Wednesday, January 27, 2021


I SEE SHUTDOWNS IN EVERY DIRECTION. Cliff hangers who had to finally let go because they could not endure to the end. Sadly, their journey ended, their song incomplete, their hope abad0ned.

I will tell you why this is not me. I am committed of heart to my last atom, my last molecule. So my trip through life is a real one and an interesting story to hear. I am speaking about the Journey Within My Heart.

How can persons understand their own way? How can a person understand that the heart has a way of seeing and hearing and knowing things by using different sequences of resonance than does the brain? Many things appear to be right and just when aligned by the brain, but the brain to a great part, depends on information input. The heart by pulsing closer in touch to ones spirit aligns in a deeper way.

The journey within the heart is far more connected to Love than is the brain. I bid you come on this Journey within the heart. It is a journey of rivers flowing in the most beautiful of thoughts and places of scenery. The heart by rhythm is like rivers that flow the high country and the low country but that no force can forever stop from returning to its home in the sea.

Dedications that turn on and off due to the making of rough judgments, are not pure. When the heart is in the hand of Love, it loves beyond mistakes and errors. In fact love even forgives sin. When a great talent is born but is paranoid or by strain of life wanders into strange or errant behaviour, the heart has an almost divine way of adding and subtracting. Because the heart can see soul-worth, it measures bad against the overall good.

It is liken unto taking a portion of impurity and mixing it in a large vat of a mass of purity. The impure substance is thinned out to such a tolerable extent it becomes assigned configuratively to the accepted zone.

God did this reckoning with David the King of Israel. His sins were many but his love for God and dedications out-weighted his sins. Therefore, Jesus Christ, still chose to be the offspring of David, and David's Psalms even to this day still shine as a bright and morning star.

Learn to Love beyond your mortal profile. The journey of the heart does not wander out of the way of understanding. The heart has come to understand even certain pain. The pain of giving birth to a child is overcome by the gift of the birthed child.

The heart does not rob the poor or steal words and claim them as its own. The hardened face comes from lack of refreshing by the heart. There is no question that a human mortal can overcome even the most desperate situation if he or she has the spirit to keep living, which interpretation is: a person can overcome if he or she has a heart for the love of life.

Whosoever has a pureness of heart is walking the journey of grace and Love. A person of true heart hides from the shame performed by sinners and does not become a talebearer. Foolishness is bound in the nature of human flesh and provides many snares, but the heart is prudent by elevation of Love and foresees the traps.

The heart is confident of its love because everything in loving matches the reasons for even being alive. The strength of the prayers of the heart are phenonmenal because the heart journeys in the consciousness of the spirit part of its own self-entity.

We know that God created through AM's creators everything existing, but beyond doubt, God was personally involved in the creation of hearts as an instrument of Love. Sleep with your heart gently for it has in it directions to the path of the lost garden of Eden.

When I meditate on the Journey of my Heart, it is a pleasant thing to my mind and gives me great peace. When you attach yourself to persons or a person who have a heart that knows the journey of love you have done a very good thing for yourself and for the whole world. When the world learns how to more and more make this choice, the heart will become the queen and Love will be the king.

Go to now my heart, on with your journey. Go to now my heart, and love and be loved, for it is the will of God almighty. There is nothing on Earth or in all the heavens that is more pleasing to God than seeing those persons who travel daily on the journey within their heart to the comfort of Love, for God AMself is Love.

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