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Deductions Freely Expressed but Bound in Pseudo Schisms

Judging can be impressions having no aroma, no color of glee, but full of deductions based on the rubbish of comments from others who’s pseudo learnings were based on false summaries and no distill of spiritual revelation.  Jesus said:  “As you judge you will be judged. It is better to judge not” (compare Luke 6:36-38 KJV).

Get it straight, they who judge and condemn based on deductions of theory and conspiracy are most often operating from a person’s own deep psychological cause that has loaded them with mental blind spots.

Jesus taught that adultery can be committed in the mind.  By the same token, the wish for someone to die is a mental act equal to committing murder.  Sadly, most of the world “does not know what belongs to their peace” (compare Luke 19:42 KJV).  There is a kindred of ill mentalities common in the same deficiencies of a major group of people.  Each person needs to examine oneself as to how divine you really are NOT!

The Manifest teaches eternal justification for those who, though passing through dark negatives and fallen motives, nevertheless overcome at a later time in life.

Don’t get the idea that you have the right to express openly anything you believe.  Freedom of speech does not mean that.  The fact is you do not have that right, and you never will.  Although  you have the right to believe what you personally want to believe, you do not have the right to express everything you believe to every person who might listen.  The Bible teaches a special penalty for those who teach others false ideas.

Yes, there are persons out there who seem to have an endless collection of what they call proofs as to why most of the whole world and their ideas are wrong.  Few persons understand the bending and burning processes of life that is a part of living on this planet and its impeditions.

Also, many of the tunnels of human agony are mostly man made by persons trying to straighten out other persons but who end up making a kind of hell for themselves instead.  Most wars fall into this category.  Yes, sometimes self defense can be a holy war and the self defense of the defenseless the same.  But be sure of your deductions.

If you feel it is your job to raise up revolutionaries and assassinations, then take the God flag off your roof before God removes AMs Holy Spirit from you and leaves you to your own self destruction. 

God will not forever tolerate persons who choose to use hate to heal instead of using Love to heal.

Those persons who read the wars in the Bible as examples of great gladiator-ship in the name of God, may as well with that kind of interpretation credit the Bible’s recorded death/love/sexual relationships of David as examples for all to follow.

Please keep in mind: many of the heroes of the Bible were still pagans wet with the blood of human kills and torture and full of justification to use and punish women however they chose.  Often in the Bible, you are seeing a view not of overcomer minds but a view of the animal predator in humankind that reveres most all other life only as a tool to achieve it own desires.

The honesty as to these examples is a part of the truth power of the Bible.  I say read the whole Bible, but follow the ways of Jesus Christ.  He was and is the King of Peace.

If you think there are only angelic love nests planted in the Bible and no trash piles, then you are much closer to the gates of darkness than you are to the gates of Light.  Pray that God straighten out the crook in your mental spine lest you wander into the camp of Abaddon (Revelation 9:11 KJV) and congratulate that killer as a great victor.

Go to the dirt piles that abide in the corners of your human house and sweep them out.  Those books and pictures that belong to pagan history, trash them for once and ever.

The Bible says:  if  you recognize a prophet in the name of a prophet, you will receive a prophet’s reward.  Hear what the Spirit is saying.  You must change course, for you are heading into a perfect storm.

It is time to unwind those pseudo schisms built on unproven claims.  It is time to walk on the King’s highway of Peace and Joy.

You who believe the main points of this above blog, I need you to comment even if you say no more than:  Yes, or Amen!  Thank you.

October 19th, 2009 by manifesteryada

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