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In the book of Revelation 21:17, it mentions the measurements of an angel. It can be seen that by the need of the higher mind of the angel to provide special measurements, there must then be hidden truths and hidden variables not accessible by common and general knowledge. For sure there are structures deeper than general geometry. General geometry is vastly short of giving an understanding of space. In searching the dimensions of a vector to translate its properties in quantum (as regards its magnitudes and directions), measurements can have an opacity that can be very challenging to comprehend.

There, of course, are extra numbers besides natural numbers. There are divine numbers that have divine meanings. The structure of the Tabernacle used the number five for its pattern component for nearly every measure which was in multiples of five. The holy
anointing oil was composed of five parts; the incense was made of a compound of five parts. In fact the whole of the orders that involved the Tabernacle were derived in a patterned way. The term the heavens has a gematria of 395, a multiple of five. And exponentially, as to ratios according to Leviticus 26:8, there is a ratio of divine empowerment to God's people of 5 to 100.

In the measurements using cubits, there was the standard cubit but there was also a Royal Cubit of which not everyone was aware. So, in Ezekiel 41:1 we are given measurements of the Temple. And there was 6 (six) cubits broad on one side and six cubits on the other side a combination of 12 (twelve), the number of the soundtron in circuit. It becomes clear as one reads the numbers that there is a fashion of paradoxical symbols that could even associate with super-numbers. All cubic measurements are not the same. There is the common cubit and there is the Royal or Great Cubit, (Ezekiel 41:8). The number five is interwoven with a sounding of a two-way implication of 5 cubits and 100 cubits, a divine ratio, (Ezekiel 41:11-15). A triangulation of the shape of a triangle arrow is configured.

There are Cherubim and palm trees configured in the super-number symbols, (Ezekiel 41:18-20). What is the infinite geometry of this? What is the abstract or ontological aspect? Is there an act of psychokinesis not pseudo here? Come Royal mind of thoughts, fill me in. Obviously, there is much unknown of numbers. If I follow Euclidean concepts, I am stuck on the sum of a triangle's angles being 180 degrees, and that does not match quantum concept which, by the curves of gravity, can exceed the 180 degrees. Further, can something perpendicular to the tangent contain a diameter of a circle?

There are extended meanings, there are spiritual axioms far more super than those discovered by the minds of Archimedes and Nikola Tesla. Yes, there are meta-mathematical levels and schemes of diophantine equations, and supernatural numbers that have no numerals but only symbols..... And not to forget pyramidal theorems and string theories, but most of these theories will not produce the quantifiers and the qualifiers that can index the holy ratios and holy exponentials that are divine manna from God.

There is a higher mind place with God that the Holy Spirit opens up. It is an anointing that allows the retrieval of masterpiece transmissions of knowledge, art, and music -- angel-connected and available in the molecules of the air you breath.

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