Wednesday, May 27, 2020

God Bless America.....

“God bless America,  land that I love; stand beside her, and guide her by the Light that shines from above”…..

Family America, I Love you.  My love is without exception.  I was born in you, and I accept your good times and your bad times.

You are a democracy, and I accept the elected for what they are and who they represent, be they my choice or not; I accept the leaders for the terms they were chosen.

I accept to give them their full time of chance and office.  The time will come to vote again, and that is when they who object, or agree, can make their vote.

For the sake of peace and the will of God, let not any of the family of America choose wrath to heal anger and discontent hurts.

This is my wish…..

I pray, dear God, help America’s masses to understand that every word spoken on the internet, the news media, and in politics is often considerably less than the whole truth,,,,,

That God would heal the minds of all those dissenters, who are in constant dissent and not just dissent for rational occassional situations,,,,,

That God would open eyes of wisdom in America’s  leaders as to how to eradicate immorality and injustice against one another, and to solve the nation’s financial, health, crime and many other problems,,,,,

That, in the meanwhile, all citizens forgive the nation’s sins and errors, understanding that perfection is a process of time and evolving,,,,,

That America’s “sweet land of liberty” will be prayed for, believed the best for, and not sold down to thoughts of extinction by the critical to become as a fallen land,,,,,

That the dear family of America will stand beside and stand up for the United States of America, their country and nation, NOW!

I pray that those persons filled with anger and bitterness and confusion will turn off their methods of hate, which will never solve anything.

May Love and Peace fill America until the evil of hate vanishes, and the noise of the bitter is made to cease because they are healed.

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