August 25, 2019

There are enormous spaces of ideas unsought and unthought-of that abound at the periphery of potential. Ideas are a form of mind energy that can exchange from spirit energy to physical energy and back again.

Mind energy has always out-lasted the brain eras. Mind energy does not have to have a brain to use its energy, but a body needs a brain in order for the body to access mind energy.

Spiritual mind energy has a right to constantly replay. This is necessary because the volume of information in mind energy is so vast if it were not replayed then its stories would not be told. If these stories were not told, then the past, present, and future, would stand still. For the code of God says: That which was, is that which is, and that which is, is that which is to be.  

Time and timelessness is a cycle, and if the past, present, and future, ever stood still, there would only be God. It is anciently written: “O you heads, open the gates and let the King of Glory come in.” You, as an individual, have a head wherein dwells your brain which connects to your mind.

You also have metaphorically, two gates, which two gates close and open as one unit. Of the two gates, one gate is physical, and the other gate is spiritual. So, when your physical gate is bound, your spiritual gate is also bound, and when your physical gate is loosened, your spiritual gate is also loosened. I do not say there are not rare exceptions because there are.

It is also written that Jesus said: “I stand at the door and knock.” How often have you said to yourself or others: I don’t know why, but I just didn’t think of that! There are substances that upon exposure to air spontaneously burst into fire. The human body is self-aware of the power of life that the breath of air is to it. The human spirit has that same spontaneous reaction potential to the spiritual breath of life.

The Bible says: “My sheep know my voice”. Be certain that your spirit and the Kingdom of God within you know the voice of the Lord; and if it could, it would respond immediately to the voice/ breath/knock of the Lord. It is the human body/brain that blocks the spirit receptors and keeps the spirit bound.

If you would join the call to “Beyond The Pain,” begin by allowing your sentiments to abound in expeditions of determinisms to overtake the foredoom that is being swelled in pseudo-Christian and secular forecasts.   Mentally cast out all eruptive modes of influence that abide within you but that are displacing your peace.

Enervate your thoughts and desires to get a Spirit full of the Holy Ghost, and be content that this Holy Ghost power is capable to be your vanguard and provision of mainstay in your camp of peace. Do remember that in life there can be pressures that strangle the ease of life because of their requirements of confining redundancies and regulations.

Keep in mind, as you conquer these pseud-foredoom shots being fired around the world you position your mind to enter those vast spaces of thoughts and ideas heretofore unsought and unthought-of.

The power to go “Beyond The Pain” can be found in Holy Ghost remembering, and the service to forget God not, is often put into force by meditation. Meditation helps a person remember by exercising the mind. In the Old Testament it tells the parents to tell their children about the story of God and for the children, when an adult, to tell their children about God.

The Jews made phylacteries to wear that contained Scripture reminding the people of the law. Prayer is making a petition or request to God. Praise is to honor God with words of thanksgiving and appreciation. Meditation is allowing the mind to be still so as to hear from and by the Holy Spirit the word of God.

One of the best meditation methods is to sing what you are trying to remember in the voice of the body and in the advent of the Spirit. Even reciting sacred poetry can sometimes remove consternations that hinder receiving a direct word from God.

Also a “Beyond The Pain” state can be realized by entering into the seeking of God’s perfect love that casts out all fear.   “Beyond The Pain” takes you away from the injuries caused by a belief that a person’s own inferiority is the cause of the impress of their limitations.

Then there is the treachery of one’s own wicked heart, and the treachery of persons believed with ultra-assurance to be true friends and family, whose critical switch was shown to turn on without unconditional love, with the greatest of ease. The only way to overcome such a downgrade of one’s belief, is to nevertheless, hate not despise not, but in spite of it all, love endlessly in true love for these people, and yourself, who know not what they do.

Learn where necessary to be elastic. Learn to be vulnerable. Learn to speak volumes when there is an audience thirsting to hear your words. Learn to smile and speak not when you know you are in enemy territory. Always own your independence, but always be able to show yourself a friendly part of sincere groups or persons who are decent even though their misnomers of belief or unbelief.

In Christ, regarding settlement in the zone life of eternity, the eternal life hope request of a spirit-Soul can put that person “Beyond The Pain” of legitimate earthly vengeance and legal retaliation. The haters will not like that. But the haters have a danger of not making the rank of the saved.

Then there is the pain of suffering and death that often it seems only suffering and death can satisfy.   But in truth, a new reality is rising, both in the physical gate and the spiritual gate, for a new kind of longevity of health and living. It is just around the corner. So hold on, yes, hang and hold, for life is going to be extended soon.   Yes, soon you will live to a great extent: “Beyond The Pain”.

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