Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Arrows Shot into the Heart....

They found where my Love was stored, but later will I tell….  Tender is my Love and so visited with thoughts of caring.  I poured my life through the sieve of time.  Many, many years gave I, dying daily to save my Love from all harm.  The pale horse rider rode by with glances but rode on.  I fumbled more than once in the twilight before day was fully brightened.  I found the muscle of soul to trudge on, not allowing my ignorant jesters to make monuments.  I was a fallen angel like the rest of everyone; but I fought through the webs of that hell everyday like my life depended on it, and it did.

On the one side, the song said:  “You must walk this lonesome valley by yourself.”  On the other side, a voice said:  “Lo, I Am with you through the end of the world” (compare Matthew 28:20 KJV). The tangle of complications and confusion fell like sweat-rain day in, day out.  Perhaps I was too high in the cockadoo mind or too dumb with ignorance to believe anything but that my stumblings were direction indicators and that no matter the detour the road to heartland was shining just ahead.

The fizz of life in me was strong, and my strength of mind charismatic.  I could reach down after crashing my toes into some object and pet them and say: “Doing good, boys”.  The art of being a comforter lived in me to the extent I could even comfort myself.  For all of this, I am not ashamed nor too beaten down to believe that I am washed in the life of Jesus Christ.  “O, hum drum” was never in me to say.  Life has never been boring to me.

Once I had tasted the electricity of God’s Amtricity, I lost desire for any other kind of spiritual food.  I am manna-enriched with Manifest revelations above the sun.  I was and am determined to shake loose my feet from the slime pits hither and thither on Earth.  So I trode along the path to above the sun. They found where my Love was stored… Then one day, friends closer than a brother took aim with their crossbows and shot arrows into my heart.  The pain in my heart was like a dying pain.  I bled from my deepest guts.  I nearly drowned in the tears that swamped my eyes. I could hardly believe possible that these arrows shot into my heart could cause such pain.

I went down to my wounded knees, for they sympathetically felt the heart pain.  And there I prayed:  “O God, if it be possible, make it as if these arrows had never been shot into me.  I forgive them who have done this, for they know not what they did.”  My wife of long time was also wounded in her heart, and we grieved together.  Touch us, O God, and we will be healed!  I could hear the shuttle of trains in the train station of my mind, the goings and the comings were of heavy traffic. Life goes on and on.  I am a flowering weed, a strange cut among the population of the garden of life.  “What would it matter if one of such entities dies?” the hollow drums played.  “It matters to me!!” I said.

I dreamed a tourniquet was put on my lips that I might never kiss again the light that shines from above and poems my heart.  It was a nightmare; I awoke in a terror.

I hear the bells of time ringing, and I know nothing can stop them from ringing.  The days, the weeks, the months, the years roll by.  What will it be tomorrow?  What will it be tomorrow?  The bells, the bells of time will tell….

And so, I will pick up the pieces of the plucked flesh flung from my heart by the arrows, and I will do my best to restore my heart to its fullness again.   I will not bind myself to mislead or to tell the truth to anyone except the Lord tell me.  Grey days will see blue again. And my once friends?  I have put them into a love offering to God that God might restore paths for them to dwell in.  I wish them no harm.  I still love them.

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