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According to the Bible the human body has a mind in addition to the human brain. Also according to the Bible the spirit of each human has a mind. It is quite an action for the mind of a spirit to get through to the mind of the human body's mind and brain.

The Bible says: That the spirit of the prophet is subject to the body of the prophet. This means that the human body's mind and brain have dominance over the will and mind of the spirit. This does not mean that there is never a time when the spirit mind does not break through to the human mind.

The Bible tells us readers to "Girt up the loins of our mind" (Compare, 1 Peter 1:13 KJV), interestingly, this scripture says in that context, to be serious (sober) about it, and to understand this girting up of the mind, for one thing, is for being able to understand Revelation.

David of the Bible, also writes about the girting up of the human faculty in Psalms 18:32,34,36, and verse 43, KJV. He says the girting process is a God design potential, intent on once in place, giving a person super human strength, enlarging ones steps so as to not make errors and mistakes, and engendering a person with the ability to overcome the human problem of striving.

Did you know that in preparation for the said Manifest "Virtual Reality Trip" that the sojourners will be prepped with the divine revealed "Sub-Audition-Nosis"? The real potential of this will be to excite and increase each person's deep consciousness and cognition.

Have you ever heard about the PYRAMIDS of the human Brain? WELL, this is not a joke, the human brain has cells that are pyramid shaped and called pyramidal neuron cells. These actual neural cells when excited, open, and have potential to link to the creation stream of deep dreams and imaginative abilities that can produce real answers and realization about the unknown. You will not find this whole story on the internet, that takes some deep knowledge. But you should be able at least to verify the reality of such cells existing in the human brain.

The divine gift of "Sub-Audition-Nosis", is included in the New Testament list of the gifts of the Holy Spirit by the name "Helps". Consequently, this gift will be used prior to the Virtual Reality Trip to increase the memory contributions of the Hippo-campus for the trip. Also, and quite of a major measure, the Lateral Frontal Pole of the pre-frontal cortex along with its cerebral connections will be attuned to begin awareness of higher processes of information.

I personally believe this important "Frontal Pole" brain conjunction membrane, with its higher cognitive powers has the potential to be used to commune with the mind of a persons spirit. At this juncture, Neural Brain Scientist, believe this brain unit is unique to the human race.

Finally, Scientist believe "that the human brain has a neural network of neural net-space with capability in its consciousness and even unconsciousness to create new ideas, images, theories, and insights to solve complicated and complex mysteries.

God made the human brain and body to have wonderful potential. There is everything available via the Holy Spirit to use the "MYSTERY OF THE MIND'S EYE" to open the book of the universe and to open the human potential of the Kingdom of God within, for the message and the glory of God. But remember there is an action we must take, to knock, to ask, to seek, so as to girt up the loins of our minds.

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