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Masterpiece Transmissions 1..... CONTINUED

Span to the furthest reaches of your dreams. Seek the mental station that is spread thoughout the universe. Fear not to stumble. Blend your thoughts to the neutron. As you span… you are neither a negative particle nor are you a positive particle. Obstacles must spread away before your silent speech of Love. Begin to think of making a transition from the local, limited mind to the universal mind. For this journey many anchors will need to be lifted. Like an electron leaving an atom, so too must you be moved to transmissions beyond the common brain shell.

I invite you to a motif of prisms that reflect distinctive ideas of awareness. I do not present these ideas as a credendum of faith alone but of faith and spirit. The powers of potentiation as regards the making of the worlds have many branches of possibility. Humans with their highest intellect but unaided by divine revelation are bound to vast mental struggles in the making of discoveries about the secrets of actualizations. To his credit, Einstein was broad enough to speak on some of the unknowns as phantom fields being guides, and of ghosts and spectres — spectra as in the propensity of spectral lines. These terms regarded research of actions in the real world.

According to the Scriptures, the present and the future are contained in the past (and not necessarily limited to the present past of this universe). “Things that have been are those which shall be, and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun” (compare Ecclesiastes 1:9 KJV paraphrased). There are many connoisseurs or speculations called scientific theories which are not capable of induction because their theories cannot be proven by observations. Consequently, physics and cosmology — with all their vast progress — still remain on the side of indeterminism.

To do this, you will need to become aware of seven dimensions: three standard dimensions, three contra dimensions, and a time dimension being the seventh dimension (representing the distance and time measurement of recoiled space). But do not confuse these seven dimensions with being seven String dimensions of the modern science math theories. Rather, I refer to Manifest Boundary Manifolds, which boundaries comprise dimensions (compare Psalms 104:24 KJV).

First understand, that things built upon things can be both physical and abstract. Even in scientific circles, how the symbol of imaginary propositions is used: “-1″ can produce truism or falsism depending on the shade of meanings applied. Every gesture of concept from thought need not be an indelible inference exposed to a constant of hostility and indictment. Imaginary math figurations used by some scientists are often not intended to be presented as an implicit claim about the absolute. Imaginary insight — even as provided by high math — is a foreign language until an interpretation is given. That which is tentatively true may need the survey of two or three testers to give confidence towards credence. And so it is also with the interpretation of the Word of the Bible. It is advised that two or three persons should witness any given Word of revelation.

The Bible describes the constructing of a new universe from the density of a prior universe: the process stretches out the density, vastly increasing space for the new universe from ultimate density to different rounds of spread and advance. The stretching of compressions to a state of elasticity creates porosity and space. (Compare, Isaiah 42:5, Psalms 104:2, Isaiah 40:22, Isaiah 44:24, Isaiah 45:12, Isaiah 51:15 and Jeremiah 10:12 KJV). In these scriptures the stretching out of the universe is described as the stretching out of a curtain. A curtain can be compared to a net or a lattice. The term “lattice” is incorporated in the term “Lattilution”, a Manifest term.

In the presentation of String Theory, many dimensions are proposed as a tentative fact for a case reality regarding the construction of the universe. The fact is, however, electromagnetism only recognizes three dimensions based on the laws of physics. Gravity, of course, would act quite differently once more than three dimensions were added. Well, of course these scientists are not ignorant of the laws of physics. By using superb and beautiful mathematics along with quantum size dimensions and a few other innovations, they seem to have gotten around the requirements of physics. But in doing so they have created dimensions cut out by math but impractical for human reality and not, in my opinion, the answer to bring all the mysteries of the universe into one solution.

As to the Manifested Seven Dimensions, they fit into the laws of physics due to the fact that only three of the seven dimensions are subjected to recognition by electromagnetism: I will call these standard dimensions. One of the seven dimensions is an associate time dimension to the three standard dimensions. This dimension of time measurement does not need recognition beyond its association with the three standard dimensions for electromagnetism. The remaining three dimensions are contra dimensions using opposite energy and do not need recognition by electromagnetism. Time as a dimension of space with measured boundaries of various orders are substantiated by Scripture: (Leviticus 25:8,30, space is time) (1 Samuel 26:13, space is distance/dimension) (Ezekiel 40:12, space is dimension)(Luke 22:59, space is time) (Acts 5:7,34, SPACE IS TIME AND DIMENSION) (Acts 13:20, space is time) (Revelation 14:20, space is dimension) — All KJV.

Think of wanting to know the measurement to equilibrium… find the primitive neuron that divides not… take it to the neutral neutron that is free of electrical charges.

Note: I am using some of the foundation teaching of the Manifest and slowly working in the Masterpiece Transmission information.

The Manifester Yada

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