Wednesday, January 27, 2021

When Love Overruns the Heart....

Sometimes in the longings of one’s search for Love, strangely cruel things happen.  Sometimes the blaze of one’s Love cannot find a reflection of the Love blaze from the person to whom it was directed.  Sometimes certain Love overruns the heart it was seeking, because that certain Love was more immediate and more ready than the other heart being messaged could perceive or receive.  It is not always known the why.  Sometimes it is circumstances that frizzle all incoming beams.  Sometimes the senders of Love, message in a tongue not understood or send Love in a dream dressed in assumings that do not belong to the other person’s destiny.  But most times, Love is sent because Love Loves those loves, period.

Let these words clear your mind and heal your wounded thoughts:  nothing is as beautiful as Love, and Love is never in vain!  Every person is a king or queen of their own heart.  Sooner or later the king or queen of every heart arises, looks out the window, sees the weather is calm, and strolls to the spot where the mail comes in.  In those moments when the king or queen of the heart reads life, anything can happen.

When your Love is a thousand times the intensity of the blue arc of light and yet you cannot see it reflected in the eyes  of whom you Love,,,,, when your Love leaves no footprints in that heart and no blinking or twinkling in that star of the soul you long for, it may be because your Love has overrun that heart.

When your longing rounds become sorrow-bowed and streams of failed love suddenly find a course of flow from the eye sockets of your eyes,  I am a prophet and I tell you: do not let sorrow become the deed holder of your Love.   If a son, daughter, friend, or other loved ones for whom you would have given your life have fallen from the orbit of your life to other flares of attraction,,,,, do not let that thick curve swing you into a heart space of separation.

Say to yourself:  hush down Love in my heart!  Save your proclaims for another day.  For another day will come that is a certainty; and, suddenly, there will be bursting reflections of your outpour, bobbling in the rivers of your given Love.

True Love will never forsake its eyes from seeing Love.  True love will never ignore its ears from hearing Love.  True Love will never stop Loving because Love is the very breath of true Love.  Don’t wrap up your hopes; that would be a discordant act.  Instead, let a rainbow touch it; for soon the days of overrunning your heart will end, and a new day will rise that you will remember in joy forever and ever.

So, dear readers, I Love you!  And, dear readers, some of whom do not reflect the Love I send, I Love you too!  Perhaps, you could just comment a Merry Christmas to me no matter who you are….. Surely then my heart will fly the roaming of my angel dreams for you,,,,, before this year comes to an end.

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