Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The Most Beautiful Form of Love

No greater Love has any man than to lay down his life for his friends (compare John 15:13 KJV paraphrased). Scripturally, then, it can be seen there are levels of Love.  The greater Love, the greatest Love, are trackless shinings that from the deepest, earnest loyalty suddenly bellow from the heart and into action whenever a super action of Love is super needed.  When such Love comes, it comes not as a fluke of happening, but rather comes from a vine of Love that has long grown in a person who can respond in acts of the fullness of Love.

The most beautiful form of Love is tender and caring Love that can reach with awesome strengths at any needed given moment to show or speak or action the Love of caring.  Love that is great reaches far beyond just intimate sessions.  This kind of Love cannot smell the offence of sickness, cannot see the wrinkles of ageing.  Love is such a sweet medicine of herbs and spices.  Outside of forbidden Love, all Love is pure, beautiful, and life-giving.  True Love sees through the temporary physical mode into the persons eternal spirit mode.

True Love is notably amazing, noble, with a tint of mystery, and a flowering of magnificence that owns the highest towers of Patience.  The tokens of Love are travel-fare, not only for this present world but the world to come.  One moment of True Love is more powerful than a hundred battleships; for battleships can only destroy, but true Love can create. What makes a heart feel young is the heart being refreshed, and few things but Love do that.

There are those persons who are amorously provocative and even intimidating, and they think their love is a prime of loves.  But love given that does not compensate special considerations of tenderness and understanding for the trials of a shared walk through the tunnels of human agony, and that does not over-reach illness, temporary mental displacement, stresses of life, and mood changes brought on by changes of  life is not true Love.

True Love can never be dethroned because its energy is probed by the Throne of God, who is Love.  Let those ones come who crave to bathe in the soothes of Love, that their steep moments of the fear of rejection be diluted and dissolved forever.  This is a call to you who are empty and vacant in your heart of Love.  This starting line does not start at the foot plate of presumption.  It starts at the cross point where the spirit and the soul agree together for their need of Gods Love.

Someone said to Love: Come, hold my heart and write your name on it.  Then he said to his soul: Go a-walking and stop not until you come to the mind whose name is Sense.  And when he found him he asked:  Can you look at my heart and tell me who wrote the name thereon?  And so Sense looked thereon and said:  It most surely was Love.  Then Sense queried: Why are you here asking?  You need to go back, and dont walk, run!  When Love does what your heart bids, there is no greater gift than that.  You dont need to prove it over and over again.

Ah so, the most beautiful form of Love is when the curve of destiny is tried: and, of Love, what is fastened cannot be unfastened; what is strong cannot be made weak.  What is Love cannot be made hate, and such True Love is unconditional of its actions to Love you and save you.

Yes, such is the most beautiful form of Love.

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