Wednesday, May 27, 2020


Don’t let the ship of America go down without a prayer, and a hope, and a wish, and a prophecy that the ship and its members and crew will see the Light House Light that shines down from above before it is too late.  Ensure in your own conscience that what is truth to you by the Spirit will never be compromised.  Refuse to allow a lie to kill your privilege of insight.

Prepare for the unexpected from every vantage point.  Prepare for unexpected, even so-called friends, to turn against you because you see and believe differently than they do.  It is better to listen to one prophet of the Light House who is revealed to by God, than a thousand voices, none of which are anointed and eligible to speak from the Light House of seer revelation.

I looked, and behold: the song birds and the Love birds were fled; for songs of peace had been changed to wild, discorded non-rousings of the Spirit verses.  I saw hate take a place at the pulpit and falsely use the name of Christ to curse and judge the ground upon which those very persons who were judging were born.

In spirit of a former title called ”Jaboah”, I saw the Word of God coming down from heaven like a flock of white messenger doves.  And I heard their wings beating like hearts of angels.  Then each of the doves became angels of which there were twelve of them.

I started to fall upon the ground in a deep of humbleness, when I remembered from before that it was not what I should do (compare Revelation 22:8-9 KJV).  One of the angels came to me and said:  soon I will prepare meat from the wounds I shall make on the Dragon’s body.  Then I will give you of this wounded Dragon meat for you to taste and spit out with disdain.  And it shall be that the spit-out-Dragon meat shall take on a form of defeat, so that the Dragon will refuse to accept it back as a part of his own self.

Therefore, I give you power to prophesy until the moles who have their own agendas, which are not of God’s design, become mountains of puff and those mountains of puff are revealed for the skimmers they are and that they are not spiritual as they pretend to be.  Then you shall further prophesy and say to those skimmers, ”Puff out.”

Prophesy, I say, prophesy,,,,, not based on the wise of this world, nor based on the graphs or surveyed history of financial cycles. Nor shall you prophesy to appease the religious gang; nor shall you prophesy to please the political money dipper who is married to a mate called “cash”.  Prophesy against storms that threaten the innocent; prophesy to save a nation from death by ants of warring spirits.

Prophesy, if I lead you to say:  Dollar of the United States, rise again and lead the world.  If I lead you to speak, prophesy against the fowl operations of the US Federal Reserve, then what My Spirit moves over you to say will come to pass.   Prophesy for Prayer to cuddle and coo the weak, the hungry, the homeless, the lost, the depressed, and the sick.   Prophesy for the defeat of war.  Prophesy for world peace and world salvation.

You shall not ever for one twinkle be afraid of the Anti-Christ nor the Mark of the Beast; for they shall never, never come and touch you, for they hate and despise your power to prophesy and the angels who stand by to lift you up.    Now shall begin the power of prophecy to pull down nations and kingdoms that hate Jesus Christ.  Now shall the gap be filled with the shoes worn by the least one of expectation.

The words that I write in your mouth and have written and printed into your mind, we, the angels, Alpha and Omega, anoint you to speak by the Holy Ghost.

Whosoever shall hate and despise you shall also, therefore, hate and despise us.  We shall come as strong birds flying, as stars in their courses warring against those who war against you (compare Judges 5:20 KJV).  When liars shall rise against you and say all manner of false accusations against you; forgive their Souls, then deliver them to us to deal with their future.

Go forth by your voice, and heal the sick; and when the crowns appear, appoint others to also go forth as such.  (This message was received several days ago but was held until the previous blog could experience some readership first).

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