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The Other Life

Manifest subaudition-nosis is not hypnosis.  There is a difference, and you need to know what that difference is. When there are on-going actions of life unfinished, which to become finished must move from life transition to life transition, it becomes necessary to understand how reingeneration works.  Even though not all cases of reingeneration retain a consciousness of the other life or lives, they seldom would fail to retain an effect from the other life.

These effects can in a way influence the cutting out of the garment make-up of the other life.  The struggle for gaining a flashback of a once-before, most often is blocked due to a state of mind that is reluctant to give any displacement of present mental space for entering the other life memories.

When hypnotists use hypnosis to discover past life information, they usually subject the human brain for gaining information on past life regressions.  This is an error of the hypnotist method of procedure, inasmuch, as it is the persons spirit that would have past life information and not the human body.  Consequently, what the hypnotist often brings up is past life in the memories of the genes.

So the forthcoming information the hypnotist develops may be about fragments of a person or persons in the donor genes of a recent relative such as grandparents or great-grandparents or even further back on the ancestral tree.  Even closing in on the subconscious mind may not free the hypnotist from error in receiving a case of information, as quite often during times of mental stress, a stressed persons hysterical mind waves may overcoat their minds subconscious information.  Hysterical reasoning has a frequent tendency to not be true and is the kind of stuff that nightmares come from.

Imagination, an intense desire to believe things a certain way, or a repetitive suggestive influence can trigger the inset of false memories.  Sometimes, as a result, the questioner or hypnotist gleans sheer fallacious information. This is because quite often false memory sinks so deeply into a person, he/she begins to believe it is true and even becomes willing to swear on it.

It is not simple Simon to open the true secrets of a persons brain mind selectively, and it is especially complicated to reach a persons spirit mind.  Manifest subaudition-nosis approaches the grey and white brain matter in the lower spinal column and connects with the feedback loop from which it juts off to the Solar Plexus.  As a method it concentrates on Gentous isolation and identification of responses that mediate mentation and memory excitation and interactions on spirit energy memory.

The solar plexus has been called: the abdominal brain, the great plexus, the seat of emotions, and the seat of life force and vitality to name a few. Sympathetic feedback with its currents of nerve filaments are connected to the solar plexus. The cerebrum and the medulla oblongata with their grey and white matter are vibrative associates.

The solar plexus sets behind the stomach, and the Bible is not silent on this subject (compare John 7:37-38, Job 38:36, Psalms 51:6, Jeremiah 31:33, and Proverbs 18:20 KJV). This is where Spirit-to-spirit and spirit-to-spirit connections communicate in the deep of the deep.

In the recycle of energies such as atoms (the which, sometimes in recycle, such energies are not completely emptied of all their prior life uses) it is said: humans are a part of star dust and a part of creation to the extent that within their bodies certain traces of very ancient historical existent and living things are present.  It cannot be said that these present said traces are without any affect or effect on the human being.  And each human may contain a degree of minute trace difference as to quantity. So in a certain way, human life is bound to the many lives of the many living things that remain as trace codes in their bodies.  When such a thing has application (such as in re-occurring  nightmares caused by trace life effects) a true telethesian healer can recall and eradicate such effects.

If facts were to be known, there is now and has been in the past, proto-types (manifestly called proto-Ts) that lived and now live on the Earth whose genes are swoo-coupled to their cousins of the Arctura: Enochs Melchisedec progeny descent (compare John 10:16 KJV).  These persons are humans in every sense, inasmuch as Enoch and his offspring were taken from the Earth and placed in Arctura, respectfully called the Fathers House - the once-forsaken estate in the constellations of Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper) from which the Dragons tail cast them to Earth (see Revelations 12 KJV).

Be not too swift to climb on board translations of the Bible taken out of context, misinterpreted, mistranslated, and not Holy Spirit defined.  There is no such thing as one life taught in the Bible except as it refers to each life being assessed or judged or each same life returning in other body forms of character, yet collectively being the selfsame spirit and therefore being the one same entity but in different forms or bodies.  Consequently, each person is due of chance under God-given accounting of what is a life generation (compare Psalms 22:30 and Ecclesiastes 9:11 KJV).  This God-accounting refers as to a persons overcoming or degenerate state, before moving on to receive his/her full time and chance in the race of life.So then, each person is accorded a generation, in this case meaning a time for life, which, after being adjusted due to peoples massive sins, became seventy to eighty years of life (which some people live more or less of this time - which all become adjusted in Gods accounting: compare Psalms 90:9-10 KJV).  This said time line is the minimum God-life-accounted years a person is required to live.  It could take up to seven life returns to accomplish this (compare Matthew 18:20 and Matthew 18:21-22 KJV).Subsequently, Gods accounting was put into a covenant of seven lives times seventy generations, called times of judgement (compare Psalms 105:7-10 KJV, which covenant was set to not be revoked: compare Galatians 3:16-19 KJV).

Therefore, this time of 70,000 to 80,000 generations is called Abrahams Bosom (compare Luke 16:22-23 KJV).  Furthermore, this collective life of a time and a chance generations of each one, comes under the First Death called the First Resurrection after which time in resurrection comes the possible, by failure of the collective lives, the Second Death (compare Revelation 20:5-6 KJV).

As to the often quoted but mistranslated Scripture,  Hebrews 9:26-27 should be explained that Jesus, in Alpha, suffered in His Spirit in a proxy for His failed angels before the foundations of the world (compare Revelation 5:6 and Revelation 13:8 KJV) and once will appear in the Omega to apply what He rendered in His flesh but was not comprehended by the dark minds (compare John 1:5 KJV) at the end of the world, being the end of the 70,000 years of time of Abrahams Bosom, to put away sins during His rendered Earth-life years as Jesus the Christ (compare Daniel 9:24 KJV, meaning 7 weeks representing 70 years of Sabbath, representing God-accounted generations of 70 years times 1000 equaling 70,000 generations.  In Hebrews 9:26-27 KJV Scripture, the definite article the is in error added to the original text before the term judgement, making it regard the judgement day rather than after this, judgements.

Much more could be said on this subject and many more Scriptures be given; but this blog should only be so long.Finally, when Gentou is used in subaudition-nosis, people are led into a deep relaxation, whereas in hypnosis that is usually not the procedure.  And, as to reingeneration, there are a large number of Bible Scriptures available.  One Scripture that is exceptionally clear on the subject is found in Matthew 2:17-18 and Jeremiah 31:15-17 KJV.  Herod orders the children of Bethlehem, around the estimated age of Jesus, to be killed hoping to also kill Jesus, who was rumoured to become a future king. The children that are killed were pre-prophesied by Jeremiah to be killed and be not but to live again and be born in Rome among exiles and then later return to the land of the Jews.So by the spirit-to-spirit revelation it is possible to recall memories of persons past lives when for doing so there is a need.

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