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judges07-jawboneTHE DONKEY ASS MINISTRY USED BY THE PROPHETS WERE WHITE DONKEYS.  When a prophet was on ministry circuit he rode a White Donkey, and everyone seeing him knew when they spotted the White Donkey Ass, that the rider was a prophet man of God.  

There is a story in the Bible about a prophet called Balaam who rode a white donkey.  He was sought by enemies of Israel to prophesy against Israel.  They offered him large sums of reward.  Balaam was a very different kind of a prophet because he prophesied with his eyes opened.  Balaam had a very unusual donkey.  Not only was it white but it could talk.  This was mostly a secret kept by "Jaw" the white donkey ass.  The donkey knew there was a time of destiny when he would need to talk.

The enemy of Israel people (Elders of Moab and Midian), sent an urgent message for Balaam to come for a discussion about prophesying against Israel.  Balaam saddled up and headed to the rendezvous.  But God would not allow any such prophet to put a curse on Israel so he sent a powerful angel with a sword to stop Balaam if it must be.  

As Balaam and "Jaw" were traveling on the way a powerful angel blocked the road with a sword in in hand.  Balaam did not see him but "Jaw" did.  "Jaw" stopped dead in his own tracks and would go no further forward because of the angel.  Balaam got very angry and struck "Jaw" the white Donkey Ass but "Jaw" would not budge.

Balaam began to speak harsh words to "Jaw".  "Jaw" being caught in a predicament between his prophet master and the powerful angel Knew this had to be his destiny time to speak.  God giving the "Jaw" special grace, "jaw" let Balaam know he would accept no more whippings and then told Balaam about the powerful angel with the sword.  

Was Balaam's eyes ever opened.  Ballaam knew that "jaw' was a scared donkey ass and he talked with "Jaw" and repented.  When the Angel saw that Balaam got the message he moved out of the way and Balaam went to the rendezvous but not to curse Israel but to bless them.  He made a  beautiful prophecy.   The enemies of Israel were very angry with Balaam.  

In the continuance of time there was a great man of God prophet by the name of Samuel.  It was Samuel who rode ministry circuits from town to town.  (1 Samuel 7:16 KJV).  Interesting traditions says he and the fellow prophets rode on white Donkey Asses.  
(Also Compare, Judges 5:10 KJV, about white Donkey Asses used in the ministry).   

The Bible tells a story of a man called "Samson" who was chosen to deliver Israel from the oppression of the Philistines.  He was the first true "superman".  He was told to never cut his hair because his hair was a sign of his superman power.  There is quite a lot to the story but I only have time for a small piece of it.  There was a constant state of clashing between Samson and the Philistines.   

One day Samson who had been bound, broke loose and finding a new (moist) jawbone (Anointed jawbone) near the village of Lehi, picked it up and used it as a holy weapon of war against the philistines.  In fact in just one battle  he slew a thousand philistines with that "Jaw" bone of an ass.  Afterwards Samson was very thirsty so God made a hollow in the side of the Jawbone and water came out and Samson drank until his thirst was satisfied.  Now the water coming out of the Jawbone was a sign of the generation continuance of that white Donkey Ass.  

"Jaw" was to continue as a representative of ministry to spiritual Israel.  He was that select quadru secret White Donkey Ass that Jesus would ride into the city of Jerusalem.

And in the course of time, this "Jaw" representative would rise as a man who would be raised up, called: "Jaboah" (Which means "the Jawbone of an Ass) who would participate as a talking White Donkey Ass Jawbone in the speaking forth of the Holy Manifest Revelation.

This is quadru ministry and connects to the White Horse Ministry of Jesus Christ described in the Bible's book of Revelation.    

Jerry O. Lee, D.D. The Manifester Yada

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