Sunday, April 18, 2021


Like the Sun rising to dawn in the east... Like the rays of Sun that cause the pedals of roses to unfurl, and cause the glory of green to rise from seedlings out of the ground...God who so loved the world, sent His only First Born Son, who also loved the world so much, He was willing to give His living blood of life for the world's salvation, that through Him all humanity could trans-assimilate to His Love.

God who is Love rose from the East and speaking said: I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIGHT. The idea that one person could be so broad of heart, so manifold of spirit as to have the strength of Love, the endurance of dedication to take on a whole world of people with their woes and sins and have the thought of saving them was a miracle of resurrection.

You see the meaning of resurrection is far more than about death, it is much more about living. The first time I felt this kind of Love my knees would not allow me to stand, my eyes would not allow me to be dry eyed. When you touch something so sincere, you feel a purity beyond words of this world.

My heart wanted to go with Jesus wherever He was. My body said wait heart, don't leave without me, I want to go too. I walked toward the sunlight of His face that His face might shine upon me His wonderful Love and Peace. I walked past the cross and bowed my head for the shame of humankind. I walked pass the tomb without stopping for I knew He was not there.

I was not perfect, I sinned my sins, nevertheless, I had a heart with similitude of His kind of Loving deepness. I prayed, forgive me Lord, I am a mortal. He answered me: I know and I understand, come walk toward me, when you actually see me, don't stop, keep coming until you have walked right into my spirit soul. There is room in my heart for you and there will always be.

I Love and believe in Jesus my Christ. It is like being possessed with innumerable spiritual words, the which, each word is a river flowing to His eternity.

In the mind cocoon of trans-assimilation I grace everyday by taking on more of His presence. One day I know I will join Him in the Father's House.

There is a power to touch something and then claim it. Most people think small. They sometimes feel stretched to claim another soul as a partner in love, for fear, it will not last. They slink and totter to even claim a house or a land to have and own. The brave entrepreneur ventures to operate and own a business.

When Jesus came down from the Father's House to touch down on the Earth world, He immediately claimed every living spirit soul that had lived on it, that was living on it, and that in the future would ever live on it. Then Satan said: What is your proof of claim? Jesus answered with one word: Love.

Yes, THE EASTERN MESSENGER OF LOVE CALLED THE RESURRECTION, came, no doubt about that, and the guarantee is simply one word, but that word is so powerful it has no counter contra.

It is the Message, it is the Messenger, it is Love.

Happy hallowed day of Resurrection...

Seven Thunders Speak

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