October 17, 2019

I was born under her flag. I was raised in her neighbourhoods. I went to her schools. I sung her songs. She is beautiful to me even though the people whom she is are not perfect. Her wings spread over a large country filled with lakes, streams and rivers. Majestic mountain ranges tapestry throughout the land. I love her democracy for its birthing intentions. Of course, when democracy was a child it was much more simple. But now that her democracy reaches across the grain fields of her millions and millions of souls, things are more complicated.

So is life of the atoms and sub-particles of the atoms: what they are, they are; nevertheless, their energies to become many creations wait on their creators. In the meanwhile, every human born with the atoms that form him or her must understand to not disclaim those atoms because they belong to who you are.

It will often be discovered that within many a cluster of the substance of the living... there are often a clutter of cells (persons) that reject and rebel against most everything. It is almost as if such lives need to fulfil a part in the anti-polar drive of the world.

In my dreams I have seen this Eagle called the United States of America fly, and she is beautiful even though some of her feathers are ruffled. Like all creatures of the world, there are vermin who live on her as pests only for what they can take. Sad to say, these vermin are people who with constant criticism curse the soil daily upon which they were born. These vermin often consider themselves: end-time Christian messengers,

Christian Patriots, and Right-winged populist movements; however, often among them are persons of white supremacism, religious domination, and extreme freedom fighters who believe in elimination of those persons and nations who propose opposite actions. I have decided to make a list of some of their criticisms and demands, each followed by my interpretation of what their claim, charge, or conspiracy theory is really saying.

1. THEY CLAIM: that the Government of the United States has been compromised and infiltrated going all the way back to some of the founding fathers of the United States whose intent was about the creation of a New World Order.

A. What I believe is being said in this statement (1) is that the United States is evil and has been and is being used by an infiltrated and corrupted plan of a secret society to bring about a Satanic World Dominion. Interesting, that what these so-called Christian Patriots and some End-time people are saying about America are the same kind of charges being made by Al-Qaeda and Iran. If that is what you really believe, then you are really into an act of denunciation against the United States of America and its founding. It is strange to me that this great United States of America -- which has fed and nursed nations all over the world, which is still a land of liberty as compared to many other nations, and which during the time since long back to its creation -- has been infiltrated and controlled by so-called secret societies, but nevertheless has exceptionally prospered.

2. THEY CLAIM: that the United States is aiming to trade its national sovereignty for a world collective Government operated by the United Nations. This is partly based upon certain corporate, constitutional, and on-going created-by-law articles of the United Nations as to obligations of merging member nations, that certain leadership and presidents of the United States have signed away the United States' sovereignty on several subjects.

B. The idea is connected to being against a World Order Government. It is every person's prerogative to have a viewpoint on subjects. I have no problem with that. But when people insist their idea is worth a revolution against their own Nation and Government, I am against that kind of reasoning when it is based on presumptive speculation especially stirred up by enterprising televangelists, book authors, and particular News Media who have made it their news agency plan for listener expansion to create political negatives and descent. I have reviewed some of these so-called actions where the US leadership has supposedly signed away US sovereignty conduction of peoples' State rights. I understand these actions as counterstrategy moves by the US to keep closely aligned to the United Nations for the military benefits the US has and will still receive. These so-called charges about the give-aways of the people's State rights (such as refer to education, allegiance, distribution of wealth, etc.) first off are most often being mis-interpreted. This is lawyer stuff and people who have no understanding of such are not capable to understand it, much less give their opinion to the world about it. These said United Nation laws will only have force when the United Nations has world support. Think about it! Do you think for one moment that the Muslim nations would ever agree to give up their rights to how their children are instructed in school or any of the other rights I mentioned? Of course not!

3. THEY CLAIM: That conspiracies are rampant and infiltrated into almost every segment past and present of the US Government, including the military, banking, foreign policy, political decisions, housing insurance, Wall Street, Council of Foreign Relations, etc.

THEY FURTHER CLAIM: The following conspiracy groups who are intent on controlling the financial and political affairs of the United States of America are alive and well and are embedded into the operating fabric of US society: The Federal Reserve System, Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission to name a few.

THEY ALSO CLAIM: The Illuminati, Freemasons, and the Jews, (not to mention the many other groups named) are each in their own plots conspiring to control the United States and thereby reach their worldwide goals.

C. My insight believes the real conspiracy is: The Forces Dark have possessed many minds of End-time Christians and deceived them into believing deceptive issues of conspiracies upon conspiracies in order to deflect them from the real truth that Christians are called to understand that the Christian war is not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers in high places. Evangelical preachers are leading their Christians followers into a delusion of fear, hate, revolution, and denunciation against their own homeland and Government without which national presence the world would soon be taken over by real extremists who would destroy their religions and democracy. I do not say there are not some truths to some conspiracies; I do not say that none of the leaders and political fashions of the US Government have been corrupt. Of course their is corruption and lies and deceit. Deceit and murder and war goes back to the Garden of Eden. Evil is here on this planet Earth and has been since the beginning of time. But evil does not possess everybody by a long shot. I do not believe that these so-called conspiracy movements have ruled and reigned, because too much good has come out of the United States of America. If all the said conspiracies exist, they could have had effects but they are not in charge. Jesus living under Roman order did not encourage conspiracy; rather he encouraged Love and the rendering of the things of God to God.

Furthermore, everything that the United States of America has been and has achieved -- even if we only count the good and great things -- has happened during the time many of these so-called conspiracy movements were said to be active inasmuch as many of these conspiracy movements (such as the Illuminati, Freemasons, the Jews, etc.) go very far back in time.

4. THEY CLAIM: FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) IS THE SECRET GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES because it has power in a national emergency via Executive Orders to act with sweeping authority just this side of Martial Law and as such can, in a kind of eminent domain, take possession and operating control over all modes of transportation, communication and media, energy companies and fuels, all food resources and farms. They have the right to mobilize civilians for work forces and to take control of all health, education and welfare agencies. They can order a general national registration of all persons. They can take over all airports and aircraft including commercial aircraft. There is much more to the point that FEMA, under emergency conditions, controls just about everything, including the Coast Guard and State troopers. FEMA is not bound to Congress, can arrest persons, and hold them without trial. They have an underground headquarters and thousands of detention locations for holding persons they might arrest.

D. My insight is: FEMA is a very powerful organization and, as listed above in a major emergency, would need all the said powers to protect the nation for survival from disasters of nature and take over plots of terrorist or native anti-Government militants. Sure, FEMA could get in to the wrong hands and be used against the Nation. And so could the Army and the Navy and the Airforce, The FBI and the CIA, etc. Take away these intervention forces and God help us... or put the Nation in charge by some of these radical militant Christians and Lord have mercy... every Pope, every Moslem, every black person, every rich Jew, every religious group not fitting the profile accepted to them would face prison or death. They would disband the United Nations, disband the government, and make a new Government order. And just because FEMA has a detention system to imprison rebels and terrorists doesn't mean that the United States is a police state under the control of the Anti-Christ. And the detention buildings being available doesn't mean they are full of prisoners, which, of course, they are not.

This is my warning to true-hearted seekers of genuine hearts: Don't allow any of these groups of hate- and fear-teaching -- Christians or not -- to get your name for adding on their anti-Government associate persons list. During a national Emergency FEMA and various law enforcement forces (and hopefully not Martial Law forces ) are collecting names of citizens who are potential persons that might rebel against the US Government. If a state of emergency or riots or so-called patriotic revolt breaks out, you and your family (if associated with these people) will be arrested and held in detention without right to appeal. This is something all nations have and do to protect their Government. It's not great, but on Earth it's the way this world turns. What a plan of Satan: to -- through organizations using Christianity for their cover -- lead thousands of innocent people into prison!

5. THEY CLAIM: The 9/11 attack and destruction perpetrated upon the Twin Towers and the Pentagon building was a plot by the President of the United States or factions of the US Government to set the national mood for war with Iraq. They claim the 9/11 twin Tower buildings were brought down with Thermite (which is to say controlled demolition with bombs or explosives) and not as a result of the jet aircraft that dove into the buildings, which brought on the claim that the Government has perpetrated murder plots against witnesses and challengers who are pro the conspiracy plot being a US Government contrived action.

E. My insight does not witness this viewpoint. First, it is pure buffoonery and anti-Americanism to believe the United States Government would destroy its own landmark famous properties that had some said 80,000 visitors a day and kill close to 3,000 people just to start a war in Iraq. To properly assess how the particular so called free-fall of the Twin Towers and Building 7 occurred, a person would need to know the quality of the building materials, especially the light weight steel joists and the 4 light weight slabs of concrete used. My thought is that fire was a contributor but not the main cause. If one could imagine these huge tall building floors bolted together like an erector set but becoming unjointed so the interlocking floor plates buckled and crashed to the next lower floor, each lower floor gaining weight, gravity and momentum until the weight load multiplied the down shear pressure to the symmetrical free-fall state that collapsed the building.

How could this happen? No doubt the principles of equilibrium and compatibility of these building structures were violated... allowing shear, a stress and torsion moment. One must not become confused as to the built-in engineering for wall stress resistance to wind forces on the walls of the building as compared to stress and buckling of the shear bolt connections that help secure the floor joists (trusses). The quantum of sheer stress for the 4 light weight slabs of concrete that the plates were set in is one thing to consider and the plate buckling and shear bolt failure is another subject. Keep in mind I am not trying to perform a white paper for scientific approval. My aim is to show that there are different potential possibilities for the cause of the collapse of the Twins Towers and building 7, and jumping on board the wagon of the conspiracy extremists as the only possible truth is dangerous to the truth.

From what I have seen of the engineering concept as to how the columns were interconnected by spandrel panels alternately staggered in one story heights, the use of heavy steel solid beams, the bracing of plates with diagonal bars, the framed tube construction principle: with external walls stiffened by the composite steel-concrete torsionally rigid tube effect of the floors, the use of outrigger trusses and the transversely installed bracing by the secondary joists of the bar joists, the embedding of joists in the concrete slabs, etc., there were some very sound structure construction designs.

However, design and installation does not guarantee the quality of the material used. The crash of the airplanes in the Twin Towers is said to have torn off the insulation shielding of the floor plates from fire on the crash floor. The impact and the fire generated, although posed that the fire was not hot enough to melt the steel, nevertheless was hot enough to remove some of the tempering of the steel, a major effect for allowing a stress path for stress to reach a critical state in the light steel joists (trusses) and the shear bolts.

Once the shear bolts lost the capacity of resistance and the floor joist were weakened to inward bowing and increased sagging of the internal floor joists, the shear bolts being weakened (and possibly of inferior workmanship and material) suddenly gave way and the first floor of the crash with all it weight collapsed to the next floor creating by gravity and momentum a domino top down collapse of the buildings. This is a trusses collapse theory.

As to building 7, it experienced an equal to the airplane crash effect on the twin towers: when the 1,350 tower collapsed two areas of tower 7 were badly hit--seven columns were severed on the southwest corner and debris also hit the top centre face of building 7. l propose this set up the same failures for the same reasons as occurred to the Twin Towers. My point of this presentation is to show there are other considerations for the collapse of the said buildings and Christians and citizens of the United Stated should not jump to conclusions against their own homeland. For sure in my mind I will trust the technical viewpoints of Ryan Mackey who is a NASA physicist who was anti-conspiracy plot, over David Ray Griffin, a religion professor who was into the conspiracy plot.

Finally, I received a video in mail after my teaching on The Horses of the Conspiracies: Who Should Ride? about mysterious 9/11 deaths. I listened to the video and researched the deaths. I pray for anyone who would be sucked into believing that a presentation such as that video had proof of anything. Barry Jennings, an emergency coordinator for Building 7, makes some statements about explosions (and walking over something like dead bodies, which he later asked to have withdrawn) he heard before the building came down (of course, Building 7 was hit hard by debris from one of the Twin Towers: that most likely was the explosive sounds Barry heard). Barry died after time in the hospital. Cause of his death was not available (perhaps he had some embarrassing disease his family wanted kept secret). There is nothing to prove he was murdered by the Government. Then there was Beverly Eckert who died on Continental Flight 3407 when it crashed on the approach to Buffalo, and came off the runway and smashed into a house. Fifty people died in this crash but we are led to believe that nevertheless this was a plot by the Government to kill her. Michael H. Loran died in his single engine airplane when it crashed. Accidents in small airplanes happen often but somehow this was a conspiracy to kill him by the Government. Another example: a former pilot dies in a double commuter train wreck, the worst such wreck in over 33 years; nevertheless, this is somehow a conspiracy plot to kill by the Government. And on and on with a list of eleven persons. In my opinion this is deception and fraud.

Please don't let the hate and fear being taught by some apocalyptic forecasters of the militant Christian Fundamentalists, or news from one-sided news media, or fundraisers in the name of truth, deceive you and steal your time that belongs to God.

FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE SUBJECT, listen on The Manifester Starrise U-Broadcast recordings. Go to the recent recording: The Horses of the Conspiracies: Who Should Ride?

The Eagle Still stands upon the Rock of Ages... There are enough good people in her to save her from destruction if only God's people will stay together and not forsake their own Land.

According to recent reports: the United states holds more gold than any other nation in the world. As to the highest income per hour worked and the highest income per capita in the world, the United States is still among the top-ranking nations. The United States has the most advance and powerful military forces in the world. With the new methods of recovering land oil, the United States will have enough gas and oil as estimated, to last over 400 years. The United States dollar is still the foremost world trade currency medium regardless of all the predictions of its crash and failure.

The Western world countries will survive, and those who are determined that they will fail based on their ideas about the Anti-Christ who is expected to be enthroned at any time (but which ideas are in error as to the timing) will be proven wrong. The revolutions of science will lift the Western world into a rising prosperity and greater military strength. Major science breakthroughs of the Western World will open new doors of discovery so vast, a whole new advance into future discoveries will make the Western civilization the emporium of the World.

My Peace and Love to you,

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