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Monitor the feedback, check the strain.  The story is bizarre.  There are millions of persons who are sure they know the  answer.   But there is disinformation that ground zero is covering up.

Now Comes the Manifester Yada to put in smithereens the grotesque lies and excessive deductions.   The ground control group has spilled the soup, they don’t have the true story nor the facts.

The sometimes Church man, the preacher whose tongue is a mile long in confabulation has created reptilian terror stories about aliens in UFO’s who are warming up their appetite on cattle before their major invasion of Earth and the eating of humans.  Such stories are mere space junk rattle.

Oh, and yes, these things are suppose to have already happened on a very low scale level.  A guideline principle is definitely needed for such who believe these tales.  There must be a criterion of proof before anyone decides to make a tale an absolute truth.

Proof of an unknown can often be realized by the process of elimination.  Discoveries in medicine are made a by process of chemical input and elimination.  As regards the mysterious animal mutilation phenomena  there is a reasonable and scientific process of input and elimination that can be applied to the animal mutilation that has puzzled many nations of the Earth.

Here then begins the list of possible causes of the said animal mutilation:

1.  Predator causation, including disease, parasites, Ravens and certain birds that peck out the eyes of living animals.

2.  Military clandestine operations by cooperative international governments.

3.  Extraterrestrial causation, including cybernetic robots, androids, and alien entities.

4.  Natural cause effect enlarged by psychopathic veer

5.  Cults

6.  Dark Forces

7. Combination of causes…


There is no doubt a riddle of the skies that exists, and on the ground weird kinds of prognosis…There are some  points which are glaringly obvious to the acute eye.  Get it straight, this eviscerating madness called mutilation didn’t just begin, it has been going on for at least a half of a century. True, presently, it has become more skilled.

The ghost riders in the sky have for sometime been writing a conducting of bloodless surgeries on the Terra-firma.  Why this Alley Cat Murder syndrome?  Why are cow anals (rectums) cored to a depth of 12 inches, and eyes, ears, punched out,  tongue cut off  in the throat, brains sucked out, jaws stripped of flesh, the jawbone bare and dry, and blood arteries mostly sucked empty.

These actions should not just be called anomalies.  These are actions of a deviant phenomena involvement of a major nature.  For sure there have been some sociopath actions in utter degrees of disorder.  There is a wave of mental abnormalities with mind sets bent for taking a walk on the killing grounds.  Yes, there is an elevated status of mass effect that seems to lack any absolute meaning.  For sure there is among other causes, a critical population insanity binge going on.


One should not say the cause of these animal mutilations is just one issue of cause because in  fact there are a share of causes.  Take “Operation Mountbatten”, < 3.shtmi>    This is a story of a major assault set by individuals for the mutilation of  horses by using knives, guns, poison, acid, fire, torture, and the ramming of blunt objects into the horse’s personal parts, obviously perpetrated by deviant humans.


Then there is the Stealth Quest of the USA and other nations.  This is a broad band for superpower status in global operations conduct.  I have heard over and over again how that many of the animal mutilations must be the result of alien ETs because the methodology used on these mutilations are too far advanced in their uses of stealth and medical surgery.  The facts are, such a specific charge for the total cause, or even major animal and human mutilation cause of conclusion, is incorrect and much more than not, a pile of trash.

The comprehensive science advanced by the USA in the acts of military art are far beyond the knowledge and suspicion of the average person on the street and even the media.  The criteria of military operations is to control the gravity center of global operation network domains of military conduct.  Under their military codes of operations the reality is to conduct hidden operations even in unfriendly nations.   I am aware that some of my statements will make enemies, but I applaud the United States of American for it’s incredible advances of military mastery.   These are the days that the survival of the democracy of the nations require being the chief of advanced technology.


It is the word of God that “the Knowledge of the glory of the Lord will cover (fill) the Earth as the waters cover the seas”, Compare, Hab 2:14 KJV.   It is a Scripture thing as in Joel 3:10 KJV:  Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears:  Let the weak say I am strong.” (One day that scripture will be reversed but not until that day).  We are told many times by the Bible that the armies of the angels of God are sent out as a host to destroy the powers of the Forces Dark regardless of what people and nations harbor them.   Consequently, even the advance of military knowledge is a temporary God thing that will advance the nations for their role in fulfilling Isaiah 51:16, which is to plant extended civilizations into space.  Surely one day, eyes will be opened to the word of God  that proclaims the Bible’s forecast of a space age for humans into space as a to be reality.  “And no man in heaven, nor in Earth, was able to open the book, nether to look thereon”, Compare: Revelation 5:3 KJV.

Those Christians who are battering against the United States of America are ignorantly being used as the Devil’s Advocate.  The United States is chosen by God to be a protectorate of Israel and a harbor of peace in the United States to the extent the people will allow peace to reign.  This does not mean hard times won’t come, but believers can survive by their faith in God.  Shame on those pastors and teachers of the church who are encouraging attitudes as rebellion against the people’s homeland.

They are being used by Satan who is laughing at their stupidity.  They have become wrapped into conspiracies up to their eyeballs to the point there is no room for the operations of the Holy Spirit.   They have replaced the Holy Spirit with entertainment and the anointed word of God with conspiracies. I say let the people of the United States of America proclaim:  God Save America!


As regards the Military involvement in the stealth operations of the animal Mutilations, here are some important bearings.

1.  The United States is totally capable of having carried out the scientific operations of animal mutilations.


2.  Their psychological operations (PSYOP) are vast.  Too vast to describe here in the limited space of this blog.  If Jung and I-Ching (using the book title I-Ching as personified, because author or authors are still in question) were alive they would be interested in aspects of this, not that I would be interested in their particular slants of thought and diametrically extended points of view.   However, they were unusual and interesting persons.   I respect their advanced ideas for their times.

A farmer at an animal’s jaw strip site says:  He heard a voice in his mind say:  “I told you we would be back”.  Another observer says:  I “saw one of them whose eyes shot out projections like beams from his eyes”.  Again these are signs of psychological inferences belonging to the para-psychological camp.

3.  The military counterinsurgency against terrorist includes counterinsurgency against diseases.  (included but not limited to bacterial warfare).


4.  The USA war mastery includes “The Invisible Kill”.  This invisible cloaking (the ability to bend light around an object) can apply for being used against man or beast.  Even a tank can be cloaked for this invisibility.

5.  Consequently, invisible operations of Animal Mutilations can be carried out even in the day time not far from present humans without their knowledge.   This is now capable knowledge which has existed for sometime.

6.  The secret military code is that the US cannot just be defensive, waiting to absorb terr0rrist blows, but when deemed necessary must conduct operations as said before, even in unfriendly nations.  Furthermore, counter-terrorism, and counter-disease,  must sometimes for the benefit of the general public, include stealth invasion of private individuals and private business concerns.  Such operations can in the local domains be conducted by branches of the RAH-66, Commander Invisible Special Forces Operations.

7.  It must not be forgotten that America with one of the top world populations and a great influx of people from nations all over the world and countries set by the intent of terrorism to destroy this nation and it’s people, that the horse and buggy days of thinking and reacting will not work in this present age.  This is an incredible almost impossible job to pull off.


8.  In my opinion the several modern and secret stealth airplanes of which some have similar UFO shapes are being used in special ways including using white lights and color lights to encourage belief that UFO’s are involved in the animal mutilation concern. And including aerial maneuvers using two or three crafts in visible and invisible altering maneuvering sequences to create apparent angle feats liken to the believed capability of UFO’s.  These units are made especially for this purpose.  This is used by military intelligence for clandestine purposes.   This includes also silent helicopters capable of being able to turn on the “invisible kill” operations capability, and includes the capability to transform from one kind of landing pods to others, including the walking helicopter that can mock the foot prints of a heavy giant entity.

9.  Exotic chemistry is being used which is not familiar to the general public nor to chemical engineers who are working in commercial non government businesses not familiar with Chemical Warfare.  This accounts for the unknown properties found at mutilation sites.  The radiation is also a decoy used to enhance the idea of extra terrestrial tampering.


10.  As regards the remarkable medical and surgery utensil uses in the animal mutilations the USA has it all.  This includes the capability to perform clean dissections, with the use of ultrasonic scalpels, lasers, and using the Perfect Mirror technology.  Some of this technology has been shared with other aligned nations.

The “Perfect Mirror” technology is a military break through in invasive laser surgery for complex operations.  The “Perfect Mirror” concept uses a method that captures reflected light from all angles but does not absorb any of that light.  The original invention was to be able to reflect enemy incoming laser attacks.  Soon it became aware that this technology could be used in the medical field.

This mirror is compose of two elements:  a semi conducting glass and a polymer.   These two elements each having different optical properties are stacked in thin layers very compactly.  This breakthrough allows refraction of all electromagnetic energies regardless of the form of wavelength.  The credit for this mirror creation is DARA Defense advanced Research Agency.  You may believe this “Perfect Mirror” is a factor of the one stroke computer assessment that allows once the subject is in operative harness, an aspiration action of animal evisceration of internal organs and the Moog instant blood drainage to be completed in less than eleven minutes.


11.  Face it, what has appeared to be a long term freak show is really an advanced investigation into Prion the indestructible misfolded protein that has spread beyond cows into  other species of the animal kingdom.  There are suspicions that the Mad Cow disease (spongiform encephalopathies), is just a fraction of the potential disease problems…. A kind of Alzheimer’s effect and even a link to a new and strange kind of Aids via it’s immune system failure and neuron-degenerative effects and aspects, is said to being tested along certain investigating lines using  immunological markers.  Certain insights say: diseases have a way of jumping the barrier loops and making transmissions gains. This becomes especially true once the body is invaded by a degenerating source.

This is not the time to panic.  But perhaps it is the time to pray and to stop damning these long term and extreme operations going on hopefully and successful to test and secure the planet for survival??

As to the Prion substance, keep in mind you can’t sterilize it, burn it, bury it to death, and it can remain active and infectious  on medical instruments for years right through the sterilization.


Do not with this information draw conclusions until the whole parts of this insight can be presented.  PART THREE to come, will reveal the part played by other entities who are a part of the riddle of the skies.


It is important to know the codes by which star travelers are called to abide in when coming upon habitable  planets of life.   Intelligence that reaches the ability to traverse space faster than the speed of light whether good or evil still thinks with minds very far developed beyond the human mind.  I WILL EXPAND THIS SUBJECT NEXT BLOG.

It is sad and shameful the sham human minds have broadcasted against the so called UFO ET’s.

Dr. Jerry O. Lee, representing The Manifester Yada

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