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Super Induction And Gentou....

The power to open up the sound of mighty noise and translate its mysteries is a far-out of thought venture that, nevertheless, is fully connected to spiritual reality.  The Bible speaks of these uninterpreted noises:  the noise of the trumpet, the noise of God’s voice, the noise of many waters, the noise of the wings of the Cherubs, the noise of the Wheels, the noise of the thunders (compare Exodus 20:18, Job 37:2, Ezekiel 43:2, Ezekiel 1:24, Ezekiel 3:13, Revelation 6:1 KJV).

For a long of time, the sound of noise has dominated the minds of humankind.  What is meant by “noise”? The kind of noise referred to here is the noise of uninterpreted mysteries and events unintelligible to the observer and hearer due to not being able to discern the message. Signs and wonders loudly broadcasted but not accepted due to not being understood and even due to unbelief.

Persons of vision and of great talents who lived, thought, invented, imaged, and shared their wisdoms were sometimes received in part and sometimes rejected in part.  Often the rejection was because the visionaries’ revelation was regarded as noise – things beyond the time, things that the common human observer could not perceive or believe.  Yes, to such persons, these concepts were far out and just noise.

Nikola Tesla was such a visionary, he envisioned things: he perceived from deep corridors of thinking; he had contact with a mindfulness not even of this planet.  He invented the foundations for the basics and theme of world “Star Wars” not even then dreamed of except as written of the wars of the angels mentioned in the Bible’s book of Revelation.

In his contacts with the said mindfulness not of this planet, his mind climbed to heights of knowledge beyond his present Earth companions - his composition for the transmission and trajectory of wireless electromotive force, his electric coil.  But rejection was very emphatic as to his mass radiation signal propagations and his concept for a particle beam, as was considered at that time as just a noise to the scientific world.

However, to this day, it is still thought by certain thinkers that the Tunguska explosion which leveled a forest of trees in an area of Russia in 1908 was a result of a transmission of wireless electromotive force triggered by Tesla.  That is not to mention other incidences of his experimental wireless electrical transmissions.  Nor is this to say I endorse or disclaim such a possibility as the cause of the Tunguska explosion.

In a transcendental sense, the vast books of The Holy Manifest and Manifest Peace Bible that I have received from a source not of this world, represent a shift to a major higher level of perceiving and thinking.  Being a hundred years ahead of the times, it is understood that to many persons, these books and their message may be as a noise which induction will carry to some persons a ratio leaning to the noise description, and to some persons a ratio of super induction that allowed an understanding of the noise message.  So then, to some persons a revelation will seem to be all noise and to other persons a revelation will open as gleams of understanding.

So the subject of super spiritual induction is big at this time, for it represents having the ability to understand mysteries of God.

In Gentou, when I speak signals electromagnetically (in a low hertz frequency) and see electrically, to some rejectors, the concept seems to be just a noise; but to others who are receivers, they intone to the resonance of Gentou and become healed and fitted with wonderful insights.

I was recently advised by one of our bloggers who has a background in the higher arts of nursing (her comment is on the prior blog), about a Bruce Lipton, PhD, www.brucelipton.com who has written a book called:   The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles,,,,, the bridging of science and spirit, a shift in scientific consciousness.

I was impressed with what I read, although I did not have his book for being able to compare his whole insight.  I could agree on a considerable number of things he propounded and disagreed on a few points.  I believe my experience exceeds his degrees; however, as said I have not read his whole story.  Also, my approach and methods are not just scientific but incorporate in transcendental and literal ways the input of God’s provisions of lattilution for creation.

This very professional person has certainly opened, to a deemed and recognized appraisal by the scientific community, that the biomedical fields must now open to the reality that a person’s thoughts and beliefs give off vibrations that can effect a person’s energy field and collectively and potentially effect the world field thought-wise and health-wise.

The meetings in Santa Barbra, California were exciting, informative, and of healing.  My next Gentou project is for conducting a massive radio broadcast to people: Gentou bio-shielding to protect listeners against the Swine Flu.

After the coming meetings in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I plan to conduct a radio broadcast on a session for opening a “mind well” using the human body’s serotonin and plus energies to bring individuals into an induced state of deep sub-audition for experiencing  “The City of God”.  I will, of course, give related Scriptural references.

Seven Thunders Speak

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