October 17, 2019

“One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all“….. This allegiance of quote is said by a nation.  “I love thee not”….. This statement was said by Shakespeare.   What do these two statements have to do with one another?  Apparently nothing by reasonable persons, yet urgent by those persons who attribute it to mean what they want it to mean.

Democracy - What has that to do with the majority vote for the election of a head of the nation? Apparently nothing to those not satisfied with the outcome and who probably didn’t even bother to vote.

What does the United States Congress (members of the House and Senate) have to do with balancing decisions made by the head of the nation?  Absolutely nothing according to the political demons who don’t understand the laws of the land, don’t even understand their own religion, and who are unintelligent coalitions mentally wired with ideas like “kill the Pharaoh”: “he doesn’t look like the rest of us”; “he doesn’t sound like the rest of us”; and “he doesn’t believe like the rest of us”!

“Kill all the Jews”….. Who said that?  Hitler did!  What does that statement have to do with people who are not Jews?  Absolutely nothing to those persons who only care for themselves!

Don’t vote for Jack Kennedy for president; he is a Catholic…..  What did being a Catholic have to do against “freedom and justice for all”?  Absolutely nothing to the reasonable; absolutely everything (including the “Mark of the Beast”)  to the religious fanatics.

Sending a mission to the moon….. What does that have to do about displeasing God?  Absolutely nothing to the reasonable thinker.  But to the religious fanatics, such a mission was tampering into God’s business, a sign of the end of the world.

“Jesus is coming any second; the end of the world can happen any minute”…..  “Sell your possessions, and send all the money to “Profits Incorporated” oops I meant “Prophets Incorporated”, so a legacy can be had for those left behind”….. “O yeah, guess I will have to stay and sacrifice handling the money”….. WHO SAID THAT?  A pile of a bunch of so-called ignorant, false thinkers, and a mob of false religious racketeers who live off the fear they create.

Head of the Nation!  What does that mean?  To some religious fanatics, the Anti-Christ,,,,, to other individuals, coalitions, and conspirators a Head of the Nation is a person who may dare to change things - a person who may take away their rights by a socialistic approach, or who may share too much government money to the common people and, therefore, should not even be given a chance to see if their ideas of government work or not.  But to many, a reasonable person, the Head of the Nation is a person who by democracy has won the right to have a chance to perform his or her platform of ideas for government.

What does the Manifester say about all such things?

The Manifester says:  According to the Bible, “there is given a time and a chance for everything” (Ecclesiastes 3:1 KJV).  I recommend Prayer and Love.  God can convert or invert anything and everything to another if something is destined to be.

And if you are going to make a devil out of someone, be sure you consider yourself first.  You should not believe all the lies and fraud you hear about someone or even believe what the person of subject says, unless you know for a fact it was not taken out of context. ”Even the Devil believes and trembles” (James 2:19 KJV)….. You need to get some shaking going on!!

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