Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Flames Across America....

The mesmerist will not be able to calm the flames of dismay gloom hopelessness fear and flames of mind that will rage across America in the time of distress that lies ahead. But Get on board little children; the glory train is coming through conductor angels will guardian you on a trip of faith so that you will be comforted that though a thousand fall on your left side and ten thousand fall on your right side it will not come nigh to you (Psalms 91:7 KJV paraphrased).

If all the evil of greed and all the political cover-up were known the hope belonging to millions of people would mildew. The admixture of deceit to the skid of fortune is trucking potential bankruptcy up the road to every city in America. The over-pixelation of the bitmaps of sanity are loosening wild thought cards of depression. It is such thoughts which are causing flames of the mind to shoot heated waves out into the thought lanes across the survival-dom of the world.

Get on board with the Manifester and join the good Watcher Sky Riders who the Bible says are preaching the everlasting gospel in the skies (Revelation 14:6 KJV paraphrased). Stick closer than a brother or sister (Proverbs 18:24 KJV) and walk with me on the rough waters of these very difficult times in the making. The better good is with us. Little lambs fear not; the Master is combing the wool out of your eyes. The Lord AM-self will put out those flames of fire..... with the rain and latter rain AM will pour upon the Earth (Hosea 6:3 KJV).

Go to now and move your eyes and spirit over the writs of the Bible and the Manifest Chronicles; let the songs of triumph sound with louder and louder exclamations until the whine of depression is whimpered out. March on through the night; the day of Seven Fold is just ahead.

Do I say you will not see turmoil desecration and suffering? I say that not! But I say it is possible that it never comes to your door. Surf with me beyond the rising Beast in the sea (Revelations 13:1 KJV). Come with me to where the foot of Gabriel stands: one foot on the sea and one foot on the land. Take of the Little Book in uuns hand and eat your full; you will never be the same (Revelations 10:8-10 KJV).

Hooray to the winners who can by Christ walk through the needle's eye and through the flames of trial coming to America and the world.

When cast upon the Isle of Patmos to die I John saw saw the tree of life and the streets of gold (Revelations 22:2 and Revelations 21:21 KJV) and I lived!

Children of God beyond the manwah of life there is a river that flows from the throne of God. Let us swim to the other side where the tree of life is blooming (Revelations 22:1-2 KJV).

New I owe you deflated money is in the making. The poor get poorer; the rich get richer; Robin hood rises again. Spy eyes are multiplying; soon few spaces will be free! Extreme changes will be legislated into operations presented for one cause but causing instead of the expected.... the dead of sleeping giants of control to stir alive.

Anger will grow like a torch and threaten to gobble up the Statue of Liberty. Weather will dance violently by the sun flares. Assassinations will increase. Vital leadership will weep blood. Mountain majesties will suffer melt downs. Belches deep in the earth will rock and roll the Earth until misery abides. Governments will turn more and more inward and nations will more and more become melds to conflicts raging like flames of fire about much of the world. In days beyond these present tough times bullet guns of war will become antiques as advanced ultimate new weapons appear on the horizon.

Manifesters will turn to subauditions to put out the flames of pain wherever God leads them. Handlers of medicine will become as gods when new and greater remedies hold body part renewals as simple to have as growing a plant.

In a dream I saw fires as flames across America. I'm sure it's a warning that concerned and caring people should pray about. It is amazing what the power of prayer can stop preventive wise.

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