Sunday, February 28, 2021


It seems that the confession coming from scientist and other major disciplines is that only 5% or less is known about the universe, the earth's ocean, Archeology. biology, and medical knowledge.
(to name a few).

Even the things that seem to be technically shown are not final proofs because while being true or even fact on one level, does not give it verification on all the levels of knowledge and insight.

Also in the religious world.. proofs seem to relate to doctrinal boundaries. What is coming up the road with great speed are discovery of facts related to Bible doctrines that will knock the props out many the old established orders of Christendom.

The Holy Manifest, and Peace Bible, will open the doors of mystery to an extent such as has never before happened in recent time. In the mean while they that wait ("Wait"= Kawah) upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up as eagles, (Zziths ships of the holy gods/angels).

Don't be too sure that you have things dead right, you may be mostly dear wrong.


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Songs of the Manifester


A Celestial Journey with Rassouli

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Seven Thunders Speak

Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis


  • In the long of very long ago...
  • Before the Genesis of this present world...
  • Seven Thunders rose from seven past universes.

Revealed to THE MANIFESTER by insights beyond this world, this is a story of pre-existent universes...

This is book one of seven writs Included is new revelation on the Holy Grail, the Ark of theCovenant, the Urim and Thummim, early Jesus years, and insights to overcomers and life after death.

....Read More....

Peace Manifest Bible

Over 2500 Pages and 40 Years in the Making

cover pmb275

The Peace Manifest Bible is a Spirit to spirit Holy Spirit contextual interpretation... There is presently no other Bible like unto this Holy Pesher Bible with its many levels of transcendental writ.

It contains Threefold levels of insight to Scriptures that answers questions so distinctly that hearts become content who read it.

Ordained by Angels and prepared by a scholarly team of Spirit-filled School of the Prophets for Holy Spirit contextual-architect presentations.

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