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Sponsors Needed....Current Assessment May 2010


To date, sponsors have contributed to the Peace Country Bible College of Manifest Studies Ltd. (in care of Dr. Jerry O. Lee as Trustee) approximately $26,800.00 as a result of the following blog.

Originally, it was mentioned that we needed publishing funds to be in place, if at all possible, no later than November 5, 2009. We want to deeply express our appreciation for all the people who have given in sponsorship to this cause. We also want to express that in order to reach the publication goal financially that thousands more dollars will be needed. We do not want to put a financial burden on anyone that would restrict their needs and quality of life.

This update and request is more to asking for your prayers for this endeavor and to make this information available to any of our readers who may have missed our first presentation of this blog. Please carefully read this blog and the intent for which this sponsorship is being requested.

The rest I leave to you,

The Manifester

After much prayer, and consideration as to how to please the Lord with this Sponsor offer, and after several sessions with longtime friends of this ministry, we had decided it would be acceptable to the Lord to make this sponsor request.


Last night, metaphorically (a recent and actual spiritual event), I fought in the valley of giants…. I fought with beasts, serpents and the Dragon. I saw myself wounded and bleeding; but as I continued to war against the Dragon and his beasts, my wounds healed.

The Lord spoke to me…. His voice said, “Yell!”

And I said, “What shall I yell?”

“Yell for destined ones of the Earth to come as sponsors of the truth, for it is not the will of God for you to battle alone any longer. You have spent freely of your years of life and strength for the Manifest ministry. You have spent freely of your money for the Manifest ministry.

“The mystery of yourself must be unfolded; it is time to finish and to release this Word to the world that was initiated in you many years ago by the great One from on high.

“I the Lord ordain you to open to sponsors of destiny who will come as stars shining, as prayer warriors, and financiers to provide for this manifest work so you can finish this Word to provide for the correlating and publication of The Peace Manifest Bible and the correlating and publication of the book Star Rise and the Gentou (Gentou: GENerative TOUch) booklet and CD (or download for listening to) healing ministry recordings for various individual illnesses.”

According to the above, we have prepared an opportunity for those persons who want to be included as sponsors of The Peace Manifest Bible, a subject Bible with interpretations set next to the King James Version. There is no other Bible like The Peace Manifest Bible in the world. The purpose of The Peace Manifest Bible is to reveal the meaning of the standardly read Bible and its mysteries and to save the Bible from passing into only critical readership due to the vast changes being ushered in by the modern anti-Christian fashion.

There will be three catagories for individuals to help finance the Manifester ministry for preparing the final pre-publishing work and cover the said correlating and publishing expenses. If you want to have 30-fold, 60-fold, and 100-fold revelation Scriptures that prove the legal and spiritual insight to the Manifester sermons, teachings, and blogs,,,,, this is your chance. This opportunity has never been offered before!

There will be three categories as follows:

1. The Pearl sponsors category being those persons who donate $100.00 (one hundred dollars) or more but under $1000.00.

NOTE! Pearl sponsors will receive The Peace Manifest Bible with the signature of The Manifester and an individual imbuement written for each sponsor by The Manifester.

2. The Sapphire Diamond sponsors category being those persons who donate $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars) or more but under ten thousand dollars.

NOTE! Sapphire Diamond sponsors will receive The Peace Manifest Bible with the signature of the Manifester and an individual Embuement written for each sponsor by The Manifester. Additionally, the Sapphire Diamond sponsors category will receive the Star Rise book written by The Manifester, which is soon to be published, and a person-to-person link line to The Manifester for speed reply connections.

3. The Crown of Light sponsors category being those persons who donate $10,000 (ten thousand dollars) or more.

NOTE! Crown of Light sponsors category will receive everything offered to the Pearl and Sapphire Diamond sponsors and the most awesome opportunity never considered or offered before: Each Crown of Light sponsor will have their name printed and listed in The Peace Manifest Bible as a Crown of Light sponsor, which name will remain in all of the Memorial editions that are printed. Additionally, each Crown of Light sponsor will receive a copy of any new editions of The Peace Manifest Bible that are printed in the next ten years from the said Memorial edition.

Additionally, each of the sponsors of each category will receive a certificate signed by Jerry O. Lee, for The Manifester, as a promissory of those above-described issues from The Manifester. Consequently, in order to make the original schedule, I had needed funding no later than [November 5th, 2009].

Note! We were not able to reach this goal by this date. We will therefore leave the timing in the Hands of the Lord as to the willingness and capability of those donors who will be able to help us sponsor the needed publication funds.

NOTE! Any donations made from the October 2009 period can accumulatively apply toward one of the three categories.

VERY IMPORTANT!!! Yes, it is embarassing to vendor this money subject, but if we are to go forward, it will take help from a group of dedicated persons. In addition to the publishing, there is the advertising and many other recurring expenses. There are volunteers, but there are also individuals to whom we have to pay salaries. We need a tower computer and other software for being able to broadcast to I-phone and for I-Pod broadcasting. These are ongoing needs. If God so leads you, God Bless! And if you cannot or have already done what you could do, God Bless you also!

SOME PEOPLE MAY NOT UNDERSTAND… that we cannot touch the money given for publishing; nevertheless, there are other needs. Also, for you who are just financially limited and can only spare small amounts, sometimes we survive on those small amounts. If you have already done what you could do, please do not feel under pressure from us to do more.

To make your donation, you can use the PayPal link appearing at the very top of The Manifester web site <www.TheManifester.com> which will notify us of your deposit and gift and tell us who you are, for our records. Also, you may write to Jerry O. Lee at <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.%3E">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>; for the U.S.A. Wells Fargo Bank account deposit number in Canadian or U.S.A. check funds.

May you be so destined.



FIRST THIS IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Bible is the world’s all-time bestseller in all of history. It outsells every other kind of book in the past or present and every other religious book in the world. It is estimated that 600 plus billions of Bibles have been sold. This does not include New Testament Bibles.

We expect the The Peace Manifest Bible to sell at least 5 to 10 million Bibles within the first two years. In other words, Bibles sell, and millions of persons will want a copy of any significant Bible work. We believed The Peace Manifest Bible will provide knowledge of inconceivable richness to the world.

The Peace Manifest Bible is a unique Bible in a class all its own, being Holy Spirit Contexually generated through Jerry O. Lee, D.D. whose scholarly adeptness regards visionionary intrepretations of ancient script and art. Dr. Jerry O. Lee, is 72 years old (and in excellent health), author of a large quantity of spiritual books soon to be published, and also plans to present in the near future scientific and mathematic papers on his New Mathematics and New Atomic Lattice Physics.

Additionally, Dr. Jerry O. Lee as been assisted in his The Peace Manifest Bible manuscript compiliation by an English Language Master and a group of Seminary Editors and Compilers. The Manifest Peace Bible will feature as a Subject Bible, with sections of three levels of verse interpretation. The revelation interpretations will be astounding, the poetry beautiful.

It is expected that the sales from The Peace Manifest Bible will finance the publication of the other approximate fifty books writen by Dr. Jerry O. Lee and, as well, finance Manifest movies, videos, and Broadcasting.

I received a flash (I believe from the Spirit) of a Finance method that would launch us and cut short the time while enabling the investors to reap mega profits nearly unheard of. For The Peace Manifest Bible investment of fifty thousand dollars (US$50,000.00), the investee will receive One Dollar from the sale of each Peace Manifest Bible for the total sum of Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00). This would begin with the sale of the first book and would continue through the sale of Five Hundred Thousands Books. Of course, there will only need to be sold Fifty Thousand Peace Manifest Bible books to have back the initial investment; from then on is profit.

This is real and I assure you it is a chance of a lifetime, yet at the same time helps us move forward with the publishing. We were told by the publisher that the Bible is four times more expensive to print than a regular book. There will be a contract, and those who are sincerely interested will receive a preview of The Peace Manifest Bible to examine before investing. Much other confidential information will be available to the very interested.

The Love of God is our Motto.

My telephone number is: 780. 968. 6607

Jerry O. Lee (responder for The Manifester Yada)


my e-mail listed in this blog:

<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.%3E">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>; or <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.%3E">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>;

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