August 25, 2019

Blind spot, why are you so spell-bound in your darkness? The Starship Bethlehem, is ready to guide wise ones to the Christ that abides within your inner Kingdom. Spread-eagle your mind, let spinning lattices sprinkle your tongue with the purr of ethereality.
Walk over the conspiracies of the anarchists who rebel against the authority of the Manifest Word. Be not betwixt as to the faith of above and the faith of the below. Trade not what Gabriel has touched for dubious authenticity.

There are missing factors which without the knowledge regarding those factors, there is no reasoning or math that can make an absolute determination. There is a hidden reality that but few of few scientists, physicists, mathematicians, astronomers, and theologians know. The Holy Manifest calls it the Domatron Effect (The effect emanation that the First Domain (The Heavens of heavens) has on everything about the universe that was, that is, and that will be.) This is not just spiritual affecting and effecting spiritual, but also spiritual affecting and effecting the physical.

The journey of information has many guises. In the atomic world every particle has a counter part, and that is only about the world of atoms. Call these atoms and sub atomic particles, dimensions, or branes, (as in membranes), or points, or waves, or strings, if you desire. The mind can come up with almost any dream or scheme or theme or concept, which somewhere in the time of this world, or in the time of other worlds, there will be found a connection to an actual relative position or proposition of that thought.

Truly on the way to find truth are many hazardous passages. Sometimes to shake loose the wrong guises you must drive your brain waves to trans-mental states. In the paradox of the differentials of equations there are questions, answers, and pondering a-plenty, yet mostly without resolution.

Who will stand at the gate of heaven and woo wisdom? Otherwise what remains...but they who prefer by error the outskirts of truth, and who may one day become tangled in such error to the point it will split their image about God? Will not such ones in just finding the hidden variable and applying it in error...cause the wave function of reason to collapse? Nay to that, but go to TRIT (Manifest Revelation of the universe) where one may say: Let there be Light and Light will be.

There are many lines and arrows that point to infinity which truly do not represent infinity. In the space of pure reasoning and sincere endeavour, even without the Spirit to lead you, one may overstep the vanishing point and hear or perceive an extent of truth like they had never heard before. And I understand, there has to be a start if the seeds of zero go to abstract...then to abstract the search will go.

At the intersection where meets the quantum and macroscopic, world horizons of thought stretch endlessly with questions. The unfold of infinite geometry holds to the laws of cleavage on the one side and holds to the laws of fluctuation on the other side. In the maze of all this the numbers of everything from particles to dimensions seem to model from one increase to another increase. The uncertainty principle reigns. Along comes a voice: God is not needed, Gravity is king and it needs nothing but nothing to create anything contain in a universe and including creation of the universe.

This fringe scientific approach strives to dismantle the sacred ratio and is in fact a tool that is sometimes ignorantly used to split the image of God in the minds of the people masses. Need I make a list of the many theoretical suppositions by great men that at first loomed then plunged to ultimate deflation.

The Bible says: the kingdom of heaven is like unto a net (Compare, Matthew 13:47 KJV). This net, this lattice network of the universe is full of bands disconnected in the sense of continuous matter or energy yet in another sense connected and linked matter to matter by energy and connected and linked energy to energy by matter. So then the message of life connects all things even life to death and death to life. So it is there is no place of space or thing where the message of life has not touched and still remains in correspondence that is sometimes heard and sometimes not heard (compare, Psalms 19:1-6 KJV). So it is, the circuits from the First Domain (the Heaven of heavens) speak the voice of creative resonance in the where of everywhere.

Yes, you could call these circuit-produced energies and materializations: dimensions, twistors, strings, and M-theory, because at moments they are all of those things and at other moments (not seconds type of moments) they are none of those things. More important than what something is, should be why and how something is. Approximately forty years ago I received a Holy Manifest Logistical RhythmMatics and TRIT Quot-OM that took in the mathematics of the Domatrom Effect on the networkings of the universe. What follows is the outline of configurations without the equations the which I will reveal at a later time complete with anti-neutron faster than the speed of light data.


Where is the mind that can understand the Quot-Om of an atom? Let us reason together, for the cosmos is made of these.

Observe a mental conception: 144,000 entries equal the square of a circle; the distance of the factor is 12; that which is multiplied by the constant is that which divides by the line of section.

The particles of co-equal alignment are square rooted (quad) but the particles of differential are tri-positioned.

The circle is the commandment of the neuter force and is often the factors of five and seven, which same figures use seven as the common denominator and mathematical principle of its substance.

No less important are the factors of seven and three: these constitute the composite of ten -- this same number being a reconciling figure to ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions, trillions, etc.

Furthermore, the conference of unifying entries decrees that the ratio of attraction (magnetism, gravity, etc.) is
from one to ten and the ratio of repulsion (inversion, anti-force, etc.) is six to twelve.

The patterns of congruent orders are materialized by the root of one. The tri-root is the pyramidal part of the pi of three, and the pyramidal part of pi is the root of the square, and they are the co-equal of seven.

Therefore, the differential of five is the component by which to figure the circumference of the circle compounded. Of these figures is the cosmos (universe) framed and of these parts are the integral aspects shaped and formed. In summation, the constant of one is the resolution of all patterns and shapes and forms.

Whosoever shall solve the riddle of this code shall come to know the source of perpetual essence. Unto that one will be given many secrets of the crystalline structure of the cosmos. Also uun shall help to open the door of the past, and when the past is found, the future shall be discovered.

Hear the prophecy Omega...

See the universe as an outer brain of the I-Am and let it be said:

The syn-chrome cortex lies scattered among the membranes of universal matter. Its pulsing senses of life breathe cycling currents through the emerging generations. But the Retrievers shall carry the senses space-borne through constellations of the universal body unto the realm of the First Mind.

There the Supreme Mind shall savour their experiences, cycles without number.

Mortals have consciousness which is the high spark of emerging awareness. It matters not how vast and busy the universe is, only things or entities with consciousness have spirit value potential for a Soul. The rest of everything is prob, a passing tone. Materialism leads to blind alleys from which without spirit there is no arising.


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