Sunday, April 18, 2021


When the stars of twilight in your life are darken out and the dawning of day you counted on for things to happen is misty, that does not mean that a bad turn has come to your road of life. There are seasons and cycles to all things of the physical realm. Stand by and don't quiver or fear, these seasons will pass. Keep your state of mind fresh, alert and in good faith about your life.

Most everyone has a prisoner aspect to their mode of life. Things and purposes, dedications and hopes that are locked up and bound by circumstances or mood styles of life that turn on at the worse possible moment. One big prison mode is the failure to act due to negligence and or procrastination.

There is a place of mind where a person can be in league with nature and life. Such persons live in peace regardless of the turmoil that surrounds them. The sparks of problems and trouble are constantly flying. Constantly thoughts raise dominant heads professing that real truth and real answers are unsearchable.

You need to always keep determined that if you run into trouble you will beat the problem, if sickness comes you will overcome it, and if death hangs around, you will send it out of your house based on your right to live out a full life.

If your husband or wife seem to be getting more moody and contrary to deal with, love your life partner more, touch and speak kindly. The problem can have many factors of cause: bio chemistry imbalance in the body, age turn toward their genetics, misunderstanding of your changes in life and interpretation as meaning you love them less. Keep speaking kindly and loving them.

You may from time to time need to look back over your shoulder at your LIFE TRACKS. Are you walking in one big circle? Do your tracks show frequent stop and start marks? Do you wander off the path of your goals and dedications?

Everyday you live among the small and the great. Do not shut the doors of your house to your mother and father because of them not agreeing with you, or because of their style of persistent advice or criticism. Family is family and you will best discover your self through them. You will say: I am different from them. Time has a way of showing up the cracks so don't try to be a god before your time.

When you discover that the routine of life is swallowing up your world of plans, pray for an extension of time or a revelation of escape. God will care and God will hear you.

Jabbers who enjoy getting together and talking about the world and personal problems is not the valve vent relief you need. Weigh your situation, count the cost and go into action. Learn how to cut your own hair and look good afterward.

Plow over your problems and plant something so good and thick on top those problems, they will never break out again. Get into God. Stop your 2 minute soap opera talk with God and start conversation with God like the real thing.

If you really want to overcome, stop tracking mud into the house. Pour out the trash emotions in your gut and stop standing on the burial mount of the past. Quit thinking about the worst things that might happen lest the things you fear come upon you.

Let the tracks of your life be strong footprints. Do not be afraid to go where no one has ever gone before. Aim toward Manifest Realization and ever so often be assured by a look over your shoulder that many lambs are following you.

May the tracks of your life be a roadway for many a lost souls to find home.

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