Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Reverse Ageing

There is "ageing well", there is "young age equivalent", and there is "Reverse Ageing". And how, in the name of health and happiness, can any of those neat titles be accomplished? Manifestly, there is an anti-ageing proviso I will call "skipping". Someone might say: "Your looking old!!!!" Don't allow that kind of information to be programmed into your brain. "Skip" it!

I want to train you to became a world "skipping" champion, capable of mentally "skipping" over the expectancy of any down drafts negative about your age or life. Believe that God is in charge of the future and start by grooming your brain with these new life thought empowerments of "skipping".

You will love to "skip, skippity skippity, hey yea". When you feel bored or lonely sing, "skippity skippity, hey yea". When circumstances are banging on you and trying to beat you up, go a skipping and sing over and over "skippity skippity hey yea"! At first your hopping may seem to be more of a hip shift than a real hop of a skip; but keep on, slowly but persistently day after day, and soon you will be dancing to a wonderful skipping rhythm of life.

Yes, I want to help you learn how to press mental buttons, turn mental wheels, and mentally move levers. A couple enemies that can hinder a clear mind about "ageing well" are close-up pictures and mirrors. In the very long ago days of the Bible when humans lived to be hundreds of years old, they didn't have close-up pictures and mirrors. They used rivers. Wow, will you look good in the reflection of a river. With those little water ripples and all, there's not a wrinkle to be seen.

Come on! Let's go to the river, the peaceful river of happy flow (parable). When someone says questionably, how do you feel? Say: " 'hey yea', I've been to the river, and I'm looking and feeling fine!"

Someone might say, "What age limits are you referring to?" My answer and question is, "What age range does your mind live in?" If you are pre-senior but feel old, tired, bored, and weary of work, life, and living~~~you qualify. My advise is to skip over these feelings, and I want to help you to do that.

How do you get something like the memory of a pain, a wrinkle, or a splosh of fatigue out of your center command post, the brain. It's difficult to mentally gloss over feeling so tired when your thinker-ma-jig is frying snores, pulling the shutdown shutters, and sibilating a magneto fizzing. Well, I admit it's not easy. Here are some fly balls.....

1. Instead of counting sheep to get to sleep, repeat one thousand times: I am beautiful!

2. When you groom, stand back five feet from the mirror, keeping the lights on dim. Or use a hand mirror that has a large picture of yourself at your prime youth pasted on it. Keep saying, "This is me now in my heart".

3. Accept what you've become and live with it until you die from the boredom of doctor and hospital visits.


7. Keep plugged in to the Manifester's Fawn of Health series until your problems are skipped away. Oh! You noticed the citations above went from 1., 2., 3., to 7. Hey, your right! That's because I skipped over 4., 5., and 6., and don't think I didn't save you some time and agony.

That's how we do it here in Fawn Health Heaven Fitness Relax Center (existent only in the mind)! When the sheering, pushing, jamming, slamming forces show up, we don't give them recognition; we skip them.

Hear me now, and don't wallet panic on me..... there is no charge, no membership, no obligations, and there are no calls to harass you into a scheme. Why????? BECAUSE WE SKIPPED OVER ALL OF THAT!

Skippity, skippity hey yea! To be continued...

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