October 17, 2019

By Dr. Jerry O. Lee, Theologian-Math Scientist, to wit, herein, using a reveal of unapplied Bible Scriptures to support variances of science theories of Black Holes, wormholes, time travel, multiple worlds, entanglement, and etc.…

For long successions upon stretched successions, minds have searched in the darkness to find knowledge. In the math world, mathematical pop-ups soar to heights...

Mr. Praise announces a math equation that has hit a score of points. There is aroused a new idea. Yet, in but a given of length: days passing days, and events passing events, the said pop-up math-equation, are found to have errors. The error- ditch breaks down the door of presumptuous advance. The darkness still abides. Living scientists and mathematicians scramble to climb on each other's backs whether their works be of the living or the dead, to borrow some insight upon which to build the solution for "The Theory Of Everything". Though much confusion reigns in the theoretical world and the sunshine for invention is covered with so much darkness the photons strain to speak, this is not to say that there are not in the science and math world great creators of their trades who are producing axioms and equations that will live and speak for ages.

O' strange face of time, tell me, about the manifest term "qurves" of space. Does this manifest term describe about curves with twisted warp because gravity has compelled its effect, and is Dark Energy also involved?

Come to me that which quickens, that I may count the critical circumference of stars without number, that none of them speak a redshift I cannot understand, nor become a black hole axis spin spun by some contraction of space imploded into a state of hell greater than I can comprehend. For manifolds spin in my mind, and tales speak of complex space and Twistor space with helicities projective of particle spin functions in momentum whose qurves belong to wave entanglements that hold powers of reasoning.

To understand it all, especially as is meaningful to the spiritual side of things, I must sometimes go out of myself, and look at what I am thinking within my body, viewing it outside my body by my spirit. For this same cause I must one day take a select group on a Virtual Reality trip to the outside of the Universe and look back into the Universe from outside the universe, as gods would also do. (For after all, it is written: "Have I not said you are gods, John 10:34-35 KJV).

It is such a view from outside the universe looking into the universe, that will seal reality and make straight the theory of gravity-made-time giving the view of time power to be as though time is no longer (though time be not yet finished of its course). Nevertheless, then will open the paradigm that reveals how the Alpha and the Omega can occur at the same instant.

There is much knowledge to set in order, for who can really understand the purposes for kinds of spaces differentiated and dimensions so small they are actually like invisible circuit pods? Bend to me the crystal lattice message that I may hear to share when the space lines speak their circuits.

For then, I will climb the lattice of fractal dimensions and observe the fifth force of repulsive universal Dark Energy. Long will I look until angular momentum squirms in my solar plexus and knowledge dances the waltz of wisdom.

For my God-given discoveries are myth busters given birth for knowing not to compromise my instincts to a list of tangling axioms and rules of a human-made-directory about the universe.


Now begins the journey of truth for which living even one forever is not the utmost fulfillment for living out the whole story. I pray that I may stand next to angels and rub my shoulder against their sheen, for no doubt, only then, will I learn why our forever is still full of vanishings. For the whole story speaks a seeing not seen, and advancing beyond ignorant eyes.

Although there is only one universe, there are in addition to multiple galaxies, multiple interverses, (Deuteronomy 4:32, "ask from one side of heaven to the other side of heaven", accordingly, intelligent worlds exist or will exist across the universe that can communicate, and Psalms 68:33, "To Him that rides upon the heavens of heavens", some worlds are a result of other worlds, MIV).

Interverses are at least the size of three, average galaxies whose stars and celestial objects have composition construct that differentiates to certain degrees and lattilution as compared to the standard stars of the present known universe. Also, the said interverses are attractor forces of great resonance that mostly abide in the dark energy realm. Astronomers have discovered superstructures of bubbles that have no stars but are formed about star galaxies. The axioms of the heavens speak of these superstructures, as being arrayed interverses with "great walls" of stars gathered in very large aggregation of galaxies. Be sure of this mind stroll: That far distant realities (regardless of the quality of the televiewer and its maximum laser marvel) will not be visionary of only symmetrical formations.


INTER = Amid, among, between, within. WHEN applied to its full name "INTERVERSE", as manifestly applied to astronomy, it is not unreasonable to lend the meaning: A stellar part that has stellar properties of inter-astral worlds in inter-areas of the universe.

VERSE = in a metaphorical sense, a division or part of, but not the whole of, nevertheless, relational by the compound name-part of "verse" in the term interverse to universe which also uses the compound part "verse" in the same way.

Also, in the 30, 60, 100 folds of the Word of God: (There is found an application of word by word and verse by verse as in St. John 1:1 KJV: "In the beginning was the word". And in Psalms 19:1-4: The handiwork of God and its line of verses go out to the ends of creation (MIV).

Therefore, the worlds called Inter-verse, which are a part of the uni-verse, are a part but not the whole of the universe.

There is further an association with the term "firmament" by several interpretations of Genesis 1:8 KJV, where "firmament" is called "heaven", being enfolded with several meanings that relate to the term "interverse".

Such relation is found in the Hebrew word: "Yesh", which means: to stand out or exist, a substance, an entity, arch of the sky, and expanse, denoted in Strong's Hebrew Concordance Dictionary, compare #3626 and #7549 and #786. So as "firmament" interprets as "heaven" yet by term also defines "firmament" as "entity", so also the term "star" defines as many stars, universe, or even persons. Therefore, words can be keys to descriptions about the Kingdom of God.


In the winters of my mind when cold indifferences moored in mental lingering of information jamming, the which, I had not collectively been able to divide into waste or birth material. I was mentally swept out to spaces empty of answers and lonely for knowledge. Many ideas had to experience-deaths and burials in order for me to be freed from the twine of their influence. Such insight could not and did not come by molecular flesh brain membranes alone, but reached to the spectral virtual world of angels and spirits. It is not easy to become a friend of a Ghost, even if that particular Ghost is the Holy Ghost. On the mounds of goose pimples it sometimes comes to be known that flesh and blood own limited gateways to the intervals of time needed for higher merging of truth.

Importantly, terms like "spirit" and "phantom" are key words without which knowledge of their reality in this present existence, deprives humans of this universe realities in most major realms of knowledge from being totally understood. It is interesting that in 1997 NASA sent a Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, which landed on Mars and was called "Spirit". There is a subliminal awareness of the term "spirit" but a major resistance to apply the meaning of "spirit" to the physics of science as concerns the universe. The Bible describes a superposition of existence called The Heaven of heavens. This pure spirit energy realm is also called "The First Domain". When the Bible speaks of the First Domain it is often called the KingDom of Heaven. The use of two words to make one word, which still conveys both meanings, is called a compound word. The term "king" is implied for "King's" and the term "Dom" is short (abbreviated) for Domain. The First Domain rules the universe and uses Dark Energy as a fifth force tool to do it.

There is something about visiting (even for incremental moments of time) within the spirit of oneself, and living in the search light of inner transitions. It is there where one may be free without feeling the rudeness of a hostile, near alien environment existing in the natural physical state. The audiences of my cells gravitate in a constant to their genetic disposition with ease. In honest admitting, it is a struggle to overcome their influence. But each one must learn how to step on the composition of the night-part of their being, and how to press it down from having total dominance.

Give me not this day any germs that I cannot hastily spit out. Nor give me any false illusions swarming with imaginations belonging not to miracles of God. Hang me not on the weeping willow tree where bugs will seek my flesh and torments will seek my mind. But lead me to the path where love adventures in eternal gaze. And attach to me wings of destiny that know only how to fly to God. Teach me Lord to speak rivers of living waters that will reveal to the good side of humankind how to invigorate barren planets with life and then truth, opening peace-ways where war and suffering will not exist.


In the Bible opening of a great memory: Seven Thunders uttered their voices, and then an angel revealed to me a Virtual action that I have (as already mentioned in this writ before) taken personally to fulfill. This action is revelation requested by God the creator and maker of all things for revealing to the people about the bounding of time and the ceasing of time, that the fear of time's negative ageing, and withering effects on humankind and the worlds, be no more...

Revelation 10:4-7 KJV in part speaks:


For all the guessing, speculation, and dive of the minds and brains of great thinkers sharpened of their senses (by endless hours of research and study to make keen the blades of thought) for writing catalogs of vast expositions full of formulas and equations, yet, those great persons passed on from life to death, their works only pricking against the still unsolved riddles of the universe. For volumes of these concepts are only theoretical constructions having neither observations nor proofs.

In the star rise of my mind I, The Manifester Yada, reach as though with the hand of an appointed ancient one (Isaiah 44:7 KJV) to open the Book, that the riddles hiding the mysteries might change from their form of darkness (Strong's Concordance Hebrew Dictionary #263). The cycles of time never fade into disintegration, they just phantom ride the abiding of successions, coming and going in their long moments between spontaneities.

For of the Law of Inevitability, it is written: To everything there is a time of coming and a time of going under the heavens. That which has been of the past is now present, and that which is to be in the future has already been before. And the requirement of the cycles is to BRING AGAIN THE PAST WHICH HAS ONCE BEEN, (Ecclesiastes 3:1, and verse 15 MIV). Surely it has been said, energy cannot be destroyed but only made to change forms.

In the transposing of star rises there comes also stars that in-fall. Is there an "event horizon" called a firewall at the pit hole mouth of the in-fallen Star Wormwood? How symbolic, physics has made it, let us compare this "event horizon wall of fire" with the Bible's lake of fire. What a burning message for all who would visit or come to the bottomless pit... (Revelation 20:10,14-15 KJV).


The jumble stew of speculations and theories of scientists and theologians have been smelled across seasons of vast time. Some of this is no doubt a kind of concept theory of speculative madness that boils on and on in the caldrons of time.

For sure there is a place across the last boundary of time, a place that will exist of ultimate stress point, where will abide the end of resistivity, and where the traversing of the all of the universe will bind into a property called the horror of the utter Point Mass (a happening which the Bible includes in the second death event, and some major scientists and physicist call a singularity). At that horror event of Point Mass, there will be captured into compression all the substance, energy, un-ascended life, and force of the universe. Dark Energy, master of the fifth force, has decreed: that which was, and which is, and that which is yet to come, is required to be again. Do not mentally play down Dark Energy, for it is Dark Energy that will in the course of time and timelessness cause the expanding universe to reverse and begin to roll the stars closer together again (Isaiah 34:4 KJV and Revelation 6:14 KJV). Additionally, in the long of time, this will produce the age of Iron, an age of Peace and Spiritual Reverence.

Therefore, as similar to the befores of other universes, the present ABYSS called a Black Hole and abiding in the present universe will become smaller than an electron, (but not until after sucking in the all of all). Then by the deepening of gravity it will begin shrinking until it lays in ultimate compression holding the entire universe and its multi-worlds (Worlds: Hebrews 1:2 and Hebrews 11:3 KJV) imprisoned forever. So then until beyond the vanishing point of that forever, (Strong's Hebrew Concordance and Dictionary #5769) the horror continuum will continue, in a property called hell, with the all of the all (not ascended to the First Domain) and lay in the sleep of crunch. And there too will join the Dark Energy, the 5th Force of God (Psalms 18:9-11 KJV) as a guardian assuring that death sleeps for eternities, until the works of death are vanished and the spirit of death is healed. For surely it is written, there is no place that the Spirit of God is not represented (Psalms 139:8 KJV).

Interlude point of consideration:

Also understand and keep in mind, it is only the physical side of a spirit's existence that can burn and shrink into such a crunch. Living spirits that have Spirit Soul connection to the above cannot burn nor be crunched. They are eternal and their spirits return to God, (Ecclesiastes 12:7 and 2 Corinthians 5:1 KJV), for as written: their spirits ascend and are not like the spirits of animals that do not ascend, (Ecclesiastes 3:21 KJV). Nevertheless, by their entanglement to the physical bodies they can in their spirit minds suffer in memories via the residue effect (Malachi 2:15 KJV), to their bodies as would be happening at the property called hell.


Make no mistake! Dark Energy is not the darkness that is just the void of light, God created Dark Energy (Isaiah 45:7 KJV).

There, (in the ultimate compression) all the universe will be bound together by compression and imprinted of a collective ENTANGLEMENT that will mark all physical mass and energies that ever are released from the Utter Point hold. This mark of entanglement will align a potential of sub-memory and connection upon the all of the new universe that will rise after eternities. Be confirmed, that there are many other uses and meanings of "Entanglement" than solely represented here in this document. For instance this writer believes in collective entanglement with operators, in the sense that many entity particles or even persons can be entangled at the same time. He also believes between the up spin and the down spin of an entanglement there is a code key for information, which will be spoken of in the next presentation.

Be assured, release is part of God's First Domain plan, which allows an Ultimate Black Hole Point Mass to be stretched out into another universe. (Bible verses on STRETCHING OUT OF THE HEAVENS: Isaiah 40: 22, 42:5, 44:22, 45:12, 51:13, Psalms 104:2, Jeremiah 10:21, and Zechariah 12:1.)

So again let it be: A new universe trial will begin with potential for teaching all creation to know and recognize, that the Heaven of heavens, The First Domain, does rule... And that God is Love, searching for new spirit Souls, and that, it is such Love being the ultimate spirit and soul keepsake, which all who are so endowed to have, and to hold, must never lose.


It has been said that nothing is ever completely destroyed but is only transformed to a different state. Laws of physics say that, and the word of the Bible says that. Even hell is given a forever status by the Bible. When the heavens of the universe are rolled together and squashed into a polarized Utter Point Mass of ultimate compressing gravity, it will be a death of dimensions and a state of condition by capture, which Point mass will have no gravity escape number.

Note: The Manifester Yada, does not reject nor cling to any final conclusions of such terms as "singularity", Relativity, Black Holes etc. The problem is some of these terms appear in chaos having become tainted with too many contrary concepts to concepts. On the one hand, Special Relativity that creates singularity fails to create their path co-ordinance. On the other side Quantum Mechanics via entity theoretical approaches, creates "singularities" and un-creates "singularities" seemingly, whenever supposition arises to fit a needed math concept proposition.

Nevertheless, by maxima permission of importance, I propose: there are two ways an Utter Point Mass (called "singularity") may become unbound:

  1. Outside interference by Entities of the First Domain firing Zone Rays at the Utter Point Mass.
  2. [As happened to the Utter Point of the previous universe from which our present universe was made:] In the course of timelessness the compression of the Utter Point Mass will reach a point of a reversal of its gravity, and become a kind of super anti gravity, therefore, will be initiated a spontaneous explosion (Big Bang) causing release of all that the Utter Point Mass holds, which action, will force the wrinkles of space (caused by the Utter Point Mass), to stretch and expand.

At this instant of happening, a mass resurrected release will become the source of a new universe creation potential. The provided source will be from the compressed and entangled Utter Point Mass (singularity). Therefore, contained in this provision is what was the all of the past world's substance, including what is called black holes. In new arrangements, that which was (of one form as a star, but became in the former world a black hole, or some other form), will become stellar asterisms, stars, and building energies of a new world, including living things and entities with advanced minds. Additionally, variant new styles of existence via lattilution and evolving will not cease to continually arise.

So then, in the cycles of physical infinity there will resurrect all other past cosmic source-essence to become new energies and new substance. Nevertheless, the imprint of past worlds will remain embedded in the new creation as syntonic (syntone imprints) and prolapse waves (Abstract reality fractal imprints), representing in lattilution records of past histories, (Such as energy memory dots and entanglement memory).

Understand, the above said: "final Utter Point Mass event" is regarding the ending of the universe. But not every black hole, or state of a local Point Mass, refers to such a final event. So called black holes of Pulsars and Quasar collapses are local happenings of Point Mass states that will continue for ages of time before the final curtain of the universe end begins. Also understand, that truth is often revealed a part here and a part there. Therefore, it can be that even a real-in-life episode of event and happening is still only a depiction metaphorically of the actual Bible predicted event to come.

Collect this memory (but keep in mind this is referring to your physical reality not your spirit reality): when it is said you are of the stars that is true. Accordingly, when it is said you are from a black hole, (having a state leading to the total point mass), or from the ground or from the waters, all such statements also have truth. For you are physically a part of that part which is a part of the universe. Understand, the present universe you live in is from a past universe which substance became a compressed singularity (point mas and ultimately beyond time, supplied the new universe that you are now a part of.

Accordingly, as to Bible scripture, it is written in Isaiah 51:1 MIV: "LOOK UNTO THE ROCK FROM WHICH YOU WERE HEWN, AND TO THE HOLE OF THE PIT FROM WHICH YOU WERE DUG OUT".


The word "Rock", used in the above verse Isaiah 52:1 is given translations in Strong's Hebrew Dictionary Concordance #6697. One such translation word is "compressed" past tense of a resulted action. Another word is "cliff" as in 'steep' or 'sheer', (which with developed roots and together with the word "compressed" could mean a singularity). Additional Strong's Dictionary translated words from #6697 and from #6696 are: to cramp, confine, and formative, which by their root meaning can mean "density", and "compression". Also from #6696 are the meanings: to bind, and enclose, which language being associated with the term "rock" could be understood to represent "gravity ".

There of course are imposed and implied other meanings such as what is the literary natural to most words. Consequently, that provides open range connections for such overall applications of types of context that would apply to genetics. This insight then includes the importance of Abraham's descended lines of pro- generation, who's physical aspects also came from the same previous physical Utter Point Mass black hole pit "rock", which physical mass contributed in the present universe to Abraham's physical life and body, (genetics being a forth coming of the generating of those physical aspects).

Furthermore, it is not being neglected that the term "Rock" can regard a leadership and even the LORD. Consequently, when we consider the LORD, THE ROCK, we enter a great expanse and depth of potential knowledge. He is the Word, He is the I-AM, He is the Resurrection, and He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. And He instructed John the Revelator, to write about the "was", "the is", and "the to be" (Revelation 1:19 KJV). In those terms all infused with the term: The Selah Rock, can be found the whole of the story of the universe and the why of its existence.

Understand as said, the support of substance present in this cosmic world came from the former cosmic world. Therefore the present elements of life: that were created out of the water, Genesis 1:20, and that were created out of the ground from which humans arose, Genesis 2:7, was also formed every beast and every fowl of the air. Furthermore, even the tree of Life and the tree of Knowledge were created out of the ground, Genesis 2.

Beautifully interpreted in the MIV, and awesomely spoken about, the lost knowledge concerning the reasons for the continuum of worlds without an end, is revealed in the scripture in Isaiah 46:10: "I God declare by the end of a cosmic world what will be the beginning of a new world. This is also why it is written: That which has been is now; and that which is to be has already been; AND GOD REQUIRES THAT WHICH IS PAST, ECCLESIATES 3:15 MIV.

For such creation is required to carry on again and again until the things not anciently finished can be complete in fulfillment. This is the plan regardless of how many worlds may need to exist to finish and complete the prophecy to fulfillment.


Do not nest your mind on a pile of rotten answers, treading again and again upon spoiled and incorrect formats and profiles. Cast down the propositions that are torqued-shadows regardless of the label on it. Come; let me take you through the needle's eye. When I anoint you with vanishing cream, the Law of Privilege will shuttle you wherever you need to go.

See that star yonder? It is millions of light years away. In fact it is a star that has expired existence, nevertheless, the light from it traveling toward you, is its picture of light that once existed as a literal star, but now exists only in the thrust of its shining that is rushing through space. If you find a way to go into the Lattitivity of its essence of a past existence it will be a bridge into past time. However, understand, it is not a brief Omega image leap, or local vortexes such as being a bridge into your human past. Rather it would be an Alpha leap into a great past in the billions and millions of years.

The more ancient the star essence, the more ancient the back in time bridge-way revitalization into the deep of past time, and the more ancient the Black Hole state, the more ancient the back-in-time wormhole-way revitalization into the deeper of past time.

For those persons seeking the spans and ranges into the past of their human time, the Bible plumes with vortex appearances of clouds, wind, fire, and light, and even angels, revealing superpositions for tangential alignment to insights of deep knowledge and truth. In the Bible Job 38:1 and Ezekiel 1:4 are whirlwind vortex experiences. Moses, experienced pillars of light and Shekinah glory vortexes.


The Bible is very bold in pronouncing that a firm believer is to ask God difficult questions, and after reaching certain levels of insight, even "Command God" to fulfill His word for that person's time of need (Isaiah 45:11 KJV). In the Achavah revelation of language and mystery of restoration of lost knowledge, Strong's Concordance and Hebrew Dictionary #263 provides the title of "The solution of riddles". Once this secret is un-latched it is a change from "a glass darkly to a glass of light".

Many readers and even scholars of the Bible do not understand that the Bible must be taken contextually of a subject basis on the whole Bible and not on just parts of the Bible. It is rarely understood that men of old who wrote what was to become scripture often did not recognize the imbuements of the Holy Spirit putting in statements and words that were revelations for the ages. Rather, thinking some words were strange, they nevertheless accepted the message as being directed to their selves or to those they were acting as messengers for.

Parts of the riddles of the Bible are the hidden but woven pieces of far-flung bits of information in the scriptures of the most advance and future nature thought as just an ancient way of speaking. Jesus, the disciples, and Paul, were accused of taking the scriptures out of context, but in fact they were speaking the real meaning of the verses.

In this time of times, scientist and physicists are speculating more and more about extreme existences, much closer to deep Bibles truths than imagined. Yet, many physicists at the same time being blind to the Bible correlations are professing to be atheists.

The scientific world says Dark Energy and Dark Matter are unknown universal sources. Since these two sources represent 90.6% of the universe, that means what is known, at best is only 9.4% of the universe.

How then can any equations by speculators for a "theory of everything", who acknowledge they do no understand 90.6% of the universe have any claims for certainty of fact if only 9.4% of the universe is known at best? Especially since the 9.4% known universe omits Dark Energy and Dark Matter?

Therefore, let it be clear none of these speculators of science, physics, and astronomy should judge the theological sector for their views and concepts on creation and the universe considering the amount of unknown knowledge that is evident. By the right that all mortals have to express their opinion, and by and for that same token of thought, it is not my intent to purge with my presentations, the works of science and math of great men, nor to river their science and math with theology. But rather prefer, that all researchers, be associative, and commutative with each other's presentations about the universe and their beliefs. For one day someone's ideas and beliefs might become the super vectors of momentum that will open the doors of knowledge and truth for all humankind, and God will say to that person: "well done", and one learned artificer of physics will say to another learned artificer of physics: Eureka!

Following is an equation about what makes the creation of the universe tick the way it does. I believe in given time will this equation will gain world recognition:



SEE = Source Energy Effect after Point Mass release, (called by some scientists the Big Bang)


TRIT 0,1.2.3, = FOUR VECTORS, A mathematical presentation about the expansion and compression potential of the universe.

LT =Lattilution Trajectory








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