Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Broken Hearts Floating Down The River Of Time....

My consciousness stood for anxious moments and watched through the eyes of my mind with great sadness the many broken hearts floating down the river of time. Alas 'tis the greatest pain known to the spirit of a human..... to have one's heart break in pieces of its image and picture of love and adoration.

In the splash down of that fall from a mental and emotional state of snug-heartedness the spirit of one's being is often rendered as shut up into a hurt of tears and thoughts which often leads the lonely one to wander into a forest of lost paths.

Who can say the cause? Sometimes love is one-sided and the heart-to-heart beats from a mate were only false-etto and not true beats of real Love. In such situations the break up call may have been waiting on line for years. In other cases the heart-to-heart relation was true but not recognized in the order of response wanted by one of the mates. So some dream-stars will fall from heaven and all the army engineers of the kings on Earth and all the Kings and their technical gear will not be able to put these hearts back together again. But there is One Whose name is Love who alone can heal any breach dissolve any anger and who can change the shifting sands of a failing marriage to solid ground.

What actions deserve divorce? Does it not depend on who married who? Even Jesus said: I chose twelve of you and one of you is a devil! (Compare John 6:70-71 KJV.) But Jesus knew when He chose the devil-one what he was and who he was. He didn't say like Job: Though He slay Me yet will I trust Him (Job 13:15 KJV). Rather He said Though he betray me yet I love him. (Compare John 13:21 KJV.) Of course Job was talking about God; and Jesus was talking about Judas.

If you were a dog even if your master got sick or became insane you would probably stand by him foraging for your own food if necessary. But you are not a dog so you will be human no matter what. Of course the penguins choose a new mate every year: perhaps they are frigid due to the frozen Antarctic life they live (ha! ha!).

Excuses are a dime a dozen; and if an excuse cannot be found the sleuth-sayer makes up a new excuse. Having a baby is one of the greatest games of bingo on Earth..... of all the numberless sperm available the one out of the hopper first and which speeds at the top of its witless mental gets to make a 50% contribution to the baby-to-be. In fact you are one of those use-to-be babies..... a small wonder that towered into what you are right now..... O Mother of Jesus have mercy on us all!

We are all Carbon People..... and the number of carbon is 666 which is the number of mankind (a carbon atom has six protons six electrons and six neutrons - the horizontal arrangement is 666 the carbon number of mankind..... The value of 6+6+6 = 18; the horizontal value of 18 is 9; the square root of nine is 3 which is the common dimension number (up down and sideways) and person number (body spirit Soul) of a human person). Even so you can still make it out if you don't allow the Beast to talk you into wearing those numbers as a Beast-rendering in your forehead brain. The Beast does have the power to give your beast nature the ability to speak his language and commands if you are willing.

There is only one marriage and it took place before this planet Earth was made. There will be a renewal of that eternal marriage at and called the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Revelations 19:9 KJV). All saved humans will become the bride of Christ.

All other marriages are only intended to be metaphors of the eternal marriage. All marriages that don't have subconscious intent to metaphor the eternal marriage are pulp and protoplasm.

According to Jesus some people commit adultery in their minds (Matthew 5:28 KJV)..... Based on that nearly the whole world has a right (according to church-sayers interpretation of the words of Jesus) to have a divorce. Those persons who are mind readers of course have an advantage over the people who want a divorce but can't read minds. Happy day choosing and finding a new mate from Earth's over six-billion-people planet who don't commit adultery in the mind and who for whatever reason would be interested in taking you on as a mate especially considering your mind reading ability????

Of course the term adultery as interpreted and used in the Bible is often misquoted and really means apostasy. This is a very interesting term and in root refers to the human marriage examples of apostasy that really manifests the sin the fallen angels commited.

Don't read me into the playboy magazine because the whole of what I have yet to say may seem to indicate I am liberalizing something on the marriage issue. I've been married to the same wife for over 47 years; and I love her and I will never divorce her or she divorce me.

Nevertheless everyone who gets a divorce isn't a lust fiend or a devil. They may be a victim of having been married to a Black Widow Spider who after or during sex tries to eat their mate alive or have married a man with a hammer mentality that practises his hammering on his wife.

I guess writing this blog has broken my brief mini-blog rules..... but the need of this information is great and being requested at this time.

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