Sunday, April 18, 2021

CHOOSE LIFE...The Holy Spot healing is your destiny, no. 3

“I have set before you life and death, the blessing and the curse, therefore choose life, that you may live”. Moses — Deuteronomy 30:19.  Allow the act of reaching out to God to choose life, health and peace to possess your every wish.

If necessary, the world will change to fit you in… because God has called for  you to have a place in this world.  Life is a grapple reaching for portions of living.  Some portions are not too worthy to mention or to dwell ones mind upon.  Yet, there are some portions too precious to ever forget.

It is not due to a person’s grand style nor eloquence  that God answers  their prayers.  God listens to the sound of their heart for that which is earnest.

Perceive this moment, allow your heart to imply this truth:  you have come to the mercy seat, and you are granted to supersede your own lessor self.  This is not a random moment, this is the Holy Spot Moment of the freshwater of healing.  The slow motions of waiting for deliverance are ordered to go behind you.  You need no other repertoire, the real existence of God’s Love is manifesting in you the seed of satisfaction toward being fulfilled.

The forces of wear have stipulated their price upon your body and health, but a range of Light distinctive of the patterns of Love, draw and enfold you into freedom from the consequences of due debts created by your vain toils and errors.

The rapids of this urgent Word go to meet Raphael, the angel of healing.  He will Baptize your name in these waters.

Angels armed with the Word of deliverance banish all opposition to your Soul rights that were commissioned to you by your Savior Jesus Christ.  All past collects and actions of your past movements, their branches, their veins, which left imprints too low and erratic to favor the will of God, are washed away.  A new belonging to happiness rises to kiss your eyes.

Your prayer summoning for the real existence of God’s Love to heal those you love who are wounded and in need, is sealed in blessings.  You have sought gifts from God for spiritual quality.  You desperately needed a refreshing to your life.  you are so weary of just skimming through.

Thrust your hopes forward, this design of moment is your promise from God… to heal your broken, ravished body of ill health.  Your life has borne along the main stem of those things in life common to mortals, but a new moment is here!

Long enough you have seen the molten faces of other humans full of consternation, and raging of anger for being unsuitable of mind to embrace the joy of peace and fulfillment.

You are well aware that you are not perfect…and that the nature in you sometimes unfolds in slightly indecent thought-swims,,, which also come from characteristics in your genes.   But you also know there is another stem and root that belongs to your long ago past before you ever fell into the matter zones of this Earth world.  You know that above, you have a stem and root that belong to the right stuff which is the Soul Axis of your spirit.

There is a deep tone pitch, soft and musically sweet and calling.   This moment, this Holy Spot Moment, you are in the energy that knows you are freed from Satan’s Forces Dark that have  manipulated deceit in you to accept your sickness and remain bound and undelivered.  Spit out this lie, you are free, you are super healed, in Jesus name.

So then, this writ is a collection that contains answers, healing, and blessings for those persons who signed on or were covered by proxies for deliverance.

This blog finishes putting into action the final 3-part Holy Spot healing and blessing to the responders.


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