March 25, 2019

I saw a great Eagle flying high over its territories.  Its feathers were tattered; its beak chipped; it was as though old before its time.  I saw this great Eagle struggling in aerial wars with its own offspring.  Then I saw the eye which was the capstone on the US dollar firing flares into the night’s sky until a new Fourth-of-July event was created that outshone the first Fourth-of-July event.

Then flew this great Eagle to a perch so high none of the Eagle’s negative progeny could fly there.  I saw his beak open, and he was breathing hard.  And it was so, a metamorphosis began to happen to the Great Eagle.  As I watched I saw old feathers fall and new feathers grow; as a phoenix bird, the Great Eagle’s feathers and body was renewed until it became as a young Eagle, greater and stronger of flight than ever before.  (Compare Psalms 103:5 KJV.)  As is the gift of renewal to the Eagle so also is the gift of renewal to God’s people. (Compare Isaiah 40:31 KJV.)

Let the errant ones keep silent who have professed death to this Eagle; for they know nothing of the long truth, nor do they understand the Eagle’s time of destiny (Revelation 12:14 KJV).  Whosoever doubting this word does not have a key to the one-hundredfold mysteries of the Kingdom of God, and as a human never has had consciousness of such a key.  This is still the journey time of the Great Eagle’s wings, for the time of the wilderness has not yet come (compare Exodus 19:4 KJV) and is yet a Book’s view into the future (compare Revelation 12:14 KJV).

For all that the United States is or is not or has become and whatever the United States is to evolve to, its national symbol as the Eagle is not an accident: it is a destined nation.  Powerful nations using the symbol of the Eagle have been used since ancient times to represent powerful kings and nations.  Certain of these nations have been used by God to first bring to Israel limited judgment, then, if disobedience continued, to bring specific judgment to Israel and, as well, to provide protection for Israel. (Compare Hosea 8:1 and Isaiah 31:5 KJV: “as birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem”.  This is a prophecy that air power of the United States “Eagle” will be used to protect Israel.  Also compare Deuteronomy 32:11 KJV.)

Jesus said:  ”Wheresoever the body is, there will the Eagles be gathered together” (Luke 17:37 KJV paraphrased – also again compare Deuteronomy 32:11-12 KJV).  The North part of the world (North America including Canada) is the chosen ground for the gathering of the Eagles.  Luke regards the ground gathering location (compare Zechariah 6:5-8 and Psalms 75:6 KJV).  Jesus said the eagles would also gather in a sky gathering location:  Matthew 24:25-31 and Matthew 24: 40-41 KJV.  There is much more revelation to this but not now.

Yes, many nations have used the symbol of the Eagle as national emblems and coats of arms and et cetera. On the one hand, a few of these examples could be said to be coincidental; but on the other hand, there are examples one could say have been a kind of continuous living representation of the Eagle image by one nation then another unknowingly standing in the stead of its original and ultimate future symbolic meaning and design for destiny.  Thus also has the coming and life of Jesus Christ been foretold by individuals whose experience and leadership of a religious life among various nations stood instead or proxy as a sign of the ultimate Christ to come - Jesus Christ.  Also, certain mythologies have been allowed to be put in place to represent a forecast of the coming life on Earth of Jesus Christ.

So then, let it be said:  Nations, individuals, and symbols other than Israel have been used and are still being used to cocoon the representation of God and the representation of Christ throughout the ages of history (compare Isaiah 49:5-6 and Isaiah 49:20-22 KJV).

Also negative and false representation of God and Christ has been used (such as Germany’s negative and false symbolic use of the cross as the swastika and eradication of the Jews, Proverbs 11:8  KJV).  Additionally, symbols have stood for national power and intent of expansion for territorial reasons as used by Rome, France, Russia, and England).  Thank God, on the positive side for the USA, the USA, as an emblem of peace and belief in God, is being used as a representative for a good destiny.   Yes, this historical, God-used Eagle symbol, as an inheritance of God’s covenant to Israel is now passed through history by the Eagle symbol to the United States.   To accomplish this, the United States must-needs exist as a major power for a long, long time to come.

Therefore, the United States of America is the present chosen nation whose symbolic wings of the Eagle is to carry the woman (the church) through the Great Tribulation.  It is this nation, the United States, that is said to be persecuted by the Dragon because she has “the testimony of Jesus Christ” (compare Revelation 12:14-17 KJV).  It is the United States which stands having the only significant power to protect between the land of Israel and its threatened destruction.  Credit can be given that the United States is the base for more translations of the Bible than any other nation in the world.

The United States, as a chosen unclean bird, is anointed, being unholy, to carry a holy destiny for the new Jews and lost tribes of Israel.  Just as Christ chose the unclean donkey to ride into Jerusalem, so is it with the Eagle symbol (compare Acts 11:5-10 KJV).

At this time it could be said the American Eagle is going through a moulding or metamorphosis process that may go on for many years.  When this process is complete, the American Eagle will rise with a new youth, vigor, and power (compare Psalms 103:5 and Isaiah 40:31 KJV).

The China Giant has AWAKENED, but many stirrings must first happen before it is ready to attempt dictating the rotating of the Earth.  All its money, people, and war machines are not sufficient to move the time of destiny off its course.  Many other nations are on the rise; but for some long of time, the string of their kites is too short to reach stardom.

Prophets of Doom would kill the blessings on America simply to show their power of word.  I the Manifester will stand in the gap for the United States and Canada, for they belong to destiny.  Therefore, all the religious mouths in the world with all their poison bags of mushrooms will only succeed in bringing doom on themselves.

Doom speaks and says:  The US of America will go bankrupt!

Consideration answers:  A nation which prints its own money backed with more assets than any other nation in the world including China will not go bankrupt.   I propose using a national net worth accounting system which bases the value of money on a nation’s net assets rather than precious metals or promissory notes.  The value of the United States’ vast array of military assets …including super-advanced weaponry, ammunition, vehicles, armory craft, property, stocks, and on and on… far, far exceeds the current and proposed current expenditures.   Regardless of what anyone tells you, this is a fact.

New USA revelations will unfold on new fuel reserves, new fuels, new technology - including super-advanced space craft, and new methods of accounting. This overview doesn’t even skim the subject.  To Hell with Doom!  Let him go face a wall and repeat a thousand times: “I am wrong”.

Then there is the health concept scramble, the matter of separation of Church and State, the abortion issue, the jobs issue, the same sex issue, the religious fear-of-the-anti-Christ issue.  You surely know these above said issues aren’t entirely new issues.  But please understand: the United States is not and has never been a theocracy (government by Divine rule). The Government (conspiracy theories aside) is more “for the people, by the people”.  God help us!

So some of you may think it was better way back when….. Well, go buy a plot of land, turn back the clock, divest yourself of modern appliances, modern medicine, modern manufacturing, modern inventions, and vote for yourself to run your world,,,,, with God’s help of course.  You don’t like this country anymore?  Well, immigrate to any other place in the world that will take you.  Bye!!

You think that times are worse, crime more violent, wars more vicious, sin more intense?  Guaranteed, you do not know world history or understand event cycles.  Of course, I hope you are putting in the vast increase of population and figuring your answer according to the difference of the population, then and now.   You say you are disgusted because non-nationals are being brought in to work and are increasing their families at a tremendous rate? Well, the problem is the average American does not want to work the kind of jobs or for the rate of pay the non-nationals are taking; yet these jobs are very important to the economy.

So why is immigration so needful to the United States of America?  The answer is at least twofold:

  1. To fill jobs.
  2. To keep the population on an even keel.  (Many American nationals have elected to have small families or to have no children at all.  Thus, statistics show that present minority populations will become majority populations soon.  In time, you may be very surprised as to the persons who will be elected to the highest offices of the land).

“Blessed are the Peacemakers” (Matthew 5:9 KJV).  As a Christian, you will not be able to effect or change for your concerns of mind anything that is destined to be allowed as vessels of use by God.  If you plot revolution and assassinations, it will turn to your own harm.  You may die by the sword you have sharpened.  This is not said to discard a person’s right, under the command of national leadership, or the right to vote for your will being exercised to defend your country.

In the name of the Prince of Peace, peace be with you

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