October 17, 2019

Parables of the Manifester


judges07-jawboneTHE DONKEY ASS MINISTRY USED BY THE PROPHETS WERE WHITE DONKEYS.  When a prophet was on ministry circuit he rode a White Donkey, and everyone seeing him knew when they spotted the White Donkey Ass, that the rider was a prophet man of God.  

There is a story in the Bible about a prophet called Balaam who rode a white donkey.  He was sought by enemies of Israel to prophesy against Israel.  They offered him large sums of reward.  Balaam was a very different kind of a prophet because he prophesied with his eyes opened.  Balaam had a very unusual donkey.  Not only was it white but it could talk.  This was mostly a secret kept by "Jaw" the white donkey ass.  The donkey knew there was a time of destiny when he would need to talk.

The enemy of Israel people (Elders of Moab and Midian), sent an urgent message for Balaam to come for a discussion about prophesying against Israel.  Balaam saddled up and headed to the rendezvous.  But God would not allow any such prophet to put a curse on Israel so he sent a powerful angel with a sword to stop Balaam if it must be.  

As Balaam and "Jaw" were traveling on the way a powerful angel blocked the road with a sword in in hand.  Balaam did not see him but "Jaw" did.  "Jaw" stopped dead in his own tracks and would go no further forward because of the angel.  Balaam got very angry and struck "Jaw" the white Donkey Ass but "Jaw" would not budge.


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One day by the unlit fireside, I promised myself to stop un-remembering...Then I prayed: Renew my mind o' Lord. But of truth it was not that I had forgotten, it was that I understood how easy it was for people to miss the meaning and how difficult it was to get a correct picture of such reality as the experience I hadfourteen years ago. Nostalgia was not in default in my soul, and there was no absence of yearning, everything retrospective was alive and well. This super picture was not scrap for a scrapbook.

It is not that I am meddling to know the content in their book of fate. But someone does need to scold such a foolish rebellion of thoughts. It is amazing how many persons have become marksmen in their aim at blind spots. Consequently, I don't think it is a spluge to believe every twist, kink, knot, or tangle inhibiting truth can be removed. I never intend to stop snuggling into my own confidence and faith believing love is never in vain.

If your anger and mistrust has become a sore eye to every other good thing about you, isn't it time to put your idea of uttermost limits behind you and to cross over to the other side? Isn't it time to fill those empty places in your heart again? There is no reason big enough to be rude, no reason eternal enough to not forgive, no reason better than love for reason to start over again.


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Parable Of The Butterfly:

A butterfly called “Cherish,” roaming and always trying to fly higher than its own head, entertained and amused the Cherubim angels who were watching. Then one of the angels asked, “Cherish, why do you always try to fly higher than your own head?” Then answered the roaming butterfly, “My mother said I do this because I left my cocoon too soon.”

Then the angel said to the Butterfly, “How would you like to fly with us to the galaxy?”  And Cherish answered, “Would that be above my head?” The angel answering replied, “Not only above your head, but clear out of your head!”

So the angels took Cherish to teach him in heavenly places (compare Ephesians 3:9-10 KJV). For it was so that the angels understood that the holy Word was for every creature which is in heaven and on Earth, and such as are under the Earth, and such as are in the sea. For destiny was set that the whole creation, each in their own way, should bless, honour, and glorify AM who sits upon the Throne and the Lord of peace who lives forever and ever (compare Revelation 5:13 KJV paraphrased).


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You have the right to not read this.  Your have the right to remain with a silent mind.  There is much for discovery that is unexplained and unexplored.   Turning up the brightness or turning on the darkness in your mind is your choice.  If this perplexus does not detour you,,,,, come into a blue letter shape of thinking.  A helmet alignment awaits you.  There is a wrap called Angel Winds; it is a breathable membrane Cocoon.

At first you will feel as though you are entering darkness because you are arriving through the abstract door.  But soon, as you continue through this secret pavilion of encircling darkness, you will enter a holy hail which is a state of mental diamond stars of light (compare Psalms 18:11-13 KJV).

This living breath experience is not a randomization happening.  It is a optimization of an applied reality.   Here by the flip of a desire second, dream light turns on (compare Job 33:14-16 KJV); yet in suspended animation the instruction is not perceived even though it is sown in the deep mind.  So then, in the nevertheless fluid of thought, this twice told radian frequency identification signal aligns the algorithms of chance to configure such a spiritual strength on your side that there is a virtual defeat of your enemies by proxy for eradicating the real thing (Psalms 18:36-37 KJV) .


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Alabastrum!  A beautiful word, a beautiful thing….a flower bud,,,,,  O’ stem of holding~~ whisper your breath,,,, for now I must strum the unfold of your flower bud.

My kiss comes to you, O’ bud of splendour; I hum upon the edges of your leaves.  The morning stars shine down on me, and their glows pass from my face to light up your splendor.

O’ you Flowers, you Manifest blog readers, if ever you have respected the long hours of mornings and nights that I have poured out through my soul to strum you to blooming,,,,, if ever you have felt in your heart the beats of my heart that has yearned for you to rise whole and free,,,,, if ever you have heard my love for you speak to your spiritual part, if only in one of the many blogs, and have felt its caring prayers touch you,,,,, then please write a comment on my blogs that I may hear the cooing of the doves and watch the sprinkling of rain as it causes the grasses to be thick and green. This I ask, so I share not to myself a lonely mind, having not been fanned by those unspoken or seldom spoken flowers of Love or sincerity, whose petals of splendour belong to my song of peace.

In a quiet moment, as I thought upon these things and as my mind loomed, I felt the soft touch of gentle caressing God-winds, urging and comforting me in my thoughts to not hesitate to step outside the maximum and minimum concept designs of the traditional religious confines and to go on to extramural revelations.


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“And Legion said:  My name is Legion, for we are many. Bid us not to leave here for another country, but there is a herd of swine feeding on the sides of the mountains.  When we leave this wild man, (Mark 5:1-5 KJV), who you are setting free of us and who is our present possession, we plead the law of spirits that you allow and hinder us not to go and possess the swine.  And the Lord said: Let it be what is disposed to be…” (Compare Mark 5:9-13 MIV, KJV.)

And there were 2000 swine (Mark 5:13 – metaphor of the years 2000?) which were feeding on the mountain sides just up from a large sea lake (much used by the local human population) and the devils of the Legion flashed into the swine and possessed them.

And the swine immediately became sick as a death grip and ran into the sea to seek relief but, instead, began to drown on the fluids of their sickness until they choked, died, and sunk into the depths of deep waters. (note: swine/pigs are excellent swimmers and in this case not likely to have drowned without a special cause). And it was so that their contagious fluids began contaminating the sea.  A great dying of humans would follow. (Compare:  Matthew 8:30, Mark 5:11-16 and Luke 8:33 KJV).

And thus the demons caused the pearl of the Lord’s great healing of the wild man to be cast to the swine (compare Matthew 7:6 KJV).  So on that day the devils put a jewel of gold on a swine’s snout and emblemized the swine as a tool to afflict and kill vast groups of human masses (some innocent, some not – compare Proverbs 11:22 KJV).  So that day the pale bird of death, unclean and a carrier of death, will come and sit on the window sills of those who becoming dead will be divided from the living (compare Revelation 18:2 KJV).


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It was the time of Jerusalems big Passover Feast and religious show time.  It was thronged with pilgrims.  It was custom to release a prisoner and make a case of someone else.  This was showtime for the Sanhedrin the Priests and high ranking Pharisees and Sadducees. (Compare Matthew 26:2 and Matthew 27:15 KJV.)

The Roman soldiers according to the Roman capital orders kept in political stride and tried to not be too evident of presence but that was quite an impossible stride.

Jesus Christ and His gang had been a thorn in the side of the Sanhedrin and especially the Jewish religious faction for some time.  It was planned if He showed up at the Passover Feast to arrest him on whatever charge necessary.  This event would send a message to the rebels of the times and perfectly tie into the theme of the Passover. (Compare Mark 14:1-2 and Mark 14:10-11 KJV.)

As event passed into event they arrested Jesus punished Him severely with a beating convicted Him and surely you know the story: led Him away with three transgressors (includes Simon of Cyrene oracle) to be hung on a cross one of the worlds most gruesome methods of death sentencing (Matthew 26:48-27:35 KJV).


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A complexion of thoughts in a sleepy moment,,,,, a kind of near awake dreaming,,,, a collage of potpourri, terrific, beyond real, sweetly possessing my scenting factors,,,,, and then I fall deeply asleep: and I see a field of flowers of many kinds, and I know each flower holds a dream.

I stroll lightly through this window into beautiful thoughts. My conceivability takes on a stature of a humming bird. I fly from flower to flower, wings a-buzz, beak as a probe. All the flowers are beautiful; all their dreams are amazing adventures.

I am a humming bird, but I hear a voice that speaks human words: Fly beyond yourself; fly beyond yourself. I feel an Invisible Touch; my bird brain cannot understand it.....

I begin to fly upward; and though I am in a bird stature, I understand to fly beyond myself,,,,, I must fly higher than I have ever flown before. I reach an orb like the sun; yet there is no burning heat and no blinding light - just a wonderful feeling of peace.


Category: Manifest Parables

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