October 17, 2019


I am interrupting the Gentou teachings to bring you this urgent advisory: 

The Nova documentary viewed by me on Tuesday, August 25th 2009 reveals a massive new ploy of government propaganda and deceit on the subject of flying saucers and, as I see it, is geared to take the wind out of believers about the ever-increasing visits of extraterrestrials to planet Earth.

The story goes like this:  The government  has been covering  up the story that flying discs are the product of first Germany, followed by Russia, and then followed by the United States of America.  The military has emphatically denied for years their past dealings or knowledge of flying saucers.  They claimed that the flying saucers (flying dics) were incidents of mis-identification.


Yes, the military has commissioned the experimentation of flying discs for sometime. Yes, the USA has had advanced Stealth aircraft, including flying discs with hovering capabilities and advanced speeds and flying heights for sometime. Yes, the USA has for years denied the existence of flying saucers with cover-ups for their own projects.


The latest plan is to allow discovery of disinformation in a propaganda flow of continued misleadings: first, indirectly through heavily-viewed programs and, at some point, followed by direct government admission.

The list of deceit is too long to write at this moment on this blog, but be aware the list of lies is long.

Am I anti-American or even anti-Russian?  Certainly not!  The secret agencies of the military do what they do, and justify it, based on military confidentiality.  Nevertheless, many of these methods includes lies to the public.


Why the sudden decision to release flying saucers reports?  Because the traffic of flying saucers in the skies is too extensive to continue the old cover-up plan..

The purposeful release of the militarized flying saucer program is to minimize the growing belief in extraterrestrial visitation.  The military has tried, but has poised, new weapons including high-voltage laser rays to force a future crash landing of at least one of these alien saucers in designated areas for an insight into the aliens advanced technology.

The whole idea of confession is a trade-off for the greatest cover up of all times.


Information of the military involvement of crafting flying saucers (flying discs) has slipped out unintentionally over the years.  Those of us who are tuned in have not missed the message.

The zzith aliens are friendly and are sometimes pilot-less: sometimes piloted by robots, sometimes androids.  The androids are close to what some persons have imaged. They are not human but are flesh and blood entities created by the aliens.

Not a single aspect of the present military saucer concept identifies to the faster-than-light speed of the alien super-ships called zziths (even the militarized secret cluster laser ray propulsion concept).

The zziths use atomic inversion from conversion of diamonds to an anti-matter type of  fuel that is fusioned with negative electricity for their zziths.   The zziths are fabricated out of a kind of dark energy fusion.  Consequently, they do not need to use angular fabrication such as the US military is using to avoid radar detection. Nevertheless, the disc shape is one of their popular forms.

The zziths can turn on or off visibility and invisibility at their engineers (pilots) choosing.  Yes, some zziths are actually piloted by the first presence of aliens.  (See The Manifesters The Pomegranate Cluster - Visits from Outer Space.. blog for future-coming information).

Being a believer or not being a believer of this presentation will not stop the upbeat that the Bible predicts as angels preaching the Everlasting Gospel in the skies (Revelation 14:6 KJV).

If you think you need some high brass or super scientist or political figure to verify this advisory,,,,, then think again.. Wasnt it such titled kinds of persons, as said, that have lied up to this point?

One other thingnow that the military and the government has indirectly confessed that the UFOs/flying saucers being sighted are real and are creations of the military, I cant but wonder about the red faces of those persons who have all but said that flying saucers dont exist and those supposedly having seen them either are imagining it, misidentifying the event, or are mentally inept persons.  The  millions of persons who have seen flying saucers are not all, by any means, just imagining or misidentifying flying saucers.

Its time for all you skeptics and accusers to confess and offer apologies.

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