December 20, 2014

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Over the course of great time this abyss has been called a Black Hole, the Bottomless Pit, and Hell. This yawning abyss created a vast range of gravitating dominant space around it.  It has been said that this Abyss, which is 26,000 Light Years distance from earth, is composed of a mass equal to 4 billion suns, and is 14 million miles across.


As impossible as it may seem, according to an interpretation of the Bible in Revelations 9:11, this vast said abyss had a king over it that was under the authority of Lucifer-Satan.  Lucifer Satan was the master of this abyss called the bottomless pit, the black hole of hell, because he was given the key to it by an angel from God.  (Compare, Revelation 9; 1,).


Of course, the earth is incredibly too finite for any star (much less a colossal star such as the Star Wormwood, see Rev. 8:10-11) to fall upon it.  Also keep in mind a good-sized part of the Bible is not in chronological order.  The Bible meanings is that, dark force energy from this massive abyss called the (collapsed) Star Wormwood would fall or descend on the waters of the earth poisoning them.  In the book of Revelations the metaphor of “waters” is interpreted in Rev. 17:15, as people, multitudes, nations, and tongues.  Consequently, it is the effect of the Wormwood abyss that does this great mental and spiritual damage and carnage of death to a large number of persons. Dwelling on earth. 


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Over the fringe and deep into colors of knowledge rarely before seen by common Earth wanderers,,,,, the advance of terror and the blank dark of plots for the thousands of years to come will be overwhelmed by the knowledge of Holy Manifest insight that will come to pass for the Americas and those joined to their train of belonging and other world members.  

A voice of thunder said to the Manifester:  Choose 12 views from a thousand views into the future, and go to the highest mountain of your mind, see them, write them, for the world to know...for it is the will of God...   

My mind was caught away in a sea size whirl of future happenings and inventions.  So great was the volume, my mind could not instantly assimilate it.  Then I saw twelve very tall mountains  whose peaks peered over the clouds of the sky.  Again a voice spoke:  From each mountain top you will see a future-view into the future of time... The time occurrence and event of these prophecies are circumstantial, conditional and contingent on the scale of what is weighed in balance and found acceptable or found wanting due to the times being put into suppression because of collective human behaviour reaching an unacceptable point to God, therefore causing wars, strife, and failure to heed and prepare for major impedition of nature. 


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grand universe by antifan realIn The acts of America, Part 6,  The Tesla subject is rounded out until it is tangent with the period. The power of dark and the power of light is broken down into speculations. What affects physical matter does not affect the spirit force. The knowledge of the Force Fields of Life and Love  are expanded to become sprinkled as "the salt of the earth" from rains pouring down from Galaxy stars, as manna, from the angels of the Lords of Hosts.

For now, what was only suspicion is proven, that the human's inner drive to discover the fathoms of  seas, to conquer the acclivity of the highest mountain, and to reach to the stars, belongs to the mind winds of the spirit of each individual and how they of ancient anteriorities really connect to the very long long ago.


The theory is called the Big Bang, (which of course, some scientist even question).  Prior to the Big Bang all mass and matter was in a state of ultimate density and reduced to one dimension.  It was a maximum gravity, a true singularity.  The theory teaches that the singularity was caused to explode and its massive density was therefore caused to stretch and spread out so as to move at high speeds due to the propulsion of the explosion.  Consequently, the produced gravity waves moved in all directions at high speeds.  It is expected by scientists that these waves should have spread out in a continuum as gravity waves moving across the Universe and should currently be able to be detected still traveling through space.


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tesla nikola

The following subjects are expanded for consideration within this blog:

Deep insights to the Fifth Force, the Tesla alien connection expanded, some old science out, manifest science in…missed factors, whereby to figure Universal realities and beginnings unwound by the revelation of furnished missed factors…

The flaming torch of truth can never be put out forever.  Sooner or later it will rise from whatever grave of smothering it has been buried in.  Manifesters driven deep into the forest of solitude because their truth was like an earthquake to the political gospels of blur.  They of the blur, have hired paper warriors of darkness to downgrade and scare away believers.  But truth is everlasting and eventually overcomes all things, for it will always endure to the end.

To believe the Bible is truth, is a major tenant.  To believe the Bible or to not believe the Bible affects one’s field of knowledge.   According to the verses of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, the “spirit” (as a force), was a main active part in the making of the Earth and the sun, moon, and stars of the Universe.  So if we believe the Bible as to that part…then the forces operating in  the Universe presently, and the forces which will be operating at the ending of the Universe, should be involved with that same “spirit” force, that begot creation, which forces, accordingly, would still be involved as forces moving the Universe.  This accords, because God’s forces are major continuous powers.  That said, I must share, that to believe the Bible is not simple.  The Bible is part in code, and in part a language fold of many levels, as well, to really understand the Bible in a 30, 60, 100 fold insight, there needs to be more than just translation from language to language, the Bible needs Seer interpretation.

A Presentation Trajectory of T.R.I.T 1 and 2…

To begin, let us survey T.R.I.T., there is T.R.I.T no. 1, also called T.R.I.T. Major, and there is a T.R.I.T. no 2, also called T.R.I.T. Minor, the New Mathematics of Dr. Jerry O. Lee.


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The voyage, with introductory subjects...

teslarotbreakouttopview1000The idea of this blog is to familiarize readers with manifest terms and to provide MIV Interpreted Bible verses for scriptural reference. The subject will be completed next blog.

To begin, let me say I do not position myself to be making any claims, I am rather making presentations. These presentations will in time make their own claims. Now, let there come the revelation and break through that the world's scientists have sought for generations of time as regards how to unite the Four Forces of the Universe. I think it is reasonable to say: the string theory is not the theory of everything because it does not recognize the Fifth Force.
The Fifth Force is about to be revealed, and can explain dark energy, dark matter. When the Fifth Force speaks, a "force field" will raise its flag and the space of the Universe will open in a new and living way. Join this voyage, there has been no other like it to my knowledge.

It is written: Since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither has the eye seen, O God, the secrets you hold of knowledge and love, that has waited from the foundations of the Earth to be known. (Compare, Isaiah 64:4 MIV).


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tesla-coil-suit-1When researchers go back in time to the making of the universe they touch the zones of time and timelessness that are beyond physical laws where constants don't apply mathematics don't apply  and scientific logic doesn't apply.  Such straits of knowledge can become an edge of doubt or faith.  The next statement I am about to write may challenge  your faith but be aware that the world still knows very little about the facts of reality.  Today there are so called Christians who do not believe in the virgin birth by Mary of Jesus Christ.  If you really have come to believe the whole of what the Bible says about miracles angels and divine births an iron axe  floating on water Jesus walking on water and an angel walking into flames of fire and transporting  fervent fire not burning the three Hebrew men  you will not have a difficult time with the Arcturian revelation.

It is said that Tesla was a person born before his time.  I have a connection to that because I received an oracle that I was born a hundred years before my time.  I in no way compare the inventive and scientific marvels of Tesla to myself.  My call is to bring forth marvels of the Word of God.  Sometimes for explanation I have to delve into subjects that are technical. My greatest connection to Tesla is that we are both Earth born Arcturians  from Enoch and his offspring who were transferred from Earth to the Planet Arctura called "The Father's House" (Not to be confused with the location of the Star Arcturus).  The Father's House planet is located in Asia Minor the Little Dipper Constellation area.  When an Arcturian is sent on a Mission to Earth the entity is put into a Swoo a state of suspended animation and uuns spirit is dualed in a paralleled state.  One of the dualed spirits remains in the Swoo and the other spirit of the dualed becomes an Extra-Terrestrial sent for a Transport-Birthing on Earth where a living human body is chosen for the process of providing a regular birth.  At a later time after the birth signals are sent to the Earth-birthed human Arcturian to begin DNA and Lattice changes for mental and spiritual advance.


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220px-tesla3The Tunguska Incident was one of the most spectacular events of modern times.  The force that was dispelled that 30th day of June 1908 displayed a power more awesome than the Atomic Bombs exploded upon Japan.  The impressionability of that moment in time has mostly not yet been understood.

The source of that discharge was much queried.  Some have supposed a small asteroid or a meteorite but no fragments or crash site depressions have been found. There seems to be some strange source the knowledge thereof caught between a ghost and a spider.

Tesla's Tower at Wardenclyffe Long Island New York was the site of a Telsa's installed oscillator system for wireless energy transmissions.  This machine was of formidable broadcasting power.    However this system could broadcast more that radio waves.  It could broadcast huge bulk bands of electromagnet energy in the form of fire balls and lighting.

The century of the eighteen hundreds was an open door into the very knowledge and energy of the cosmos.  Before this light of knowledge time with a few exceptions an iron door of darkness heavy and weighty was written upon by mostly wishful thinkers pagans uncivilized minds and dark ages.  I do not say that in the past of a great long ago there were not ages of knowledge covered up and lost.

Today and for sometime a big search has been on in the minds of those questing to know GUT (Grand Unification Theory) and TOE (Theory Of Everything) which secrets it has been hoped would answer the mysteries of the Universe.   But these answers will not be forth coming even though some scientist think the answers are in their hands.  These answers are not in hand to those entities who do not understand the Domatron effect.  The fact is...without that knowledge major pieces of the puzzle will always be missing.


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The photo-spheres of a thousand thousand stars radiate to the receptors of my mind.  My Medulla Oblongata the pyramidal shaped hind part of the vertebrate of my brain (which  is continuous with my spinal cord) is beeping about thoughts told to me by the extraterrestrial TT..  TT.. T! a resident of the Father's House Planet.   (O' wow when I tell this true story will it cause many of my followers to scattered as it did when Jesus said: except you eat my flesh and drink my blood [He was speaking of trans-assimilation] you will in no wise enter the kingdom of God?

A prismatic polyhedron of prismatold insight arises in the story I am about to tell.  Every vertex of this truth lies in one of its parallel planes of knowledge known about this Earth world...recorded in energy dots which to the average person is mentally beyond this world.

A parallel arrangement of words in the form of an antithesis speaks from the ante co dent (first term of a mathematical ratio).  But this is no shift into an alternate reality.  Rather it is a coded message that it is time for the Empire of Shadows to melt.  The umbra of dark goo has served as a mentor long enough now come agents of the most high God to manifest the Light that comes from grace above.

The true portrait imagery is a color-shift of transformation that will dare break the super-bubble of disinformation.

Sometimes a great cover up intent upon using the figments of the imaginations of the world can have a turn around for a better good...that never was the planned purpose.

Such is the case with Roswell's UFO's area 51 said happenings.. Go to now let your brain spin free of the old saliva spit out your slobber tidy up your mind gear down this hill is a high mountain.  From this view advantage you will see afar...


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