Sunday, April 18, 2021


The fan is in my hand, how can I not swirl with the breeze of it’s fanning. I touch myself, at first, I am here but there is something strange. I touch myself again and I am only spirit. Certainty seems evasive, I am left with probability which can be a sufficient basis for belief and action. Yet somehow, on the pillar is a striation (architecturally, a parallel narrow channel flute on the shaft of the column) without which interpretation there is a fluttery to the sheer absolute of resolve. But there is a flurry in me that bewilders doubt, an interwoven determination. I would pray for hawk eyes except I do not want to be a hawk.

A turning, almost a complete somersault, sometimes must promote how a person must learn to not lean on only one way of perceiving and thinking. When the nerves become like the taunt membranes of a drum, one thing to do is to play the drums until its rhythm sets free the restriction. This is not the time for the unknown dead to look over my shoulders, I have no intentions for joining anything dead right now. No matter how long-handled the curve of inquest, few are the birds who die from body failure while in flight. And this flight I am on is a soaring most divine.

O’ inceptive moment come! I adore walking among Morning Glories. But clad me not with the incidents of incipient happenings. Today I will live on the top of life. The spin in me is an engine for making manuscripts of engraved designs. I will write until hell runs from this holy ground. Psalms me O’ God with Your Spirit until I am caught up in your mental breezes. I hear in the background a flowing music whose scale is not of this world.

Ah, the Right Hand of God….the interlude divine, the trans-imbuement, the line hidden in the clasp of the Left Hand but always waiting to appear. The Right Hand as an Amtrictic inertial mass, whose momentum refuses the effects of gravity. The impossible figure is struck down. The idle wheel between matter and antimatter is ready to reveal its name.

There are the opposites which balance between Hell and Heaven, the impossible and the possible, the proton and the anti-proton, the real native nature and the contra native nature. Sing like one who for untold time had forgotten unns secret voice. Sing for mysteries are bursting revelations like songs of spring. In all of this one must come to new horizons of applications. The pieces of the fragments are like puzzles. Not everything that is abstract is a symbol of the divine. There is negative abstract and positive abstract. Being both central to this world and alien to it at the same time is reason enough for finding the bridge across the mental chasm of the mental physical and mental spiritual variables and constraints.

There is a passage from thought to an extension of parallel lines. This field of spiritual reasoning cannot be analysed by the general doctrine of ideas which usually do not apply to divine summation. The mind is more than just a succession of applied thoughts. It is destined to be the procurer of the substance of faith and to break down by definition the ordered sequences that occur in the traces of spiritual mind images.

In the manifold enfolds (involution) of symbols that picture insights to the contra of the real physical world, one must come to understand abstracts. Of that subject, there are apprehension levels that spar between what is cognitive of the real physical world and what is cognitive of the spiritual world. From this knowledge you will be able to thread precepts of truth that will cone exploits which are translet to new settings. When you find the sum of the circles your posture of knowledge will reveal the whole of what belongs to your origin.

1 Corinthians 15: 22-23 KJV says: For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. But every man in his OWN ORDER: Christ the firstfruits: afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming. Here the Bible is speaking of ascended human kind returning to their origin. This origin even involving the particular ORDER of Orphannim angel rank each person belonged to prior to being made subject to a body of matter. Why is this important? It is important because even though all humans were once Ophannim, nevertheless, all Ophannim did not belong to the same ranking.

The reason this needs to be known is because even as humans the previous ranking affects how people see things differently when observing spiritually abstract colors, bows of light, peering through abstract windows, seeing abstract waves, and even looking at an abstract spring. Because you are an Ophan angel you are eternal, ( and don’t let the subject about Hell confuse you, I will cover that again later.) you will never experience the Second Death which is spirit death. You are like ancient Love that never dies but just keeps growing and glowing. Your spirit body is abstract to your physical body, your physical body is abstract to your spirit body.

You must come to know about the quantum vibration stems that can be ordered to command the compressibility of space and its rebounding elasticity. Mainly, you must come to know about the Domatron effect. Fear not the volume of this knowledge for the lamb will come to open the seals and the book. The concepts that space in the sense of time can become warped, and space in the sense as affected by gravity can become curved, certainly posits it to not be beyond focus to conceive that within the wave print of the Soundtron there exists an Inversion Mode Reversal Principle which is capable to a ffect the entire general atomic lattice structure of the universal including of course all universal space. This aspect of God’s presence of Spirit being coupled with the Domatron effect, is major to understanding the whys and why nots of the universe. The language of God can then be understood to be woven in the was, the is, and the to be, throughout the universe.

I spoke of three contra dimensions to the three Physical dimensions. (For now I am choosing to not express matrix algebra as regards matrix representation of abstract vectors for dimensions, I will use example comparisons instead). In the atomic world protons are opposite to electrons. In the human body the spirt is opposite to the physical body. So in one way or the other one of the opposites of each dimension could be said to be a contra. Even opposites such as matter and antimatter can exist together at a distance apart. So then think of the said contra dimensions in abstract for as representing symbolically spirit dimensions. Please don’t get carried away and start calling the three contra dimensions “Spirit” dimensions. Please just hang and hold until I can frame these transmissions in an easy to understand language. There are vibratory opposites that relect the spiritual side of everything else that is being reflected physically.

Romans 11:16 KJV says: For if the firstfruit be holy, the lump is also holy: and if the root be holy, so are the branches. So then, this tree of life begins with the Firstfruit seed, then follows underground with a root lump system. Then, the root-trunk, after which comes the branches. By this verse for one thing it can be shown how things good come from things good and things of God come from things of God. The good seed of God put in the Ophannim is in all of us and permeates the universe as well. Is Romans 11:16 describing a vibratory tree of life that exist in each person and in fact exist also in the entire universe? On the continued journey of the Masterpiece Transmissions I will take you there according to God’s grace of revelation to me.

Until then,

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