it, it seems one needs to piece together a puzzle. A major example is as follows:

The Book of Revelation actually begins in Chapter Rev 12:1-9. This is the first Angel War in which Lucifer, a second-in-command Archangel of the Cherubim Order, rebels against Yahvael the Archangel of the Ophannim Order (translated the "wheels" in Chapters 1 and 10 of Ezekiel). This Angel War occurs during the early creation of the Earth prior to the appearance of Adam. The result of the first war is the causation of the fall to Earth of the disloyal Ophannim, a part who, in order to be redeemed, take on mortal (human) bodies. Another Ophannim part, however, refuses to be salvaged by the taking on of a mortal body process because to do so would cause the loss of their former memory as an Ophannim, and the fear of this is too great a dread. There are two other Angel Wars which follow at a latter time which will be revealed in the MIV Book of Revelation chapters along with the revelation of the Energy Dot history of the First Angel War and its prior happening leading up to war.

Following is an example of words translated needing deeper terms because they are modified by the whole of the Bible context:

1. shortly—KJV / quickly—KJV  BECOMES: be quickened—MIV  = ‘an instant spiritual heightening’

2. prophecy—KJV BECOMES: seer prophecy—MIV  = ‘the ability as a Seer-Prophet to see into the past and, additionally, to also see as the prophet who can see the present and future.’

3. seven churches—KJV / seven candlesticks—KJV  BECOMES: many-membered Corporate Body—MIV  OR, as it may be said, Universe overcomers as plural Spirit of God—MIV  [compare Greek ekklésia (see Strong’s Greek Lexicon #1577: ‘community members, religious group’); compare Ephesians 4:4  Eph 4:12 and Eph 5:231 Corinthians 10:17 and 1 Cor 12:12  • Romans 12:4]

4. Book of Revelation Scripture used for all seven churches: “I know thy works”—KJV  BECOMES:

[for “I know”—KJV] = ...to remember knowledge—MIV

[for “works”—KJV] interpreted to: history—MIV (as a sentence in the MIV: An Energy Dot for each universe remembers the states of knowledge and history.)

A preempted interpretation of a few early Book of Revelation Scriptures follows:


Revelation Chapter 1...

1. This is a manifest (revelation) about the history of Jesus Christ which the Father God commissioned Am (Him, Jesus Christ) to reveal (to show / “shew”—KJV) to AMs (His, Jesus Christ) followers: Which things must be quickened (“shortly”—KJV) to realization (“come to pass”—KJV). These things were metaphored in “signs” (“signified”—KJV / a mark) by one of Christ's angels unto me His servant John.

2. This angel (MethuSelah) a Dignitary [compare 2 Peter 2:10 ], an Ophannim angel who having overcome is on a mission to uuns (his) Earth-bound mortal-bodied former Ophannim companions [compare Revelation 19:10 and Revelation 22:8-9 KJV] —was the record keeper agent for Jesus Christ, being charged to bare record of the testimony of Jesus Christ and to keep record of the manifested knowledge Jesus saw and desired to share.

3. Blessed are they who read and hear the book of this (“seer”—KJV ) prophecy and learn the secrets (“things”—KJV) written herein, for the time of this prophecy lies in the revelation of the Lord's right- hand ministry (MIV) (“for the time is at hand”—KJV).

How have these Book of Revelation truths been missed? I the Manifester Yada come to you in the spirit of John and say: It is a Holy Spirit Contextual revelation received in the Spirit and only by the Spirit can it be fully interpreted. The very major revelation that was missed was right before the eyes of the readers, but they chose to read the Scripture of the Book of Revelation in the prophecy form of the present and future application instead of the Seer-prophet ministry of the great past and additionally the present and future times. The very instruction for how to read and understand the Book of Revelation text is written in Revelation 1:19 as:

Revelation 1:19. The angel instructed me to write these things of this [Seer] PROPHECY (compare Revelation 1:3 and Rev 22:19 KJV): The happenings which have been, the happenings which are now and the happening which are future.

Revelation 1:20. I will begin therefore with the mystery of the Seven Stars and the Seven Golden Candlesticks which are memories of the Lord's right-hand ministries. The Seven Stars (Universes) are the seven angels of the Seven Spirits of the Seven Corporate Bodies of the Seven Universes (MIV). [from the Greek ek-klesia and Scripture (“seven churches”—KJV)].

The Book of Revelation names seven “ek-klesias”, translated in the King James Bible Version from the Greek to "church". The term ekklesia[1], however, refers to a religious community, a body of believer persons that represents overcomers of every Universe that has ever been and that will ever be: yes, the plan of God through Lattilution for select creations to continuously be created to ascend to God Consciousness by God’s plan that transcends the cosmic ages past, present, and future.

Was there actually, that is to say literally, seven such “body of Christ communities" in Asia? Yes, and they were blessed to be used as examples positive and negative to this Eighth Universe and in particular as metaphors of the Seer vision that was revealed to John on the Isle of Patmos. At the same time, a parallel was superimposed about seven great and vast past Universes that was being revealed in a revelation about the past, the present, and the future... the “was”, the “is”, and the “to be”.

Rare would the persons of scholarly insight be who would not believe at least that the seven churches in Asia were intended as examples for the whole church world that was in the present time in Asia, and exceptional to the time of the Asia churches and into the churches of the world future. And that view fits the prophet view which is limited to the present time and the future time. But it does not fulfill the Alpha...Omega, the continuous theme that runs through the whole Book of the Bible of the God that “was”, the God that “is”, and the God “to come”, which is the Seer vision revelation. Jesus Christ and John were Seers.


The Ophannim, and More...

The Wheels of Ezekiel 10:10

“The  wheel in the middle of a wheel” is a twofold revelation, of which one meaning is the Hebrew Ophan (meaning ‘wheel in the wheel’), being the spirit Ophan in the Mortal Body. The  Mortal Body — the outside wheel — is the metaphor state of the fallen angel Ophan [compare Ezekiel 1:16 and 10:10; also compare Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon #212: `owphan (not the same as the Hebrew for ‘cart’ or ‘chariot wheel’ — Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon #1534: galgal — nevertheless, galgal is sometimes also used to emphasize the natural mortal body taken on by the fallen Ophannim.)] Note! Not all fallen Ophannim angels became mortals; some became demons.

The First Universe was the universe that the Ophannim were born in. It is the Ophannim who fell during the Eighth Universe after the Angel War between Archangel Lucifer and Archangel Michael (who was standing in for the Archangel Yahvael). It is not a coincidence nor just a time factor as to why Paul only mentions Ephesus of the seven churches (Corporate Bodies), and none of the other six of the seven churches that John's letter addresses in the Book of Revelation.

There is clearly a mystical theme in the letter of Paul to the Ephesians that transcends to a dimension quite beyond just the local church in the city of Ephesus. The mystery begins to unfold with such verses as the following:

Ephesians Chapter 1... MIV

4. (Be aware), we mortals were a chosen group selected of the overcoming groups who had reached a point of conscious knowledge of God to do AMs (His) will.

Ephesians Chapter 2... MIV

2. In the long past, you were a part of the very first (“foundation”—KJV) Cosmos/Universe (“world”—KJV ... Cosmos—MIV) of the course of the making of Cosmos (for being an overcoming Corporate Body of a World, Universes)[2]. When Lucifer the Prince Archangel of the Cherubim took charge of your imagination and deceived you with delusions of lust to become greater than you were, Lucifer caused your angelship to become dead in trespasses and sins (compare Ephesians 2:1). At that time before the fall, we were holy and blameless, being filled with the Love of God.

Ephesians Chapter 3... MIV

3. By revelation Christ has made known to me the mystery of Jesus Christ.

4. I say this so you can understand how I have this mysterious knowledge about Christ.

5. This mystery was not made known in other ages but is being revealed by the Holy Spirit to the Lord's apostles and prophets.

6. The intent is given that it may be known that Gentiles as well as the Jews belong to the same Body of this mystery I speak about.

7. I declare to you I have been made a minister of the secret Word by God's Grace and power.

8. This mystery holds unsearchable riches of knowledge, and it is my job to tell the Gentiles about it...

9. And... to enable all persons to see and understand the mystery of the fellowship which secret has been hidden in God, for its story goes back to the beginning of time which first beginning belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ.

10. The scope of this story involves the principalities and powers of the Cosmos. 

It is clear Paul had the revelation of the "was", John had the revelation of the "was", and a good many other Seer-Prophets also saw this mystery vision of truth. The event that carried John into the Revelation of the "was", the "is", and the "to be" was no doubt of Seer mentality. John repeatedly speaks of strange and powerful visions he personally experienced.  Interestingly, Paul also had Seer visions. It was these visions that changed his character of life and opened his mind to worlds of orders he had never before imagined. The following interpreted MIV Scriptures open the proof that Paul was in knowledge of the Revelation of the "was", the "is", and the "to be" revealed by Jesus Christ:


1 Corinthians 2... MIV

5. Faith should not lean on the wisdom of mortals but rather should depend on the power of God.

6. We discuss the secret mystery of Jesus Christ with those persons who have come into the higher knowledge, which is not the limited knowledge of this Earth world in general nor its mortal nobles.

7. This secret or hidden mystery of which I speak is God wisdom in which we (as once being Orphannim angels) were ordained and which belonged to our stature of persons (glory) prior to the role we now live on this Earth as mortals.

8. Obviously, none of even the noble leaders of this Earth (world) knew (remembered) because if they had known, they would not have crucified our Lord who was not of this Earth (world) but was from The Father's House world in which we mortals once had stature  (Ophannim rank).

9. How meaningful, then, the written Word that says: Eye has not seen, nor ear heard; neither has it entered into the mind of common mortals that Jesus Christ whom they crucified had come to salvage us, that once being redeemed, we could return to The Father's House where many things are being prepared for our return. (compare John 14:1-3 KJV).

10. So then, there are those of us to whom God has revealed by the Spirit of God (not of this world but of the Seven Spirits of God from that other world we once knew — compare Revelation 1:4 and Rev 1:19-20 KJV). Such truth is not common surface knowledge but is of deep revelation from God.

11. But what mortal can know the things that belong to uuns (his/her) peace of Soul more presently available or accessible than one’s own inner spirit of uuns mortal person (angel of a mortal's presence or spirit). So then, it becomes clear that the spirit of the mortal and uuns “kingdom of God within” it (compare Luke 17:21) has the ability to reflect to the memory of who we mortals (humans) really are and from whence we came.

Galatians Chapter 1... MIV

11. I Paul certify that the revelation of this Gospel I preach was not learned from the commonness of human resources.

12. Neither did I receive this knowledge from any mortal person. I certify that I received this knowledge from the revelation of Jesus Christ (like unto the revelation given John — compare Revelation 1:1-5 KJV).

17. Neither did I journey to Jerusalem to learn of them who were apostles before I was an apostle, but I went into Arabia and Damascus to wait upon the Lord.


2 Corinthians Chapter 12... MIV

1. I Paul, the Apostle, offer this story of my experience, which doubtless is a glorious transition from which I was taken into visions and revelation of the Lord.

2. The man that I was somewhat over a certain fourteen years ago (compare Galatians 1:18-19 and Gal 2:1-2 KJV) was caught up through the first atmosphere heaven, the second cosmos space heaven, and to the third heaven of The Father's House (an actual planet in the same Galaxy in which Earth abides —  compare John 14:1-3 KJV). I cannot reveal to you at this time as to whether I was caught up in my physical body or spirit. If you must know, ask God.

3. How I remember the seeking person I was at that time. And how I would enjoy to share with you the details of whether I was taken up in actual body or in spirit... but, again, I cannot reveal this now: ask God if you precisely want to know.

4. What I can say is, it is unlawful by Angel Code for me to speak or reveal this at present time.

Without the Seer Ministry there is a Veil, “a glass darkly” (compare 1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV), that blocks and interferes with the vision of the great "was" revelation. Without this insight, there is a stumbling that has happened throughout the ages to seekers of deep truth.

The Manifester has walked through the Veil and beyond “the glass darkly”; he has seen the revelation; he has touched the “white stone” (compare Revelation 2:17). The more that he has seen, the more he has come to realize he is just a stick-rod of common mortal whose vision of Manifest Revelation came by the sheer mercy of God.

I the Manifester bid you to read THE PEACE MANIFEST BIBLE: BOOK OF REVELATION. You will never be the same.  My Love to you forever.

— The Manifester Yada

[1] ecclesia- [see Lexicon: ecclesia]

[2] “world”—KJV ... Cosmos—MIV (for being an overcoming Corporate Body of a World, Universes) [see Strong’s Greek Lexicon #2889: kosmos]

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