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220px-tesla3The Tunguska Incident was one of the most spectacular events of modern times.  The force that was dispelled that 30th day of June 1908 displayed a power more awesome than the Atomic Bombs exploded upon Japan.  The impressionability of that moment in time has mostly not yet been understood.

The source of that discharge was much queried.  Some have supposed a small asteroid or a meteorite but no fragments or crash site depressions have been found. There seems to be some strange source the knowledge thereof caught between a ghost and a spider.

Tesla's Tower at Wardenclyffe Long Island New York was the site of a Telsa's installed oscillator system for wireless energy transmissions.  This machine was of formidable broadcasting power.    However this system could broadcast more that radio waves.  It could broadcast huge bulk bands of electromagnet energy in the form of fire balls and lighting.

The century of the eighteen hundreds was an open door into the very knowledge and energy of the cosmos.  Before this light of knowledge time with a few exceptions an iron door of darkness heavy and weighty was written upon by mostly wishful thinkers pagans uncivilized minds and dark ages.  I do not say that in the past of a great long ago there were not ages of knowledge covered up and lost.

Today and for sometime a big search has been on in the minds of those questing to know GUT (Grand Unification Theory) and TOE (Theory Of Everything) which secrets it has been hoped would answer the mysteries of the Universe.   But these answers will not be forth coming even though some scientist think the answers are in their hands.  These answers are not in hand to those entities who do not understand the Domatron effect.  The fact is...without that knowledge major pieces of the puzzle will always be missing.

In the time that lies ahead some very famous scientists and physicists are going to lose much of their fame something along the line of the discovery of Aristotle's glaring scientific errors for instance the belief that the earth was the Center of the Cosmos. Aristotle after being hailed a  supreme man of knowledge for a long time was brought down to a lower level even though having credits for some concepts of his that were good.   There are just too many factors left out about the universe and it structures and actions and reactions still massively unknown.

I nevertheless applaud these said famous men for what they did bring to the world and their brilliance.  But just as the best "brain" scientists still do not understand the human brain's enormous potential and of that they are well aware there also lies a similar state of missing knowledge concerning the mysteries of the Universe.

The curvature of space-time theories has it's applications but without an integration into applying the Universal effects of convolution and involution and understanding precisely such things as the photons transporting the energy (I did not say "force" purposely) of electromagnetism into an angular momentum which allows radiation and understanding such things as the invariance of rotation... then as to connecting these things with the long truth of the all of the all these insights will still remain evasive.  Look at the convolution and involution of the human brain and look at the teachings of the Manifester's Lattilution.   Would it not be interesting if one day the Manifester's teaching of Lattilution swallowed up the teachings of Evolution like the snake Rod of Moses swallowed up the snake Rods of the magicians of the pharaoh?  And still one should not think I am putting everything evolution teaches down.  It is mainly objectionable to me because it does not have answers for the human conscience and for the existence of God at least not answers acceptable to me.

Aerodynamically the electromagnetic pulse when channeled without disruption is probably one of the most powerful natural force of nature on the face of this Earth.

Tesla had confidence he could by the use of this energy  harness the powers of the Earth as free energy for humankind. Tesla's goal for his high voltage frequency tower (yet knowing how to adjust voltage from high to low frequencies) was his gambit to test and prove it possible to conduct a wireless transmission of energy using vibrating waves of the Earth to project an electromagnetic broadcast destination.   So emphatically I must say again that Tesla envisioned these powers for peaceful and beneficiary helps to humanity.

Tunguska was not the first test of Tesla's wireless energy transfers it is said he once using a wireless method lit up 200 lamps from a distance of 25 miles at least he provided the now proven concept.   The ability to shoot a programed link of lighting into the atmosphere using a Tesla coil system and a transformer antenna was not without parallel in the great great past but in Teslas time it was like a miracle to many people.

Somewhere around 23 to 24 years of age mostly in the year 1882 Tesla began to have flashes into his mind.  I am talking about something more than just thoughts.  These flashes were photo-translated as information into his brain from a distance with the greatest of ease by the very advanced Arctursions of the Father's House.  The Arctursions  for some long time knew how to send wireless messages through time and space and how to direct this information to minds of selected humans...Especially sending messages to Arcturian Earth born humans on a mission even though those Arctursions having not come into perfect awareness of who they were or awareness of their mission grounds of origination.

It should be known that the use of resonance does play into the capability of the fine tuning Tesla used for connecting his system to the sympathetic vibrations of resonance...As the mind flashes continued into Tesla's mind he began to be able to visualize nearly complete inventions in his mental receptors.   The list of products that Tesla is responsible for initiating is major and amazing:  Alternating electric currency radio electric generators electric motors fluorescent  lighting x-rays lasers and on and on.

The exponentiation of Tesla's electromagnet system concept even potentially  included global climate engineering electromagnetic superconductivity and scores of underlining revelation on the power of levitation not to mention deep insights into gravity.   Tesla understood that the Earth as a turning not quite spherical ball spinning around with an iron core in its center  producing electromagnetic fields and the power of solar wind tides was energy that just needed to be tapped.   Add to that insights of knowledge about the Van Allen Belt  and how the Earth vibrates with energy at a low frequency (which is said to be 7.83 hertz which is said to be the resonant frequency of the Earth) which is driven by the Van Allen Belt as a result from acting on the driving current caused by the Earth's inner molten core activity.  Many persons of Tesla's time and even to persons of this modern time have thought his ideas about using the Earth's energies to drive waves of generated and transmitted energy to be off the base of reality but more and more facts are being ironed out that keep justifying Tesla's ideas.  I suppose it should be said that there are some outstanding scientists of today who do not agree with all of Tesla's ideas.  Tesla was not perfect but neither is the work of today's scientists and most of them will admit that.


In answer to all challenges against the Tunguska Incident having been caused by Nikola Tesla's electromagnetic transmission from New York...The Manifester Yada is raised up on the heels of his brain probes to declare the truth as he sees it on this subject.  The following list consist of other conceptual  causes for what happened at Tunguska and a short light dissertation by the Manifester Yada as to why each such theory was not provable or why in his opinion does not stand.

1.  An Air burst destruction of a meteorite  or a fractured part of a comet 4-6 miles above ground zero.

The Manifester rejects this solution because after years of searching and reporting by scientists no meteorite debris (which even an air burst event would have created debris) nor have any craters have been found.

2.  Crash of an extraterrestrial (alien) flying craft above ground zero.

The Manifester rejects this solution because his inside knowledge reveals that extraterrestrial craft which can travel at the speed of light from galaxy to galaxy cannot crash.  (see part one of the  "Acts of America blog").

3.  A small anti matter rock from outer space.

The Manifester rejects this solution because anti matter is not known to occur in nature.  An anti matter bomb was not capable of being made at the time of the incident nor is it capable of being made in these more modern times in any kind of feasible way.  As to not quite the subject but relative the forming of a mono-pole by any means would have been questionable and would have done an additional kind of damage that did not occur electromagnetic-wise.

The possibility of an anti-matter rock making it through to the Earth  even via a minor distance of space would be against incredible odds.

4.  A mini-Black hole

The Manifester rejects this solution because even a mini-black hole would have generated too much gravity for its effect to be limited to such a narrow Earth range as Tunguska.  A black hole collision would have left a crater or an exit hole but no craters or exit holes were found.  Black holes are said to be the result of a burned out star. A collapsed stellar corpse just a mile wide would be the type for making a true mini-black hole.   This mini-black hole  traveling through space for hardly any distance would have by sucking in so much matter of space debris collected a vast accumulation and therefore would not have remained a mini situation for long.  A black hole is said to be invisible and only the effect of the black hole seen.  This event then doesn't concur with what many witnesses claim to have seen.  Scientists claim the residue of carbon 14 found on ground zero is insignificant for a black hole event causing the extent of damage to have happened.

Additionally most scientists would expect even a mini-black hole to have an exit event and to leave cosmic deposits and guess what?  Your are right as said no exist event found and no cosmic deposits found.   Nevertheless researcher's suspicion that in our Galaxy alone there may be as many as 10 million black holes.

5.  Geophysical cause when approx. 10 million tons of natural gas leak out of the earth and exploded.

The Manifester rejects this solution because June 30 1908 was a very clear day in the Siberian Tunguska area and for natives adjusted to the freezing cold of the area and dressed in their parkas a day to be outside.  Nevertheless extremely cold too cold for rain and lightning.  Yes too cold to produce the lightning to ignite 10 million tons of gas fire.  Cap-rock generally keeps all heavy gas from escaping the Earth.  It usually takes a man-made well to release it.  In history such wells were from 27 to 30000 feet deep.

It is not that it is impossible for natural gases to seep out of the Earth.  History shows that around the first century A.D. natural gas seeped out of the ground and was ignited by lightning producing a hot flame that burned night and day.  In  1626 French explorers found native Americans igniting gases seeping into and around Lake Erie.  Eternal fires reported by Plutarch a Greek Historian discovered that  in an area now called the present day Iraq this eternal fire was probably from natural gases that had seeped out of the Earth. Generally it is natural light gas that seeps up through the Earth and escapes.

As to 10 tons of natural gases escaping up through the frozen natural tundra and ground (in Siberia it is still very cold in June) no not an acceptable idea especially the quantity accumulating and the winds not dispersing the major part of these gases.

6.  Solar burst flare from the sun.

The Manifester rejects this solution because our sun is a stable star and there has never been shown or proven in the history of the Earth any great devastation from  a large sun flare (coronal mass ejection).  The magnetic energy from the Van Allen Belt is a degree of protection.  It seems the greatest danger with the sun flares is the temporary disruption of electrical services.  And I do not want to downplay the significance of that but still that is quite different from a  sun blast of searing heat that would cremate a part of the Earth.  No to mention this kind of an event does not correspond to the testimonies of the living witnesses.

7.  Gravitational tides from an alignment of the earth moon and the Sun.

The Manifester rejects this solution because an alignment of the earth moon and sun would not cause an increased intensity of gravity that would severely damage the earth.  The earth has experienced many alignments and no such event has ever damaged the earth.   In fact gravity does not work based on alignment as is being pronounced by some doom Sayers.  Gravity is based on weight and distance not based on position such as an alignment.

The Manifester rejects this solution because no major cosmic gravitational event would have have been limited to such a narrow range as the Siberian Tanguska

8.  A small asteroid that burst in the air over ground zero at Siberia Tunguska...

The Manifester rejects this solution because while the burst of the asteroid in the air provides a scenario for there not being a crater such a dissimulation of the asteroid should have still produced the fingerprints of dust particles but none have been found.  Also some of the sky signs in the air over Tunguska are a little strange for having been created as a result of an asteroid explosion.  I do understand if one would be willing to accept some complicated atomic and  electromagnetic fluke concepts that even with great odds against it happening it is still not impossible to have happened.  One might be able to squeeze the asteroid solution in as a possible cause for the Tunguska event.  I of course pass on such a scramble of facts that are statistically smeared by the poke and a hunch system.


Over 100 years ago not far from the Podamennaye river near Tunguska in central Siberia eight hundred square miles of a remote forest of 60 to 80 million trees were blasted to the ground; nevertheless there were yet a few trees still standing alive on ground zero  and there were other of the trees imprinted with a radial  pattern.  What caused this?   How could an aerial fireball explosion exert so much confusion as to its author.  What was the message of this event?  Was it a message of horror or did it speak in unknown tongues about the availability of endless free energy for an age of peace called Ion.   Who were the visitors that flew the skies that day through the blue of the bowed globe over the Tunguska forest?

Dear reader I need to take you up to the mountain top so you will be able to view the promise land.  I propose to show  you that indeed it was the electromagnetic  transmission of Nikola Tesla that as a lightning discharge from Wardenclyffe Tower in the Long Island area New York that zeroed in on the Tunguska forest in Siberia Russia.

Tesla was more than a genius he was also an earth born Arctursion of the progeny of Enoch.  Hear me out before you jump out of this picture.  I want to introduce to you the Fifth Force.  And I want to speak about the Coriolis and Eotvos effects.  I want to unravel dark matter and dark energy.  I want to show you that even though some researchers insist the Tunguska event could not have been caused by Tesla because of the pointing direction of the laid down Tunguska forest trees  (Mainly the trees were laid down opposite of the direction from where the Tesla's shot came from) I want to show you how that there are factors they have missed.  Factors that show there was a split of Tesla's transmission bulk of electromagnetic energy and a turn around of that projection on its trajectory path therefore explaining the direction change of the laid down forest of trees from what it would have been to what it was.

Tesla did overshoot the North Pole due to a few factors I will reveal and his projection was also altered by to mention one thing an aspect of the Eotvos effect that he didn't take into calibration. The Eotvos effect was understood by its discoverers (one bearing the Eotvos name) in a way by which they saw gravity differently than do modern researchers...They also understood atomic spins in connection to their discovery quite differently than is generally understood in modern times.  They were looking at what they felt was an insight into the Fifth Force.  The Eotvos effect is not clearly understood even in these modern times.   Eotvos instead of figuring the gravity of electromagnetic energy he figured the gravity of the earth which of course changed the vectors.

A so called alien space craft shaped like a cylinder was spotted by living observers of the Tunguska incident.  This craft was a scientific shuttle and observation craft form the Father's House Planet Arctura located  in the Little Dipper constellation area.  These pilots knew what Tesla who had very strong ideas of his own might do.  You could say they were covering for him.  Their was no danger to their craft at any time.  They were there to monitor and to intercept anything that might go wrong.  They had the knowledge and the power to intervene when necessary.  Even in our time the Arcturians Cherubim and Seraphim have been on the look out for the safety of the Earth.  Recently they have directed to crash on the sun huge Planadomes loaded with fire deceleration properties to balance thermal sun flare out even a small effect can change the thrust extent.   Any of you scientists reading this don't get too stuffed up with indifference to this statement for one day for sure you will be doing your best calculations to figure out how these space travelers do what they do.

Due to the rotation of the earth and the therefore caused centrifugal force a cannon ball fired to the north is deflected eastward an extent or westward an extent according to whether subjected to the Coriolis or Eotvos effects.  It is said the coriolis effect is greatest near the equator and decreases toward the poles.  There are of course factors that decide which effect it is that is to be applied.  Keep in mind that all laws of the cosmos can experience temporary abeyance.  We should not think that Tesla was ignorant of these effects but that does not mean he caught every point.  Tesla was also aware of the resonance of the electrical motion of the earth.   However I intend to specifically pin point the factors as to why Tesla overshot the North Pole and that is still greatly not known or understood even to this day with an accuracy of 1/100 000 000 000%.  This percentage was the claim of Eotvos.

There are options of measurement due to the difference between Newtonian classical mathematics and quantum mathematics and additionally there is the Fifth Force.  And there are such things as fluctuations of the magnetic field even the constant of gravity can vary.  There are even electromagnetic vacuum of space dynamics that can have effects on a planet's mass.  Then there are the questions concerning momentum.   Both electric and magnetic fields carry momentum and there is the asymmetric effect where tensor fields relate to the densities of energy and momentum.

And what about the surface density of the atomic spins?  And who do scientist choose to follow on such things as  this Abraham or Minkowski?  Perhaps it depends on the application they are applying it to and where and how they use or don't use the vectors of scalar math  but perhaps it is only a part of each one of their math that is acceptable.  That would be in some ways my opinion.  And that is not taking away from these two awesome minds and their super life careers.   Nevertheless I lean toward Minkowski.   My solution regards the momentum of light within dielectric materials and their lattice wave asymmetric differentiations as regards polarity to the point of affecting electrical permittivity of the material in relation to the subject of light. It is my belief this point of variance produces phenomenon that affects many happenings in this quantum world. Perhaps at a later time I will better connect as to why this has anything to do about Tesla and Tunguska.

"The definition of canonical momentum corresponds to the momentum operator of  quantum mechanics when it interacts with the electromagnetic field according to certain circumstances.  Such as where P=m v+g A Where "A" is the electromagnetic vector potential and "m" is the charged particle invariant mass and [v] its velocity and [g] its charge".

"Newton's second law:  the rate of change of the momentum of a particle is proportional to the resultant force acting on the particle and is in the direction of that force.  Using the laws of momentum  relating to mass velocity the linear momentum of a system is the vector sum of the momenta of the entire system.  As to the conservation of linear momentum until an outside force acts on the system of mass in transit it will continue with the same velocity.  While the trajectory position in space is a vector quantity the momentum being the canonical conjugate of position is a vector quantity as well because it has direction".

There are so many ways to make application of these laws.  If we mix and fiddle with relativistic momentum De Brogie's wavelength via Planck's constant and use scalar vectors then add in the invariance of the four vectors by Lorentz  and the four momentums of Einstein to the pie whoa what a dance that would be especially if we toss in a little theory on plasma gases.  You will find it interesting when I show you how so many of these said strange realities can affect much of what happens on this earth.

There are many points of potential effects such as electric field overlaps field emission of speed variance and the photo electric effect.  Interesting also a geomagnetic storm was recorded occurring at the same time of the Tunguska explosion.  Once again I am running out of space and time so I must close this blog and continue another time.

I have laid out many thoughts for foundation trajectory and the next time I will put in the technical parts when I present the final episode of Tesla Anomaly and the  FIFTH FORCE.


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