Sunday, May 31, 2020

E Day

On this day called "Easter" something beautiful happened! But there be those of indifferent dispositions who say... "The date is incorrect!" or "This is a pagan celebration!"

How sad the lack of mindfulness in those indifferent ones who think it's their duty to play frivolous trumpery. If you are going to believe in God, then believe in what God does! When once they were threatening to stone Jesus, He asked: "For which of my good works will you stone me?"

The threateners replied: "We would stone you not for your works but because you, being a man, call yourself the son of God." (Refer to John 10:32-33 KJV paraphrased)

How deadly people become over what someone calls oneself, or calls a day, or an organization, or a holiday or a symbol. The lessons of Jesus Christ and the Bible teach quite differently.

Some people say that love is color blind. What an ugly mark to put on love! Love isn't blind in any way; love is pure, and "to the pure all things are pure" (Titus 1:15 KJV). Love can invert, or turn water into wine; multiply the few of something to the many, or take dirt and make it the soil of foundation or creation.

If you allow critics to take away your applications to life, then it will only be a matter of time until those critics will steal away your "Soul" because it somehow compares to some mystic, mythology, or pagan history.

Be free! In Christ, the lame and blind are made whole. But the critic will instead want to banish the lame and blind.

Enjoy your Easter! Let the critics, if they so choose, stay home and be bored, having few holidays and few persons to communicate with.

In my heart I know if my journey takes me to the highest height or the lowest depth, God will be there with me. "E" Day, I am here; praise be to God!

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