Wednesday, January 27, 2021


In the garden profusion of flowers there blooms all colours, all styles, shapes, and forms. Should you choose them all your vase could not handle the volume. It is a time to beware lest desire becomes greater than love in you and your emotions pulverize your sensible side. Finding true love is like finding truth, it is a serious project. When shallow, superficial, unknowledgeable decisions are made, conjunctive connections often become a binding force, stuck to be for better or for worse and sometimes for worse.

And yet one must not allow fear and confusion to put a prohibitive branding to be perched on one's tongue or heart. Nor should one play bingo or the lottery with love. When loneliness takes prominence in a person's thoughts it creates a dangerous conspiring of hopes. Once a proclivity takes root as the chief purpose for the foundation of one's life, the river of the mortal will join the windings of all the down streamers who are gravitating to the colossal pooling of the ocean of common event people.

No one should say that bumper magic does not happen in the once of a while, that is to say when a person by chance meets the person of his or her true love. But magic is mostly fake with few exceptions, and it is just not intelligent to think poking around at the chips will flip up a winning game. What can one say? What should one say? Well for sure, don't cut off your anticipation, and expectation. But don't brain hang your senses to so much hanging of emotions they can't fire up due to their exposure to mental dampness.

Then of course there is e-mail exploration. Something in the brain tells the person there should be a mate, or a fill in, somewhere out there in the vast internet world. Can we condemn all the worms who via the black hole of chance somehow, someway, find someone as desperate as they? I say not! After all intelligence is often not the last word, although some persons no doubt will wish it was.

So then, the prospective cheek is not just a simple: I am a male, you are a female, hooray! Yes, there is gold out there, but there is fool's gold out there too. Use your intelligence and get it essayed. In other words use opinion that is not just your own. For sure you don't want this undertaking of love to turn out to end up at the undertaker's plot.

Whoa this blog is turning out to be quite coarse. Let's flip this pancake over to the other side with syrup on the standby. There is potential for you in God. Trust God to lead you and give you witnesses. Gazing the stars sounds romantic but if he/she comes to you even at the speed of light you'd be so old your crusted brain wouldn't know what to do with him/her.

They say fools rush in INTELLIGENT LOVE WILL WAIT TIL the eagles are gathered together. The eagle that flies the highest, whose wings and feathers are ensigns, choose him/her. Of course this subject need not be limited to just the mating call. It touches a person's choices and desires to know what to do, when to do, and why to do, all choices that belong to your peace.

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