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Sometimes there is a knowing, or a particular rendering of a mind map, that is a phoenix of mentation.  In a suppositional meaning of the term “phoenix”, it is manifestly said to be, a chain of connected thoughts becoming a eureka of insight that is matchless by comparison to all other insights, being so supreme there is no other excellence of equal.

For sure, by some persons in the Christian Scientist Theater, there are those who would consider it to be a spiritual gall of nerve and a portent of raw fortitude to dare a belief that there exists “WORLDS WITHOUT END”.  Nevertheless, it is Bible.  (Compare, Heb.1: 2, Heb.11: 3, and Eph3: 1 [Eph. 3:1, is actually from the use of the same plural for “ages”, which means “Worlds) so “worlds” is plural and not “world” singular, See Strong’s Concordance Geek Dictionary #165, ages (plural) also #3588, which definition incorporates:  they, those, and their, all plural.  Also, (Compare Matthew 12:32 KJV).  A great majo—Holy Manifest Description.rity of the use of the word “world” in the New Testament came from the Greek term: Kosmos, which means in English “Cosmos” as being the order of stars in the Universe.  The title: “Worlds Without End” doesn’t mean there are universes that never come to an end, but rather means that after a Universe closes (or come to it expanded end), then in the course of time, another Universe will arise.

For over 50 years I have been teaching the “Worlds Without End” subject.  And in my book:  The Seven Thunders Before Genesis, that was a chapter from the Holy Manifest, which I received some very long time ago, I mention the existence of many Universes that existed before the present Universe.  The latest outcropping of ideas in String Theory science has the scramble of persons being able to live in more than one world at the same time.

Of course, in the Bible’s “all things are possible” state, and with such statements as Jesus Christ made:  “I have told you earthly things, and you believed not, how shall you believe, if I tell you things about celestial realms?  For no persons have or will ascend up to the Father’s House heaven, but they who came down to earth from the Father’s House heaven.  Even the son of man who is at the Father’s House heaven and at the same time is also standing on earth speaking to you”, (Compare John 12-13 MIV Also, see John 14:1-4 KJV).   So Jesus espoused the transposition of being in more that one place at the same time.

But as to the many worlds of Quantum Mechanics, there is a track laid down that is getting closer to the Bible’s revelation.  I nevertheless, have several problems with some of the Quantum Mechanics theories regarding the subject of “many worlds” (not generally, but specifically).  My protests would be in regards to some of the theories math-wise, science-wise, and contra Bible wise.

Science has not been able to get it yet that all things physical exist of two energies, one negative and one positive each with many derivatives but there is an invisible plus that exists outside of those said physical forces.   As science goes from superimpose to superimpose as regards the large world and the very small world of forces, (although the laws vary accordingly), it is nevertheless the same world of energies but in  different states.  There is a third energy (which is really the first energy) and it is contra to physical energy. Although this third energy is contra to physical energy it still operates an energy affect on the other two energies.  This third energy is Spirit Energy.  It is mostly an unknown to the science world. Dark energy and dark matter are affected by Spirit Energy very specifically.  Spirit energy involutes and physical energy convolutes.  It is however the very nature of this convolution that strangely and ultimately brings physical energy to resolute density.   

For this reason the laws of thermodynamics are only partly understood. There are those individuals who have used the science of the laws of thermodynamic to try to prove or disprove God.  Such is a poor plan because another side of information and insight can affect these laws, which information and insights are not yet fully manifested to the scientific realm.

Some of the hard-headed persons who’s conventions and idioms walk on concrete, would say:  “Worlds without End”, is off the Google-number of sheer suppositions”.  And yet, there is a consequential supernatural height of thought by which such a thought transition, not being a scope of illusory, could be conceived as realistic by God’s revelations, and realistic as a science proposition.   In fact, modern science is at last beginning to recognize the vast continuum of Universes and creations.  As well, even the state called “nothing” is beginning to be recognized as a womb of creation.  This still does not give credit to God who created that unusual kind of “nothing”. (Compare, Hebrews 11:1 KJV).

Far be it of consideration or not, even to perceive a thousand billion asterisms,[stars not being Constellations], and a realization to the meanings of their sympathetic actions, would take a thinker who’s brain was a clearing house for mind streams where such thoughts could flow, and could be photographically understood by perception.  This could develop in a person when engineered by the Holy Spirit for arriving at such statistical and visionary numerations.

Go to now, you who will be Manifesters…until the flowers of many bloomings kiss your imaginations in the worlds of virtual reality.   Surely it is known, that as long as you do not feel in contempt of your employ of thoughts, even a hell full of demons trying to pickle you in their juices of doubt and condemnation, will have no affect on you.

Mentally occupy the uncharted space where no one has wished or cared to go.  Put up flags of domain and mark a claim for God, for so it is commanded:  “go ye into all the world (Cosmos/universe, Strong’s Greek Dictionary #2889, and teach the gospel”).  Compare, Mark 16:15 KJV:   “calling those things that are not as though they were, and calling those that are, as though they were not…  Compare, Romans 4:17.

Do what you can and all that you believe you should.

Pull your ripcord, for you are about to take a dive into very deep spiritual space.

For who can say, or who knows, when the all of those who live will come before the Awesome Major Period.   Then all that is owned, destined and loved by such ones to whom it was assigned on earth will end.  Nevertheless, all that was proposed will be finished.  For all that is to be will be, if not in this time then in another time, if not in this world then in another world.   For not one tear drop will fall in vain, nor does the vastness of space own enough real-estate…that even one expression of love could become lost in its maze.

When the lingering is done and not even one more page is to be written nor one more word to be spoken.  When not even one more goodbye is to be said, nor one more kiss to be given.  When love though still true and burning like a golden flame is suddenly disconnected from the fleshly abode, there will be nothing you can do or say because you must go first to the vanishings of the physical.   

From there you will suddenly be into the invisible of the spirit.  Then, surely your spirit will take on the physical life again.  If not, in re-ingeneration, then as a Dignitary elect angel.  Be not fearful there will not be place or time for these things to happen.  For what is meant to be will be, if not on this Earth planet, then on another planet, place, realm, constant, or on some other dimension.

Tears cannot return your physical presence to the walkways where you once walked; pictures and art cannot bring back the uniqueness of the individual that you were.  I do not say memorabilia will not have its own walk.

Must you go to such a place of untouchability?  Must you go to such untouchableness?  O’ the separation so vast of dimension, so long of time, but although the Period can barely incorporate it, incorporate it, the period will.  For understand the Alpha and the Omega occur at the same time, and when space is compressed and time no more, then time and distance cease to be.           

On this Earth someone will ask another:  how many nations have you visited?  But in the consciousness of those Worlds Without End, they will ask:  how many worlds have you lived in.? You will by the residue remaining on your spirit from your body life of the present world you departed, enable you to remember that past life for a while.  (Compare Malachi 2:15 KJV).   However, once you come to the universal mind of consciousness, you will know all the overcomers and they will know you as you were once known, (Compare, 1 Corinthians 13:12 KJV).   For on Earth individual loves of mate and family is only a metaphor of the manifold love that belongs to the universal mind and the First Domain, (Compare, Matthew 22:30 KJV).

Do not confuse the Major Period end, which enters perfection or negative judgment, with the minor Period that ends a life on this Earth Planet but which life may continue on another planet in the same Solar System where the Earth abides, or in the same galaxy near where Earth abides.  

If you are departing, lay down the good things you have spoken and done, and if no one carries on with them, understand, the essence of those good things will return to God who gave them.  And all of those you have loved to the end, will at the chimes of the Period, belong to time and destiny.  Surely understand, the energy of every good thing is never transmuted so corruptibly that it is lost, for given time, it will either convert or transfer to another form.    

Sadly, a major part of the human masses are not looking for truth, they are looking for what they want to hear and believe for fulfilling their own desires.  

In the bible it is written:  “THERE ARE WORLDS WITHOUT END”, who but only God and his chosen representatives can say when and where you will be.  The Bible says: The secrets of longevity, of re-ingeneration, and the secrets of the long truth are written inside every individual who has a spirit Soul that is born on earth, (Compare, John 1:9 KJV), this inner information is called the Kingdom of God within, however to know these things the gift of interpretation and an interpreter may be needed.    

In the Worlds Without End, there are worlds where spontaneous things happen in nature more often than things happen due to a specific causation.   In the Worlds Without End, there are some worlds where love is a way of life both physically and spiritually.  So it is, this love encompasses and flavors the all of the everything that breathes… Even in the ministry, the Bible teaches that there are differences of administration but of the same Lord. (Compare, 1 Corinthians 12:5 KJV).

According to the Bible, when this present Universe ends by being rolled up into a scroll and then into ultimate density of all its substance, it will further come to pass that it messages of life will be compressed into Energy Dots.  Then after everlasting ages that stretch to far in the future, this compressed scroll, will, as the scriptures story it, be stretched out into a new cosmic heaven.   

Let no one be so void of thought as to say the end of this world will be the end of all worlds.  For of certainty, the next universe will be the ninth Universe of the 144,000, universes destined to be…For years I kept the things secret that the angel Gabriel revealed to me, and only revealed them to a small group of the “School of the Prophets”.  But now, I have been given the permission to speak these things openly,                (Compare, Revelation 22:10 KJV).

Yes, it is phenomenal…But, “WORLDS WITHOUT END” are a physical infinity where body souls are created to be houses for spirit Souls, which potential, is for creating spirit Souls for Spiritual infinity in the Heaven of heavens, called

THE FIRST DOMAIN. (Note:  The “Dom” in the word “Domain” is related to the term “Kingdom”.


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