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Parable Of The Butterfly:

A butterfly called “Cherish,” roaming and always trying to fly higher than its own head, entertained and amused the Cherubim angels who were watching. Then one of the angels asked, “Cherish, why do you always try to fly higher than your own head?” Then answered the roaming butterfly, “My mother said I do this because I left my cocoon too soon.”

Then the angel said to the Butterfly, “How would you like to fly with us to the galaxy?”  And Cherish answered, “Would that be above my head?” The angel answering replied, “Not only above your head, but clear out of your head!”

So the angels took Cherish to teach him in heavenly places (compare Ephesians 3:9-10 KJV). For it was so that the angels understood that the holy Word was for every creature which is in heaven and on Earth, and such as are under the Earth, and such as are in the sea. For destiny was set that the whole creation, each in their own way, should bless, honour, and glorify AM who sits upon the Throne and the Lord of peace who lives forever and ever (compare Revelation 5:13 KJV paraphrased).

Further began the angels to teach Holy Cocoon Impressions:  “Cherish, let’s go cocooning….. There are three steps you must follow. These steps we angels call ‘Resurrection Transpose’:

  1.     Suspension
  2.     Transassimilation
  3.     Transformation”

Then Cherish intoned, “I’ve already been cocooned!” “Yes,” the angel answered Cherish. “In body you have a virtual change, but you are not complete in your mind transform; therefore your system of change did not modulate properly to your wholeness of change.

“We have come to help you balance your mental perspective, so you can find your secret place of thunder (compare Psalms 81:7 KJV).  First you must impute to yourself Christ’s acceptance of you.

“Let there go forth thoughts to give peace to your innermost being, for there must be a conversion of surface features to deep inner structure proposals. Set your heart to understand and to have mastery of your attention until you are capable to focus with direct concentration (compare Daniel 10:12 KJV). Your actions of in-goings must increase over your actions of out-goings.

“Call upon God for the influences of a transcendental experience. Understand, this lattice change you seek will call for a translocation of your genes by transfer of one part of your chromosomes to another part resulting in a rearrangement of your genes and yourself.

“If you really value this hope,,,,, take some time out. Spiritually aim to “be not conformed to this world but seek to be transformed by the renewing of your mind” (compare Romans 12:2 KJV paraphrased).

“Keep in mind that the positive sense leads to change that has gain, but the negative sense leads to change that has loss. Choose the synthesis that will combine your whole complex of ideas into a fitting whole. In doing this you will at some point be able to release some of the symbiosis of dependence on your physical counterpart that does not allow that you can fly.

“Suspension time in cocooning is very important, for it is the act of entering a state of being wrapped in a splendid tapestry of royal pavilion which is the cocoon for suspension (compare Psalms 18:11, Psalms 27:5, Psalms 31:20, and Jeremiah 43:10 KJV).  Ah, it is a transit of transits. As you come into this suspension, seek to achieve a quiet mind.

“As to transassimilation, breathe in Christ; form a mental pitch tuned to AMs Love. Focus rhythmically on AMs life. Remember Christ is capable to be pluripresent in more than one place at a time. DO NOT IMAGINE THAT CHRIST IS OFF SOMEWHERE ELSE; AM IS WITH YOU TO THE END OF THE WORLD.

“As you breathe Christ’s Spirit, spontaneously in your body breathe in and out taking in deep, slow breaths. Keep in mind the process of cocooning is a gradual and slow process. You overcome a breath and heartbeat at a time.

“IN Christ, you will receive a divine ratio that will put you on an entirely superior scale. That scale will outline a one to one thousand ratio (compare Joshua 23:10 KJV).

“Using this scale, take a few minutes to quiet yourself, then five minutes of developing a diamond ten scale concentration for the density of your will in focus before God. Do this three times a day if you can, and slowly but surely you will advance to change. Keep in mind you will gain exponentially.

“For sure, such transformations seem to have their mysticism, but do not allow that to deter you. Having been on track to superimpose Christ into your life by transassimilation,,,,, as you step to the plate of transformation whereby to surpass all natural creature apprehension, the next experience comes as a climax to the prior described experiences.

“When you achieve that overriding experience of pneumatis, the breath you breathe will transfigure you from glory to glory.

“Your journey is my happiness and wish.”

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