Wednesday, January 27, 2021

THE FIRST LOVE...And Cloud Over Egypt....

The trove of my Ophannim memory was treasured away somewhere in a celestial chest full of a divine incense not of this world. A spiritual expedition for finding these mental parchments was called by my deep inner being, and my mortal knew it not. O Heart of my temple of being, how can I ever be whole without the parts that belong to my wholeness (compare Ezekiel 37:11 KJV, “we are cut off from our parts”)? How will an institutional point of view understand these things? They will not! Let them for now sleep; but let not this mortal through whom I now speak sleep, for his time is at hand.

I, that mortal, was spun into an arrow and shot through dimensions of space dotted with trillions of thoughts. I fell into myself until I touched my deep inner spirit. Then in a vision of my mind I saw myself, a Pharaoh King, standing on the stairway of a great Egyptian House of the King (Pharaoh) watching as Jacob and his family arrived. Joseph (Yoseph) was slowly approaching in the Honorary Second Chariot (compare Genesis 46:29 KJV). It was a time of peace in Egypt. Joseph, who started his life in Egypt first as a slave, then a prisoner, was now the second-in-command to the king, a powerful position for a person not of royal blood. For royal blood was so significant in Egypt that a male or female could reign King. The Hyksos were there, and continued filtering in and, as well, many other Asiatics. The Hebrews were at home there at that time.

Joseph envisioned the great famine and prepared for it; and through his provision, Egypt and many other families from nearby nations were saved from famine, including his family in Canaan. Joseph was a diviner, an interpreter of dreams and gifted with thoughts of creation. He was the one who conceived the canals for bringing water to Lower Egypt from the Nile. These canals are still in use and provide more useable water than the Aswan Dam in Upper Egypt. Joseph was called to come under the cloud of Egypt, as was Jesus Christ.

O Swift Cloud, ride over Egypt (Isaiah 19:1 and Isaiah 19:17-20 KJV). Go to the Pearl of the Mediterranean, to the west side. Men called “great” – Alexander, Napoleon – have been there. But greater men than these two have walked paths there – persons with divine destinies, seers, groups of thinkers gathered from many nations. Great works were written; yes, here gather the strong of mind, beautiful of heart, and persons filled with the ancient word spoken by ancient persons of God. See how great you shall be, Egypt; for Isaiah has spoken it (Isaiah 19:21-25)!

Pontifore, you were with me, then, at the Nile Delta; you were a great scribe and friend. Now, there you are in Alexandria. Keep the Codices in air tight containers. You are very old now, and I am getting up there too. I will come! Wait for me….. When the churning of days have passed seven times of Pomegranates, I will see you there at the Library. You will know me, of course, and I you, my old friend.

Some person will say to me….. What do you mean by all these words? I will answer: do you not understand? What is written is written! Leave it be. Let not curiosity spoil your destiny. Time will transport the unfold in the moment of when,,,,, to those who are meant to know. But clear the mine fields, for I have somewhat against you. You have done very well, except you have failed a major thing: you have left your First Love (compare Revelation 2:1-4 KJV).

Legendary calls whip-up photo-translations. Heretofore the gap structure filled with doctrines does not fill the void,,,,, objectively measured, yes, but just postulations. It is time for the Mysteries of Illumine to be opened. Stagger not, readers, for the complex will not be compromised but will speak; and in that day you will understand every word with ease.

Surely the day will come when the history of nations will not be glorified by the victories of war and plunder but rather by the size of their hearts. The planting of Love is the only soothe that can heal a sin-sick soul. To save a soul is on the way to saving a nation. To save a nation is on the way to saving a world. To save a world is on the way to saving a universe. To save a universe is on the way to being glorified in the Heaven of heavens.

Can you possibly linger with my words, dance with my sentences, and construct creations of Alpha Love? Alpha Love is First Love. First Love of which I speak is not the first love of a succession of loves to follow. The First Love of which I speak is the Church of the First Born in heaven. First Love is a life energy. First Love is Love just symbolized on Earth. What is called Love on Earth is a combination of physical attraction and or attachment with deep caring and emotions for other persons.

However, First Love in the First Domain is Love of the One of All-ness and the All-ness of One. Minds share minds; spirits share spirits. We each are a part of all another in such a way that every part senses the wholeness of all the parts of every thought, every dream, every wave of Love. And God winds through us, but his windings are all Love different; and then we spend eternities sharing with each other the awesomeness of it all.


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