Wednesday, May 27, 2020

O Say Can You See The Financial Red Glare?.....

Hum and Dum sat high on a wall called Wall Street….. Hum and Dum had a great fall. All the president’s money and banks couldn’t put Hum and Dum back together the same again.

Then entered the Black Hole called “Gobble”; like a serpent devil, Gobble gorged on Hum and Dum until his whole being was stuffed. Big shots called “Greed” were rounded up given the name “Dum Asses” and sent off to try their luck in a place called prison.

A crowd said a lame presidential duck quacking in a “Bush” caused the fire (that wasn’t holy) which burned up a lot of money. “All hail, we need a new president!” the crowds insisted.

Two parakeets showed up about equal in plumage and ran for the job. “I can fix it; I can fix it,” each one insisted. “I pledge to honor all my constituents and to protect all funds that are ear marked,” they parroted. They swore everything would be made new, but it looked like the same old political neck tie to me.

Well so much for that parable……

My advise to the next elected US president of “The Mess Operations” called crisis and panic,,,,, is as follows

1. Use freezing to keep the economy on track and force Banks to keep on credit lines and loans (exceptions of course). Use job freezing to minimize unemployment and freezing of home repossessions. Freeze prices on oil, gas, food, and etc. extensively: this concept of freezing can choose to select a price freezing time when prices were acceptable. This is where to use government aid to booster and help such programs work.

2. Use selective creative inflation to offset selective market devaluations, such as the real estate home mortgage arena. Tell the truth to the people on Main Street about how much money it will really cost to bail out the US of its recent market and bank crises. To start, try a trillion and a half dollars plus….. instead of $700 billion dollars.

4. Charge Iraq with an immediate Army Guardianship bill of one hundred billion dollars.

5. If the Iraq war must continue, then at least close out the Iraq war by the end of 2008; pay for operation costs by taking Iraq oil. Forget concern about world reaction.

6. If the Afghanistan war must continue, then purchase all the poppy production, burn the poppies except a portion to be used for medicine. This will limit the income to the Taliban but keep the farmer economy alive.

7. Allow a deep US recession in order to majorly adjust the economy and to correct misappropriate corporate handling and, in the end, make a stronger nation.

8. Make government funds directly available to the Main Street people to booster them through the recession instead of financing the Wall Street market, banks and financial institutional concerns.

9. If certain of the said concerns need financial aid, allow the aid money to buy stock in those corporations so that when the economy improves the government can redeem their financial aid. Of course, I understand many of these ideas are not new; but they do represent my opinion as presented in this “Reader’s Digest” version and in this rough draft form.

10. A five-year-long US recession will correct much error and greed and in the end make a stronger nation. Offer official tax donation receipts to businesses and wealthy persons for their “Help America Donations”. Thirty or more billion could be derived from this method. Go after accelerated paybacks from loans to Nations. All national income will help reduce the national debt. Also pass a US “must not exceed” spending limit bill.

11. Check out my Blogs: August 22, 2008: US Bankers Striving to Escape the Black Hole: and October 13, 2007: Financial Madhouse Tinctures:

12. The nation needs more faith in God and less faith in religion and politics.

13. Main Street people: get rid of your credit cards except ones you keep current. Dig up your back yard, make a garden, and put up a small green house.

14. Buy some bicycles with baskets. Buy up mason canning jars and can up everything you can.

Note: This is just a scratch of what would need to be set in motion, and a lot of prayer!

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