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A Letter To The Distinguished Scientist/ physicist Stephen Hawking...

Attention Mr. Stephen Hawking…

Your road of search has been long and winding. As a former professor of mathematics at the Cambridge University of England, you occupied a famous historical seat in the department of applied mathematics and physics. Your measured math and hypotheses conclusions…have been read and believed by millions. I do not wish to disrespect you. However, due to a quote said to be from your recent statement that: “God no longer has any place in the theories of the universe”, myself being a private seer of interpretations of science and mathematics (of course not of your repute to fame), and being foremost of heart a believer in God as the cause of the universe, I feel compelled to set the creation record straight at least from my received revelation and personal point of insight.

First your statement is modified by your insertion of the word “theories”. God’s pure truth of course, is not, nor never has been, a theory, but rather absolute fact. The difficulty in understanding God’s truth has always been interpretation. I believe there is a universal language of God written throughout all existence. To know the totality of this language is to know the whole of pure truth. You Mr. Hawking, have unknowingly been subconsciously searching for this pure God truth much of your life.

I will make my points:

1. The discovery of other planets in the universe that seem to promote the probable supposition that there may therefore exist in this present universe a percentage of Earth-like planets with life as exists on Earth, or that there may be planets with environs different than earth’s harbouring life variations quite extreme from the life forms of Earth…does not eliminate God from being the Author.

2, Yes, it may prove that some religions in their doctrines that teach God chose the Earth as an exclusivity for life in the universe, are incorrect. Nevertheless, life discovered to exist on other planets throughout the universe does not exclude Earth being chosen by God for a specific and destined environ of life (at least for a span of time) for a God corporate plan which majorly includes humans.

3. In my Book “The Holy Manifest” it speaks of the present universe being stretched-out (Bible based) from the super density of a prior universe in total resolution of compression, and that in each new universe is infused throughout a language code from which a total potentiation for all that could ever be, could emerge into energies, substances and materializations. This said emerging from the God language code ( Bible based) can be potentiated by the triggering of messengers: who are angels, mortals, and or universal and local states of progressing environs eventually causing spontaneous creations of life. This teaching in the “Holy Manifest Book” is approximately forty years old. I am seventy two years old at the time of the writing of this letter.

4. In the course of time Einstein’s E-mc2 formula will not remain an exact speed constant but rather an equation that mass when traversing at a precise speed of light converts to energy forms. This is because as the expansion of knowledge about the origination or continuation of universes becomes more and better understood the speed of light will be discovered to have more variable speeds than even so far discovered, which over the course of universal time, and as may differ from universe to universe.

5. The consequences of there appearing a naturally conditioned configuration of Hilbert spaces (Ha Hb, HA HB or mixed or as dimensions) that match between the entangled resource and the needed projective measurement to produce a Hilbert quantum state of entangled teleportation potential, is at non-probabilistic. The issue of pursuit then is compelled to be triggered into induction by an intelligent and punctilious operator. Goodbye permutations advanced to become the everything of anything. Good bye spontaneous brains, goodbye spontaneous teleportation, and all the other roll of the dice expectations. By the time the dice rolls the right sequences the dinosaurs will be back on Earth for another try.

6. Since quantum particles are said to not be subject without force to absolute projections of directions, but all positions in a movement are possible…beyond guess-supposition, what then about quantum states which are non-interacting and those states which are inseparable? Since there are states so diverse and the range of variables are so vast, does that not, as might be proposed by a non God believer, present to nature, due to nature, impossible odds
for certain advances that only an “all things are possible’ God could solve?

7. Considering the vast distance of light years away a planet with life might be located, you must believe in faster than light speeds, wormholes, membrane overlaps of universes, inasmuch as you have warned the nations to be aware how they communicate to aliens, and if you are saying that earthlings should plan on a species survival move, out into other locations in our Solar System within two hundred years, you must believe that these aliens flying in Earths skies are friendly or are not expecting any aliens for over two hundred years. So then, you were just giving us a two hundred years advanced warning about aliens? Anyway, you most likely, secretly suppose in your mind, a connection to the millions of UFO’s reported by millions of persons of all ranks of life, as a possible actuary count of statistical possibility that so many sightings must have some substance.

8. If my informations is correct you are quoted as saying: Because of the law of gravity, the universe can create itself from NOTHING. Interesting in a recent lecture of mine I taught that zero equals a no-thing (nothing), and therefore has a special value. this statement of yours seems to say a similar prognosis and yet quite different. Also, according to my revelation, magnetism is the father of gravity and repulsion is equal to attraction. furthermore, as you no doubt know there are properties in the universe which have no mass but have a mass effect, and properties which have less than zero mass but being of exotic orders have no attraction to gravity because it is inverted atomic energy. If this is so, then gravity cannot be the king you applaud and credit it to be, inasmuch, as this exotic mass may comprise invisibly vast parts of the universe.

9. Mathematics and other scientific measurements used in physics for proof of theories are quite often not an absolute exact because of quantum positional variations. Scientist in the past have agreed to allow values to observations not measurable jointly, but which are expected to have factuality of proof in the future, although, in the meantime are irreconcilable. In such ways science is not stable and is therefore in no position to erase God from the picture of universal creation.

10. Mr Hawking, in conclusion, the membra of God’s Word called in the “Holy Manifest” the soundtron according to the Bible in Psalms 19:1-6 and Romans 10:17-18 MIV Peace Manifest Bible, has penetrated every particle, every atom and molecule, yes, the whole universe. In the new maths I created called Quotum Logic, Logistical Rhythmatics, and TRIT, I am prepared at your invitation and my schedule to show you my Atomic Inversion math which is not neutron bomb math. My plan would be to combine this with my revelation on lattilution..prior to the Manifest, 20,000 Pomegranate revelation release. I would request for no News Media to be present. I will not be asking for any funds, or recognition from you. Just a visit and your view points negative or positive the which I would not pass on to the public.

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As represented by Dr. Jerry O. Lee

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