Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Love-Back Creating.....

Let not Love perish because there were uncultivated boundings in your marriage.  Many times over the years I have counselled  persons who loved one another deeply, but often failed to express their love due to inhibitors they knew not how to remove.  Here is such a story with its good ending:

The ONE said to the OTHER: “You rarely say that you love me.”  The OTHER replied:  “You know I love you.  Why do I have to keep repeating it?”  The ONE Loved the OTHER so very, very much; but there were so many obstacles: attitudes, temperament, grudge holding, a mind one-tracked into work projects, bad habits, inherited genes, lack of the full spectrum of respect, and a spirit of judging everyone.  Nevertheless, there were so many good sides of caring, compassion, hard working, provider, family protector, and deep moments when the often hidden pearl of Love would be revealed.

There was pain when in the many arousals of the heart no response was forth coming,,,,,  when Love searches with its eyes in search for Love-back, but the returns come in other good ways – yet not of the holding, touching, stroking, with eyes to eyes, and mouth to mouth resuscitating words of Love.  Ah…When electric Love touches, it vibrates the body with swoons that light up the whole environment of everything.

Then the ONE said:  “Go away, love thoughts; come back some other day when I am healed of these days of the blues. How often I have followed the path of tears?  How often I have dreamed the impossible dream that always stayed impossible!”

So spring came; birds were singing as their nests were being built in the world of their blue heaven. Beautiful butterflies colored the garden, flying from flower to flower; and then, all of a sudden, a wonderful Monarch Butterfly swooped against the very window pane through which I was looking.  In some kind of a miracle, this butterfly was communicating with me.

“Hello, ONE! I have something very important to tell you.”  “Who are you?” ONE queried.  “You can’t just be a butterfly.  Butterflies can’t mind talk like this!”   Then the Butterfly said: “You have correctly discerned; for you see, I am an angel appearing in the form of a Butterfly.  I have this message for you about Love….

“When you Love, and you want to be Loved back, but slow rolls the reaction, don’t slip on the ice or feel stabbed in the heart.  True Love has creative powers.  When Love-back seems to always be on an interloping safari, call for the rushes of Love within you to come to the forefront for a creating session.  You can mind-create changes into the person you Love because you have a right to do so in the sense that in marriage all the parts of marriage have the right to become a oneness.  Therefore, such is granted to every heart who is reaching out to their Love.

“Concentrate on a gentle spirit-to-spirit enchanting of your Love.  Hold hands with your God-given imagination; pray for the super sense of the angel of your presence to turn on mind-to-mind and spirit-to-spirit and begin transforming your Love to the better good of loving you back Love to Love.

“Now sit back and watch in the spirit of creation the slow but sure changes that just keep on hugging the coming true of your once impossible dream.  For true as Love, and true as desire to have that Love, by this word, feverish deprave of Love must die.  And the World to dream about will prosper with Love from shore to shore, sky to sky, and heart to heart.”

Seven Thunders Speak

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