Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Signs and Wonders Extra-Ordinary....

fireWhen I was twelve years old, an angel appeared standing at the foot of my bed.  At first I was afraid, but then his spirit calmed me.  He never spoke to me audibly, but I somehow understood his mind messages.  Then the angel moved his hand toward me; and my body began lifting up from the bed, and my whole being was moved with such a sudden speed of energy that I shot through the wall and window but did not break the wall nor window nor was my body even scratched.

The angel beckoned me to walk with him on the road; and as we walked, he pointed out the various road signs, and then he said to me:  “Watch for the signs”.   Suddenly, I was back in bed and terrified at the whole thing.  The angel looked at me and said:  “I will come again tomorrow”.  After he left, I covered my head with my bed covers and prayed to God to postpone the angel coming back because I became scared again.

God granted my prayer, and the angel didn’t return for many years.  When he returned, I was married and had several children.   I was sitting on a chair in our back yard watching the children play when the angel overshadowed me, and I transformed into another person wearing a robe of many colors.

When my family saw me in this shining they yelped with shocked voices.  I then reappeared in my regular form.  Later in the week the angel appeared during the daytime, and my wife and I saw him in the hallway of our home.  There were several other appearances which my whole family saw.

Many signs and wonders have filled my life.  And these signs have given me confidence to write and speak the deep revelations I have received.  What I speak and write, I do so in Love and care for all the Souls that God so Loved He gave His only begotten Son to save the world.

I will now share with you some extra-ordinary pictures:

1.  God spoke to us and said Am would energize a glass of water while the audience watched.  We took seven empty glasses and turned them upside down, tapping and banging each one so as to assure the people there was no substance in any of the glasses.  We then used a pitcher full of water to fill all the glasses.  We let it set a while and then poured the glasses of water back into the pitcher.

We then filled all the glasses again from the same pitcher water and told God we were ready.  Immediately a fizzing and swriling motion began in the glass picture in the glass below.  The audience was amazed at the presence of God.


2.  During a special church service in which we lit the candles of the candelabra, suddenly, a God-wind began to blow on the candles, and the flames were elongated and then transformed into flame doves.  There were no open windows, no fans on, no heater or cooler on.  This picture of this event has been put together for the coming Manifest Peace Bible.  Many a person has been astonished at this.


3.  During a series of teaching on zziths (flying saucers, UFOs),  an actual face began to form on the forehead of Jerry O. Lee during his presentation before the people.  A lot of “Wows” and “Look! look!” came from the crowd.  This event happened many times in public.

The face represents zzith androids who pilot the zziths.  Most people having experiences with the extra-terrestrials think the androids are the main characters, but the actual engineers (pilots) are humans, being ancestors of Enoch’s offspring taken from Earth during a major destruction event .  (See The Manifester blogs).


4.  At a far northern campground, Jerry Lee is walking on a road back to the camp.  He is involved at this time with a large logging venture.   Someone randomly snaps a picture and the angel figure appears holding two small logs, one under each arm.

The transfer of this picture was not as good as the original, but the whole ten to twelve feet tall angel is pictured.  You can see his arm and the two legs he is standing on.

This was taken as a sign about the logging job and that God had sent his angels to guard us.

5.  The next event occurred in Indiana several years ago.  We had turned this huge barn into a youth rehabilitation center and a church upstairs.   There are no lights on the front of this building, and the sun was well on the way down.  This angel was prophesied to appear.

This angel is in a spin pose and shone with a brilliant luster and shining.

The above photos represent only a very few of the actual events  that have occurred during the Manifester ministry.  If all the events were published it would be a large book and create a difficulty for some people to believe that many signs and wonders could happen in one ministry.

I the Manifester did not take these pictures, but I was present in every case

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