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The following subjects are expanded for consideration within this blog:

Deep insights to the Fifth Force, the Tesla alien connection expanded, some old science out, manifest science in…missed factors, whereby to figure Universal realities and beginnings unwound by the revelation of furnished missed factors…

The flaming torch of truth can never be put out forever.  Sooner or later it will rise from whatever grave of smothering it has been buried in.  Manifesters driven deep into the forest of solitude because their truth was like an earthquake to the political gospels of blur.  They of the blur, have hired paper warriors of darkness to downgrade and scare away believers.  But truth is everlasting and eventually overcomes all things, for it will always endure to the end.

To believe the Bible is truth, is a major tenant.  To believe the Bible or to not believe the Bible affects one’s field of knowledge.   According to the verses of the first chapter of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, the “spirit” (as a force), was a main active part in the making of the Earth and the sun, moon, and stars of the Universe.  So if we believe the Bible as to that part…then the forces operating in  the Universe presently, and the forces which will be operating at the ending of the Universe, should be involved with that same “spirit” force, that begot creation, which forces, accordingly, would still be involved as forces moving the Universe.  This accords, because God’s forces are major continuous powers.  That said, I must share, that to believe the Bible is not simple.  The Bible is part in code, and in part a language fold of many levels, as well, to really understand the Bible in a 30, 60, 100 fold insight, there needs to be more than just translation from language to language, the Bible needs Seer interpretation.

A Presentation Trajectory of T.R.I.T 1 and 2…

To begin, let us survey T.R.I.T., there is T.R.I.T no. 1, also called T.R.I.T. Major, and there is a T.R.I.T. no 2, also called T.R.I.T. Minor, the New Mathematics of Dr. Jerry O. Lee.

T.R.I.T. no 1, regards The meaning, (TOTAL RESOLUTIONAL INFLATION [CONVOLUTION] TRANSLATION) FROM MASS DENSITY TO AN UNIVERSAL EXPANDING STATE.  [Keep in mind as said in the last blog,  the very mass density from which can spring a new Universe is proof of a prior Universe.  Consequently, this T.R.I.T revelation once revealed in its fullness will bring a sweet fulness of truth about the Alpha ages of "what was"].

Here is the meaning of T.R.I.T. no 2:  (Total  Resolutional Involution Termination), which means THE TOTAL RESOLUTIONAL INVOLUTION  TERMINATION OF THE UNIVERSE BY COMPRESSION TO A HIGH DENSITY SCROLL STATE.  This regards the closing down process of the Universe in many, many long successions beyond comprehension of time to an ultra compressed density.



*PARA-NOMINAL (this term, nor none of the following terms, apply to “para-normal”meanings.

*PARA = BEYOND AND SUPERSEDENT,  ‘spirit’ forces, soundtron affects and effects to the Universe



*SUB-NOM, invisible, but influential derivative actions

*SUPER-NOM, as in binding forces and as to corroborative opposite forces


*NOMINAL as in ABSTRACT configurations

*NOMINAL as in COLLECTIVE groupings of Lattilution

*NOMINAL as in PHRASE cycles

(The above is a partial connect to T.R.I.T list)

[MATHEMATICAL VALUES OF THE SAID ABOVE  TERMS TO COME, with the 20,000 Pomegranate Mystery unfold].

Subjectively, for now, with a little bit of overview, it can be seen that the whole reveal of T.R.I.T will be in at least one unfold a major mathematical lean as to the total mass and energy potential of gross particularization’s of which the Universe is made and put into an expanded state, and when its matrix use is finished, the Universe will then be put into shrinkage and ultimate density until the next vast turnaround of timelessness occurs again.

Most scientist and data researchers would not think it reasonable, to expect that at anytime, even using advanced computer-wise vamping, such a project of vast numbers would be possible to assimilate.  What I can say to that, is the method that T.R.I.T. uses is unique and profound, and deals with unit measurements.

Nikola Tesla’s linkage to the stars…



I would return but I have not left.  I have not left because I do not remember the league, much less remember them with whom I once was.  And the station to where I now am, is bland, except for the brilliant fog of space where only lightning reminds me of the somewhere I belong… yes, I belong, beyond, but, I cannot for some reason remember how to return.

The whizzing in my mind goes out to infinity and returns with a voice of abundant knowledge and ideas.  I could build a fortress full of such abundant captive power, yet I know the angels would wonder why…I am messenger, some how like them, yet I am caught in the swell of the times to which I was assigned, and I have no signature of relief to ascend free until I have left the prints of destiny for which I was given invisible instructions.  I must live out the man that my job is bound to.  Somehow, it was my choice long ago on another plane.

Only the birds remind me of being free.  The towering woods in which I walk are made of strikes of lightning.  One day I will enter into a great flash and return to my home so far far away…

I have taught my mind to fly the electromagnetic winds whose currents own the earth.  I have no fear, only reckless dare.  I can smell electricity and all its frequencies.  I love that smell, it is a ride to my mind.  One day paradox came to me dressed in white, I laughed and laughed until I nearly hurt.  Paradox never came to address me again.  I think I am now hated by those liars because I shamed them to such an extent.


You came to me in Colorado, T T T tt.  No common trait has master of the skies like you have.  The wheels within your wheels bend both inward and outward.  Curves obey you, that I have witnessed with my own eyes.  I have met no other entity who can talk over my head and make sense.  But neither was my gut steel made from the contents out of a garbage can.  I get this deep feeling…that you are my destined messenger.  Nevertheless, even if you are a god, somethings have to go my way or I will rebel.

Tell me now in detail the underlying energy of the Universe.  You can trust me that I will keep any dangerous information secret.

T T T tt:

The great Master, Lord of Hosts, takes no testimony from any man, not even a birth connected Arcturian…

Breathe and stretch Tesla, you have the knowledge of the Universe within you, you need only release what is holden within the confines of the imagined

mental limits of your mind.


I am leary to trust my deep knowledge on paper so I keep it in my head…but sometimes my head feels jammed.   What do you recommend T T T tt?

T T T tt

I can make a memory record from your brain, up to current of your scientific and inventive knowledge events from your ingrained mental strata information.  That will give you relief for having confidence that none of this information will be lost and that the safety and protection of dangerous secrets and advance insights too potentially destructive for the archives of this generation are secured.   At the same time we will be able to check as to which of this information was planted by us and the information that you have developed formation-wise by the lattilution of your own brain and mind.


Umm, a book of my brain’s contrives, a Tesla, subconscious conveyance, forever in the hands of the Arcturians.  Possibly, for your awesome museum, and counter intelligence?  Lets do it     T.T.T. tt.

The First Domain Fifth Force, and the first and second most powerful Force Fields…

A major Universal factor not understood, is why certain actions at certain times, seem to contradict certain laws and dismiss certain established axioms, that are nearly pillars of scientific findings called “constants”.  The law that allows this dismissing of the rules, is called:  THE LAW OF PRIVILEGE…It is another way of saying:  With God all things are possible…

For instance, if equilibrium balanced to zero (0), because factor A on the left side of the proposition equaled -1000 and factor B on the right side equaled +1000, the scale would be equaled out by contra balances equaling zero.   However, if ‘The Law of Privilege’ was invoked this law of order could be changed.  Say that of the -1000 points on the left side, -500 points were put in suspension or just simply not applied, then the contra balance would change.

You would have -1000 less -500 on the left side creating a balance of -5oo.  The right side +1000 would only be reduced by -500 leaving +5oo.  Consequently the zero would become equal  to +500,

So then, even though there are axioms that allow no permittivity of  action to cross over, ‘The Law of Privilege’, can override the reluctant axioms.      (Compare, Mark 10:27 KJV).

Two other interesting Universal laws are:  ‘The Law of Inevitability’ (Compare, Ecclesiastes 3:15 KJV), and ‘The Law of The Ineffable’.  (Compare Ecclesiastes 7:23-24 KJV).

The first most powerful Force Field in existence, is the Force Field of  The First Domain called:   “Life”.   The math number value is “- 0 +”.  ( I am not applying any of the two sided rules of math signs regarding numbers, either of limits or compliance for such uses).   Compared to physical value a person could say it is a kind of abstract number, with capability or capacity of transformation passage through the physical plane.   The spirit number value is revealed in the soundtron.

The second most powerful Force Field in existence, is the Force Field of the First Domain Called:  “Love”.  The number value is  “-1+”. (Again, I am not applying any of the two sided rules of math signs regarding numbers, either of limits or compliance for such uses). Compared to physical particularization, it is a wave/resonance vibration.  As a wave it can fluctuate form minus – to plus +, or from plus +, to minus – .   The spirit number value is revealed in the soundtron wave.  (soundtron wave, logistical wave-matics or as also called “Logistical Rhythmatics”

Make no mistake this is not a subject about “Life” and “Love” as understood by the human mind.  This regards energy unlike any other kind of energy in  the worlds of all the worlds that have ever been.

Understand, there are physical world, kinds of life and love, and there are divine kinds of life and love,  The First Domain’s Force Fields of “Life” and “Love” are neither of those other two kinds of Love.

The first most powerful Force Field in existence is the Force Field of “Life”.  One might consider this thought:  The builder who builds the house and lives in it, is the force field.  The house is the result of the force field.   God who made the Universe is the Force Field, the Universe is the house.

The Force Field of “Love” and the Force Field of “Life” are twins.  There can be no “Love” without “life” and there can be no “Life” without “Love”.   Indeed one could say that the Force Field of “Love” and the Force Field of “Life” are co-uned to each other (occupying the same space of entity and the same mind of spirit) and therefore they are One.

The number value of these two Force Fields are one (1) and zero (0).  Keep in mind the smaller the number, in the spirit dominion, the greater the power of the definition of that number.

The term “force” has its root in the Latin language and means: strength.  This coincides with the Bible word  “EL” which defines to the terms strength, power, strong, mighty one, God and gods. Compare, Strongs Hebrew dictionary and concordance, #410.

In physics, based on Newton’s laws of motion, a force is that which can impose a change of velocity on a material body.  Terms like Vector and Scalar are relational to the direction and size of a material body, and will be explained in more detain later as to how they refer to a force field.

The First Domain’s Domatron Force Fields effects on the Universe…

1.  Control of the break out of anti-matter, potentially that could be caused by chain reactions of non ionic atomic particle switching more to the proton side of replication. This can happen by the event of the sliding of neutron energy in a mass.  Neutron and Gamma rays can effect this.   Atomic bonding is therefore effected to a degree by the Domatron effect.

2.  Control of aerial atomic magnetism, that is the deep resonance greater than what is called “gravity”.  This is a non ferrous kind of vibro- magnetism.

3.  Positioning of dark energy as to it’s bounds.

4.  Places limits for the expansion of black holes and mono-pole expansion.

5.  Minds waves are allowed permittivity bridging  over blockage by natural Universal forces.

6.  The ability to exceed the speed/velocity of light.

7.  The power to inset inversion of any cataclysmic event.

8.  Allows neutral minds and wills to eventually supersede  in creation so that all advancing entities have the option of self decision.

9.  Insets the “Law of Privilege” whenever the unction to do so is of prevalent need.

This is only a small list, but does include major subjects.  Most scientist will find this controversial and some of these postings to not be possibly correct.  This is of course, due to their lack of advanced knowledge.  Many of the old axioms of science are not precise and some are just erroneous.

The proof of these inductions/effects will be new discoveries of science that will open new proposed realities.

The Band Of Light…

I the Invisible God, am the host of the Band of Light, which is the emerging mind of holy consciousness.  The Band of Light, is moved by the Holy Ghost of God, who I Am.

The voice of the Band of Light is the soundtron whose voice is a song of wave.  O’ the vibrating majest of eternal happenings, the recoiling memories of all the love songs given the event of life.

I am the spectrum of holy shinning and the sheen of soft light into which even mortals may peer.  I am the mirror screen into which one may look away through oneself and see the hope of endless lighted years.  I am the sparkle that pearls the rising of good thoughts.  I am the laughter that bounds from joy to joy.  I am the birthing cycles of the Spirit of Life.

Touch me and be born again;

Know Me that the angel of your presence may arise.

Shine away with Me and rise to the awakening:  flee from outer darkness.

Come into My picture and be painted into My circuits.  Come weary ones, and rest.

Enter into the color of lights.  Come where peace never fades.  Come join the lovely ones.

(From the Manifest Book of Starrise, by the Manifester Yada, a book to be published.)

NOTICE:  We have chosen to reduce the length of these blogs for easier reading as per the request of some of our followers.



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