Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gentou: The Healing Syntone Song Revelation.....

The Bible says the Word was made flesh (John 1:14 KJV) and that through faith.the worlds were framed by the word of God (Hebrews 11:3 KJV). This same little-understood energy can also provide healing for the human spirit and body.

So it can be understood: visible things are made of invisible things.  There are however various size levels of visible and invisible things:  quantum-scopic atom-scopic microscopic and the visible things macro-telescopic.  Besides all of these just-mentioned scopic calibrations  there remains an invisible kind of abstract figure of the most potent construction of all called the syntone song.

You may notice that I create a fashion of my own for some words used in my language description of certain things and subjects.  For instance I may speak of a method of viewing that is not even invented for present use yet existing in my knowledge of future expectation seen by my seership.

There are various conditions that can effect the health of the human body:  environment genetics state of the mind and syn-tone. (SyntoneSee the Manifester blog: The Space of Pure Reasoning).

The Manifest teaches that each new universe is formed by stretching out the density scroll of the previous universe:  compare Isaiah 40:22 Isaiah 42:5 Isaiah 44:24 Isaiah 45:12 Isaiah 51:13 Jeremiah 10:12 Jeremiah 51:14 Psalms 104:2 KJV.  After the ageing of the universe during many vanishing points in the forevers of time  the universe is then rolled in compression again to a scroll of extremely high density (Isaiah 34:4 and Revelation 6:14 KJV).

Even the very first universe was made from the debris of the former Alpha worlds.  When this present eighth universe in which we live was created the same method of unrolling the former density scroll of the prior universe was used.

The event that unlocked and decoded this said density was the event of Gods broadcasting AMs radiance to outside the pure energy realm of the First Domain (The Heaven of heavens).  This said radiance the shinings of Gods pure energy Spirit began to conceive zone rays.

In the short of it as these contra matter zone rays passed through space they eventually touched the compression of the super heavy matter density of the prior universe thus stretching the matter density of the prior universe debris into energy translations of prolapse configurations. (Read: Creation Orders in The Manifesters book Star Rise).

When the phototransitions of the zone rays or zone light meshed with the prolapse configurations  lower and higher syntone rays were formed.  These syntone rays exist throughout the universe and possess the potential of negative or positive actions and the power potential to create or destroy.  It is this connective link to the broadcasted energy of God that allows everyone to be a recipient

It is the secret knowledge of the syntone song of life that holds great healing power potential in the use of Gentou healing (Generative Touch by spirit-to-spirit).  It is such courier energies such as the soundtron that make the syntone energy available in every physical human body.

Some persons without knowing and understanding the syntone revelation of syntonic fire and syntonic healing have sought other mediums of energy such as so-called quantum consciousness.  Of course since the soundtron is in everything there is some containment of truth available from all things.

So it is song of syntone holds the physical secret of long life healthy life and happy life.  It is the fountain of eternal springs (Numbers 21:17 Psalms 42:7-8 Psalms 77:5-6 and Isaiah 30:29-30 KJV).

My next blog will continue this subject in deeper Gentou connection.

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