Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Space of Pure Reasoning.....

Climb the imaginary real: climb; go to abstract; fly from the far-out-on-the-limb place. Touch now the “not there”; do it again and again until the “not there” is there. The soundtron wave, the Ghost wave, is visible even in it’s invisibility by Z-ray vision.

I the Manifester, bid you come beyond the number reckoning of Louis de Broglie and David Bohm, beyond Rieman and Hilbert….. Come to where One is the Monad God number and to where One is the Father of all the seeds of zero. Skip the modern complex analyses approach. Come to the Primes of numbers that supper on the critical line and reach to infinity. Come to where Pi (x)/(x log x) = 1, where only begins the journey.

Come drink space full of dimensions and full of energy dots. Watch “particle duality as an action at a distance”. Lunch with me on the superluminal propagation of quantum potential. Dance with the spins; leave the trivial; follow the non-linearity. Acknowledge Einstein, Podolsky, and Ros-en; touch the remains of Nikola Tesla. But own no attached strings to their limits. Fly free with a mind and “the Space of Pure Reasoning”….. that in God you may trust!

Clump the numbers together; string them out; divide them; select and make paramount the primes. Feel the potential; make codes. This is a signature, but of what value unless it is a discovery from the deep of the truth of infinity? Break the lock and toss it; let no steel loop prevent you from entering the door where Mystery greets you with its name. Go through the bubble maze to the other side where there is a dimension slide.

Experiment: add the horizontal value of any numbers, but for a ramble let’s add the numbers 789 and 781. However, instead of seeking the total vertical sum…. let’s add the horizontal sum of these two numbers one at a time: 7+8+9= 24 and 7+8+1= 16. Now vertically add the horizontal number values of 24 and 16 which will equal 40. Cancel the zero; instill the “4″ and decide what the probability distribution should be: what method will you use? what result will you seek? to figure a circle in the square of four? to figure the matrix and core vector? to transform a chi square? What base, what interface will you use? In your data modeling, will you make a polynominal fitting, shade the square, take random variates until you can deal in gamma numbers? Or take x the least squared solution?

OK, let’s just take a prime of 2, which by modeling is the prime value of the horizontal number value of 789 and 781. Keep in mind the smaller the whole number the closer to Spiritual infinity but the larger the number the deeper into Physical infinity.

To rid the prime of syntone, it must be moved to super space abstracts. To do this, purpose the accepted three dimensions (the fourth dimension of time will be used later as a variant factor due to relativity). Since for every positive there is a negative and only the realm manifolds can speak as to which position is the higher regard, in this case we will choose the negative which is closer to imaginary and abstract positions.

This gives us three positives and three negatives equaling collectively 6. The number 6 is not a prime number, but we can remove the syntone by factoring it to become a triple of 6 equaling 18; plus add the number 5 by taking from the dimension slide of time relativity therefore making a prime number of 23 with no syn-tone. How can we do this? The code of change is astro-atomic and by using logistical-rhythmatics we can cross the complex plane, enter the finite field, and extend the number field. Call it what you will: a Gaussian prime of imaginary parts that are divisible by themselves, a composite (2ti)(2-i)= 5? An action to replace a numerator with a function by using a Relativity Distance Rate? a Zeta Function, or a thought oracle? Or if you can go back into time and talk with Lorentz about his coefficients and two dimensional transformations or if you can talk to Neils Bohr about his viewpoints from the other side on quantum physics? But wonder if all that is profound and complex of science were reduced to an energy dot spot and a small box appeared and Minkowski fastened his eyes on its weird space inset…. then suddenly the box opened and “jack in the box” popped up and said: “Let me tell you the rest of the story” about the hidden variables that form the deep explanation……

Another way for your think quest is to follow the Manifester Revelation Pomegranate Cluster-Visitors from outer space oracles. This is the path to perpetual motion but not a subject for discussion until the 20,000 quest can be accomplished.

Check out these Scriptural insights: Psalms 40:5, Psalms 92:5 and Psalms 139:12-18 KJV.

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