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Masterpiece Transmissions 3 of number 1......

In the where of somewhere, in the when of sometime, the signal fingerprinted of your destiny bespeaks that you find its treasure lode. To find the way of the signal is such, that whosoever tracts it to its source is likened to a gold prospector who after much searching finds the mother lode. Think until your mind squeaks, strive until your hands and feet are raw with spiritual war. Strain with your eyes until your focus makes an eagle’s vision outdated. Listen for the signal until your ears become a vast vat of reverb resounding the ages and sifting the stars until the pointer tempo to your signal is found. For the mental conquering of unknown knowledge about worlds without end, this is not too much to ask

O age of I(r)on… author of “sweet prints”, in a coming thunder you will call for the yonder to come. The Spirit and the Lord say Amen! I am enjoyed and pleased. But I cannot wait for that wave which will sweep the age of knowledge into being. I have received the book of little things from the angel’s RIGHT HAND. I have read from the lips of angels the *quotum vibrations that speak the soundtron. I have said I am nothing. I have asked: why am I deemed to be so bold? It was said to me: You are chosen to fall upward until the spell of the fall is broken for every reader of heart who is seeking a destiny that has wings. *from the term “quote” as being Words of God.

The Bible asks: God, who are the mortals that you are so mindful of them? (Palms 8:4 MIV) Let it be said that although there are physical similarities between humans and animals, the difference cannot be compounded to resolution by comparing to a human’s physical constituency of a google of nerve cells and molecules. In the main, the difference is in the consciousness of the human mind which is a combination operation of the brain and the spirit (not just the brain). When the human brain’s reasoning connects with the human spirit’s mind of reasoning, a consciousness higher than just an “awareness of being alive” is begotten. Beyond the “being alive recognition” and beyond the consciousness that is now generally present in mortals, the foremost consciousness that is destined to rise in human mortals has not yet risen in the masses, but there are a few persons who do posses it.

God’s Spirit moves throughout the all of the universe. As has been said there is not a place in the whole of the universe that the speech of God is not spoken and does not continue to forever speak, (Compare, Psalms 19: 1-6 KJV) This Word of God, is like the voice of the “many living waters”, (Compare, Revelation 1:15-16 KJV and Revelation 14:2-3 KJV). In other words, the language of God has density and levels which speak as one expression but in many manifolds of revelation. There are signals of the first order, signals of the second order, signals of the third order, and signals of the fourth order.

As to numbers the larger the number the more remote from the core of God Soul values. The smaller the number the closer to God Soul values. The highest value number representing God is number “One”. The number “Zero” represents “seed” but has no spiritual value until the Number “one” is placed before it. As to Abstract numbers, they can be represented with the subtraction sign. The number “10″ is the most distinct spiritual number because it incorporates both the number one and the number zero. The totality of these symbols when understood is a seed (Compare, Isaiah 6:13 KJV) of power which can invert, change or recreate the world.

The “And” and symbols following it, at the end of each of the Seven Thunder Universes…revealed in the Manifest Chronicles Before Genesis Book, is enfolded in the Fourteen Masterpiece Transmissions. For instance the T T T T T’s assemble as the cross line representing the short endash and the vertical upright line represents the long emdash, which is part of the signal code of the Soundtron that sends a message continuum throughout all the universe. ( to buy the book. The glory from God to know a thing is often held back and subsumed by reasonings in persons’ minds who try to figure out answers to the mysteries of God before the answers are given.

Keep in mind that “inversion” is an insight that can be used to model every transformation so that its effect on an element is undone. Consequently, the Soundtron Word has the power to be directed for world changing events. So the magnitude of being able to interpret the Soundtron code is the brightest star of this kind shining. The knowledge to invert from the left hand of creating to the right hand of creating and the sometime important move to enter equilibrium (which is neutral to both the Left and the
Right hand of creation), is a sense of knowing the timing.

I want to ask for your patience. They that wait upon the Lord are they who will mount up with wings of an eagle, (Compare, Isaiah 40:31). It is not a hocus-pocus trip that is going to show you the mysteries of God. If you really want to be able to read the signs of the times, the signs in the sun, the moon, the Earth, and the stars of the universe, you may need to attend this SCHOOL OF THE PROPHETS for a while. My intent, is to show you how advanced the Bible is in the things of nature and Spirit. I will grant you that the Holy Spirit can lead you to all truth, but you will, nevertheless, need to seek, knock, in most all cases before this knowledge will be yours. In the days ahead such knowledge will have power to help you survive. Hang on, the reward will be worth it.

Our present universe which is the eighth universe is an electric universe. In a certain sense electrons play a dominant role. In a certain relational sense there are seven whole tone steps on a piano: A,B,C,D,E,F,G, after which comes the eighth step which is an octave in this case to A. So then, A to A, B to B, C to C, and all the way up the seven scale steps when adding the eighth tone is adding an Octave. In the world of atoms there is a kind of octave also called the “Rule of Octet”. When atoms come together to form certain molecules the molecular outside electron layer needs eight electrons. For instance Oxygen has six electrons and Carbon has four electrons in which state, not having eight electrons, neither Oxygen or carbon are stable. So to overcome their deficiency they must enter into a sharing of electrons with other atoms in what is called a Covalent bond. It is this process of Covalent bonding that holds molecules together and causes the electrons to become stable.

This said process is of course what causes atoms to take on specific shapes. A major cause of atoms reacting with atoms is the general set of most atoms do not have eight electrons and therefore become active in order to enter bonding and achieve a sharing that allows them to have the Octet of elections to become stable. THIS WHOLE PROCESS COULD BE SAID TO BE AN EXAMPLE OF THE LEFT SIDE OF CREATION. Keep in mind that all electrons are negatively charged which results in electrons repelling one another. Even when electrons share a single or double bond they still by their natural force repel one another.

The said electron bonding effects can even take on the Tetrahedrial shape of a pyramid. There are cells of molecule structure in the human body that have pyramidial shapes. In the organisms of living creatures ALL AMINO ACIDS ARE LEFT HANDED IN FORM ONLY. (WITH BUT RARE EXCEPTIONS). One exception is the Chiral bonding of electrons in Amino Acids which has both left handed and right handed actions. However, enzymes only react to left handed Amino Acids. Enzymes and Amino Acids ONLY FIT INTO EACH OTHER when all the Amino Acids are left handed. Interestingly, once the creature dies the left handed Amino Acid starts changing until diminishing into an equilibrium of 50% left handed and 50% right handed Amino Acids. This process is called the Racemization Rate.

There is a message here. Consider these scriptures: Job 9:7-11 MIV…It is God who commands nature, who seals up the mystery of the stars, Who by AM’S power has spread out the space of the heavens and walks on the waves of the sky-seas of the constellations:
Arcturus, Orion, Pleiades, and the chambers of the south, who does great things beyond the minds of uninspired mortals. AM’S wonders are without comprehension of number. LO AM GOES BY ME, AND I SEE AM NOT: AM IS PRESENT BY AM’S WORD BUT I PERCEIVE AM NOT. I AM dissolves things and who can hinder AM. Who dares to question such marvelous works.

Job 23:8-9 KJV…Behold I go forward, but he is not there; and backward, but I cannot perceive him: ON THE LEFT HAND, where he doth work, but I can behold him: he hideth himself on the RIGHT HAND that I cannot see him. ECCLESIASTES 10:2…A wise man’s heart is at his RIGHT HAND; but a fool’s heart at HIS LEFT. There are other examples of the Left Hand creation in the Bible, especially those using abstract. (for an example of abstract compare Psalm 75:6 KJV as regards the abstract north). What does all of this mean?

The abstract of the Left Hand is the Right Hand, the Abstract of the Right Hand is the Left Hand. A door is opened in heaven, Revelation 4:1 KJV. John could see the Right Hand of Am who sat on the Throne holding a book of seven seals. John 5:1. No person in heaven could open it. Abstract-wise the Left Hand is present but does not hold the book and cannot open the book. So then the Right Hand is a profound symbol. If we are to understand the Bible we need to understand its symbols. By the same token if we are to understand the language of Jesus Christ we must understand the parables of Jesus Christ Who while on earth mostly spoke in parables, (Compare, Matthew 13:34-35 KJV).

In Luke 22:69 KJV it says: “Hereafter shall the Son of man sit on the RIGHT HAND of the power of God”. Jesus made this statement knowing He would soon be crucified. As in the example of the Amino Acid reaching equilibrium at the death of the organism, the Left Hand actions decreased, and the Right Hand actions increased. Jesus understood equilibrium: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit”, (John 12:24 KJV). John the Baptist understood this equilibrium too and said: “I must decrease He must increase”.

So we come to understand that in the universe there are circuits, Some circuits bear left and some circuits bear right. All such information is urgent in order to understand the secret language of God spoken in the soundtron. Sometimes a person wants to know the negative message going on or getting ready to happen in nature. Mostly, a person wants to know the divine message. The fact is you need to learn both sides of the code.

To be Continued

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