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At the same time the world is being swept into fervor of exponential advances in almost every discipline of physical and spiritual knowledge, there is a strange contra happening of a benightedness of Contrarians whose fixations of a non-wittiness supports the position of THE IMPOSSIBILITY OF THE POSSIBLE, and therefore expounds a nakedness of ignorance and a darkness of minds.

This slang-contra of greasy minds is often connected via their attachment to conspiracies of most everything, and their contras to the physically and spiritually possible.   It seems there is a headwork of deliberate contemplation and mentation brewed against the ultimate potential of things that should be said, the extent of things that should be manifested, and the deepest of things that should be heard.   This of course would apply to the all that is still generally unknown, still generally unmapped, and yet potential of the possible. It would not be surprising that such contra mentalities are much attached to their love of money and love of self-impose.



PREMISE 1.  The said world-view impossibility: Due to the times and signs and the suppose teaching of the Bible, it is an IMPOSSIBILITY for there to be a failure of the return coming of Jesus Christ, VERY SOON.

The possible view, The Manifester Yada:

Repent you religious pupiteers, and you media commercial raiders of peace who have scared the world with your doomsday threats for the sake of monetary wishes.  You belong to the false predictors who continuously recycle false timing prophecies about the soon coming of Jesus Christ. Do you not grope in the shadows of the glass darkly? May God forgive you for craving the end of the world in order to fulfill your false concepts?

You who have an ear to hear, listen to the reality, hear about the time, times, and a half time as the true Bible word which reveals the long time as to the “end of the world and the coming of Jesus Christ”… The following is my brief reveal:

“You shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: SEE THAT YOU BE NOT TROUBLED: For all these things must come to pass, BUT THE END IS NOT YET.

For nation shall rise against nation, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are THE BEGINNING OF SORROWS. (Matthew 24: 6-8 KJV).   Since when is a meaning of a statement that follows a list of major world destructive kind of happenings and then says these things: “ARE NOT THE END, THEY ARE THE BEGINNING” to be taken to mean the opposite? This Matthew Bible list is saying these happenings are the signs and proofs that the world will always have the poor, and that the world will always have wars and rumors of wars and pestilence and destructive events of nature because that is the nature of the tartaroo of this planet earth.

There are stumbling blocks problems of not being able to properly interpret the language of the Bible. Terms used by ministers such as “soon”, “very soon”, as refers to the coming of Jesus, do not exist in the scriptures of the king James Bible. The scriptures “behold I come quickly”, are found in Rev. 3:11,

Rev. 22:7, and Rev. 22:12. These Book of Revelation Scriptures have a meaning of to conclude to finish to terminate to the uttermost. (Compare, Strong’s Concordance Greek Dictionary: #5055, and #5056.   The real spiritual Bible message is a contextual message with a manifest root that means “suddenly” as posted in #869 and #852 of Strong’s Concordance Greek Dictionary. The term “suddenly” sounds short termed such as might be conjectured for the using of “soon”, “very soon”, and “behold I come quickly”, and etc., but is far less indicative of specifying a time range for the actual coming of Jesus Christ.  

Besides all of that insight, there is the important understanding that Jesus Christ is always coming and always departing. It is truly enfolded in the vision given to Jacob of the ladder or staircase that had angels descending and ascending. (Compare Genesis 28: 12,16 KJV). Jesus explains in (St. John 1:51, KJV), the Jacob vision of the angels descending and ascending upon him and predicts a “hereafter” when the full revelation of this to come will be revealed on the mount of transfiguration.

Additionally, and very importantly, the Bible does reveal a time sequence for the end of the world, (being the close of the dispensation of the episodes of the overcoming of the fallen Ophannim angels and the White Throne Judgment), and the coming of Jesus Christ, but does not impose a “day and an hour” resolution for pinpointing the time of Christ’s coming. For more information on this read the Manifester Blogs.




PREMISE 2. The said world-view impossibility: The world weather crisis and global warming are a conspiracy scheme or just normal nature slightly out of focus, because it is an impossibility to occur to a point of really affecting earth’s nature and life style before at least a hunk of years, if at all.

The possible view, The Manifester Yada:

PREMISE 3. The said world-view impossibility: The United states of America will not survive its debt and government mistakes.   It is posed for an utter financial fall and the loss of its dollar position in the world and any other conclusion and projection is an impossibility.

The possible view, The Manifester Yada:

PREMISE 4. The said world-view impossibility: That flying saucers, UFO’s, or Aliens, exist exceptas a mind delusion or a misreading of earth sky happenings.

The possible view, The Manifester Yada:

PREMISE 5. The said world-view impossibility: There will be a world famine within the next 10 years. Based on statistical expectation there is no way of exiting this coming disaster.

The possible view, The Manifester Yada:

PREMISE 6.   The said world-view impossibility: Beyond doubt or question, a world fresh- water shortage will terrify the world within 15 years…

The possible view, The Manifester Yada:

PREMISE 7. The said world-view impossibility: Science teaches a vast spam of time difference between the time of the Dinosaurs and the time of man. It is an impossibility for the dinosaurs and man to have lived contemporarily.

The possible view, The Manifester Yada:

Premise 8. The said world-view impossibility:   Noahs Ark and flood if, it ever happened, was a local flood…could not have been a world flood geologically-wise.

The Possible view, The Manifester Yada:

Premise 9…The said world-view impossibility: There are no modern day prophets because with technology being at the advance it is today and with knowledge being so available to the public, it is not easy to fool people as it was in the old and ancient days…

The possible view, The manifester Yada:

PREMISE 10.   The said world-view impossibility: World war 3 is just around the corner and nothing can stop it from happening now….

The possible view, the manifester Yada:                   


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