Sunday, April 18, 2021


When the wars come, where will the sons and daughters hide? Before you run, you must tie your shoes; before you cry, you must laugh. What cannot come by the limits of flesh can come by the bountifulness of the Spirit. Mental toy time is over. The faction difference is here. Matter has dominated long enough. Go to the energy locked in your mind... tear off the latch! Hear the voice of the Lord: The Knowledge of the Lord shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas, (Compare, Habakkuk 2:14 KJV). Do you believe this Word? What do you think about this prophecy of knowledge as refers to you:

1. Remaining at the same level of intelligence?

2. Not needing to think any longer?

3. Becoming less mentally capable?

4. Becoming disgusted or angry at the idea of needing to learn more knowledge?

5. Do you still believe that all things are possible?

6. Do you still believe that you can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens you?

7. Do you believe that the times are moving toward vastly increasing knowledge and that God
always provides a counterbalance to His believers?

In past of time it has been proposed that quantum reality has thought like projections. It is obvious, if that is true, that nature can be affected by this relationship of mind and matter. That, of course, is not a new thought but still an undeveloped one for most people. Cognitive science has its assumptions, most from the legacy that there does exist thinking minds. But the scope of the all-of-the-all is so great and vast and often seemingly contradictory that even pilots of knowledge well-advanced lose their bearings. Conductivity, yes! That is how to move with the streams.


There are appendages called stairways that connect to the spirit auras of the spiritual person. We are speaking about a part of God's radiance of the soundtron line that goes out throughout the universe as courier aureoles (aureoles are parts of the Aura of God). This Amtricity, as shinings of God, is everywhere and available to those who can assimilate it. Those persons with spirit auras of outstanding states are in higher connections in their spirit consciousness to God. It is through the spirit aura of humans one can receive the good syntone. It is through the physical aura that one can receive the negative syntones. (CHECK MANIFEST BLOGS OR THE MANIFEST CHRONICLES BOOK). Both kinds of syntones, positive and negative, fly the networks of the heavens.

The wise persons who found the babe Jesus had Melchizedek influenced syntones in their spirit auras. A good spirit aura depends on a good body aura as a transmitter to the human brain for physical consciousness of thought reception. Now I lay me down to sleep and pray my spirit goes forth to reap. Gather up the flower influences... kiss the holy syntones... allow your spirit to dance the codes of communication to the messages of God.


Take me home to the spring and summer of those lazy, hazy days when nothing was expected but to breathe, sleep and eat in the wonderful breeze of life. To live until I die, then to sleep like a song of time... dreaming on and on forever of the everything not lived in the real but now to be lived in dreams. Then some age at the end of this thing called time....let me awake a prince or perhaps even a king; if not, awake an angel; if not, awake: see what's been going on for eternity then... go back to sleep for another ten thousand years....

Perhaps the best awakening will be more fitting for living again somewhere, sometime, in a different world as easy as walking and as easy and talking and smiling, and if not in this universe, then perhaps in another universe. O yeah, God. Well, whatever is His will, let it be done! But if it is complicated, please let me sleep through it. And O yeah, hell.... I don't want any part of it even if it is real. Let me sleep on and on until hell runs out of the juice of fire, even if I need to sleep for one hundred thousand years or more. O but please, Lord, don't let me get bored or lonesome; I'm just looking for a change of mind, that's all! It's not that I'm tired of You, Lord, or tired of the Manifester's teachings. It's just sometimes I like to do nothing, You know... like nothing at all except to just live easily.

What is the cause of such diverse viewpoints? It is not just a spiritual cause result. The human body is sick, its many parts full of toxins and ill-constructed genetic messages. Some persons are aware of this, but the vast majority of the human masses are not. What eludes, baffles, and shrouds the manifestation of the truth is the lack of a vision and the lack of knowledge as regards the whole picture of reality. Believe it or not, it is in a major sense that the two views above have an unknown patron called state of health.

The world yearns for a completeness, for a fulfilling of truth without limit or exception, comprehensively extended, yet truth livable. Open soon, Lord, the up-surge. Then questions and answers rolled. Why do people receive different messages about life and about spirituality? Complexities dangle before the mental probes of the minds of millions of mortals. There seems to be a chasm, a fathom of mysteries shrouding and blocking the potential for the unfold to the real and imaginary drama of life. The truth dangles before the world but cannot be heard by but a select few, due to the physical and spiritual toxic steeping brews put in the human bodies by events and choices of life.

These toxic brews in the body encourage contrive and outshout and cajole many good actions and potentials in the human body. These toxic effects further create blackouts of transient dulling to mental acuity. Then enhance the possibility of emotions that lead to a brittle capability to resist anger and erroneous judgement. A healthy right state of the mind body can by will be an antenna for transferring to the brain retrieved messages that fly electrically and atomically through all space.

It is amazing what is embedded in the cellular landscape that abides within the periphery of the cytoplasm of the cells. One should ask: What part of the cells is atomic? what part is vibratory? what part if electrical? what part is message-capable? But convincing persons that they are not healthy when they believe they are healthy is a job for extreme patience -- especially when the knowledge of what health really is has been generally lost.

God has said: The very hair of your head is numbered! (Compare, Matthew 10:30 KJV). The nitrogen atoms which are fused into your hair are said to have sojourned into the cells of hundreds of different plants and animals. Keep in mind even a few strands of hair contain billions of atoms. These same atoms in their many different forms of energy may have even lived in other universes and perhaps have passed through Energy Dots. The power of induction is the knowing of the codes whereby to sojourn in the circuits of the pure language of God.

Use all the brain waves you need to use: the Delta, the Theta, the Alpha, and the Beta... but keep in mind there are waves that exceed these by a super far. Use all the laws you need to: The laws of cleavage, the laws of fluctuation, the laws of free motion, the laws of cyclic orders, and on and on. Yet none of this knowledge compares to the knowledge of the YHWH (the tetragrammaton} revelation of functions and positions. Yes, far beyond the thought cove that - and + equal /two positions and that the seeds of zero go to abstract. Further, when a square is drawn on a sphere, the dimension of the square is increased. When a triangle is drawn on a sphere, the angle degree is increased. By such methods, a triangle can be made to approach 10 right angles. And a square matrix is said to be triangular if all the entries are either above or below the diagonal. Halla Hello! Are you still with me? Hang and hold... The ark of revelation is coming up the road, and there is nothing that can change that now.

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