Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Night The Angels Came Down for a Christmas clearing....

No room in the inn,,,,, go clear a place in the manger.  No room in your soul,,,,, go clear a place in your heart.  All is dark; hate and hurt are almost everywhere…..  Go make a Christmas clearing.  When your whole being groans from the weariness and the crunch of the way, make a clearing of the darkness that binds about you.  Turn on every light your mind can think of to brighten every corner; then open your heart, and make a Christmas clearing for the Love of God.


Tonight I’m dreaming of Christmas, what a wonderful, wonderful day;

The shepherds in the field were watching, the night the angels came down;

Go clear the land for the miracle is happening; the oracle of Christendom is come.

Wise ones, following gleams of a star-shine, brought their gifts to the Jesus babe’s side.

Jesus’ face shone like Love being born on the night the angels came down.

Mary, Mary, Mother of Jesus, Lady of the Halo Crown,

Tonight you’re thinking of Christmas, the night the angels came down.

(Song and Music by Jerry O. Lee)


Prominent thoughts mute the sounds of clamour,,,,, unmistakable cheer messaged by angels carried over the noise.

Babbles of gossip spread wildly as the winds of God kissed a clearing, a holy spot for Gabriel’s Broadcast.

The announcement opened the heavens; raised the dead; and healed the sick.

The impossible on Earth was made possible; for now, at will, mortals could dwell in Love.

The veriest and the littlest of the people felt a swoop of star-shine splash out the darkness,

On the night the angels came down.

Such was and is the dignified moment of a night the heavens were silent for the space of a times, times, and a half times.

O Beauty indescribable, O Love abundant, O Promise to hug my saved Soul unconditionally in the forever and forever of evermore,,,,,

My Christ-must-be-for-you wish and Love,

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